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Fan Wenzi 范文子 Shi Xie 士燮

Nov 26, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Shi Xie 士燮 (d. 574 BCE), posthumous title Fan Wenzi 范文子 or Wen Shu Xie 文叔燮, was a nobleman in the state of Jin 晉 during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE). He was the son of Shi Hui 士會 (Fan Wuzi 范武子), head of the house of Fan 范, and served Duke Jing 晉景公 (r. 600-581) and Duke Li 晉厲公 (r. 581-573) as a grand master (dafu 大夫).

In 589 the state of Qi 齊 attacked Lu 魯 and Wei 衛. Together with Xi Ke 郤克, Shi Xie defeated the troops of Qi in the battle of An 鞍. During the reign of Duke Li he commanded the troops of Jin, together with Luan Shu 欒書, in a campaign against Qin 秦 in 578. In 575 during the battle of Yanling 鄢陵 Shi Xie also remained victor over the troops of Chu 楚. It is said that Shi Xie died of distress because of Duke Li's ignorant character and luxurious lifestyle.

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