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Qing Qin 卿秦

Nov 2, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

"Minister" Qing Qin 卿秦, actual name Qing Qin 慶秦 or Yuan Qin 爰秦, was a general of the state of Yan 燕 during the Warring States period 戰國 (5th cent.-221 BCE).

As a minister (qing 卿) in Yan, he took over command for King Xi of Yan 燕王喜 (r. 255-222 BCE) during the campaign of 251 against Zhao 趙. The army of Zhao was commanded by Le Cheng 樂乘 and heavily defeated Qing Qin, although he had only 50,000 troops at disposal, while Qing Qing brought reportedly 200,000 men into the field. Qing Qin was captured by the victorious army of Yan.

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