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The political interruption of the Mongol rule did not have an intensive impact on arts in China. Superficially, the Mongol ruling elite adopted Chinese customs and habits. The development of the porcelain production technique went on, but motifs changed. During Yuan Dynasty, the typical blue-white chinaware with the dragon motif became popular. The state protected Buddhism created many sculptures in monasteries and temples. Painters liked to depict scenes of the ruling elite's life like horse racing. Famous painters were Qian Xuan 錢選, Gao Kegong 高克恭, Li Kan 李衎, Zhao Mengfu 趙孟頫, Ren Renfa 任仁發, Huang Gongwang 黃公望, Wu Zhen 吳鎮, and Wang Meng 王蒙 .

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