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Tongzili 童子禮

The Four Categories of Literature
The Tongzili 童子禮 "Etiquette for Young Boys" is a text for primary education written by the Ming period 明 (1368-1644) scholar Tu Xiying 屠羲英. The book is divided into twelve chapters that describe different types of comportment in different situations, beginning with washing and combing, ordering clothes, greeting by lifting and folding hands, or by kneeling down and kowtowing, to general types of decent behavior while standing, sitting, walking speaking, listening and eating. The text describes how to serve a father and an older brother, and how to take over responsibility outside a family. This is explained in eleven different kinds of situations, like springkling water and weeping the ground, replying to answers, entering and leaving a room, to express tender affection and inquiring after one's parents, presenting food, or serving and accompanying them. The last part of the text is dedicated to the conduct while studying books and doing one's job, when taking it over, during different times of the day, when meeting each other, reading books, or writing texts.
The Tongzili is to be found in the reprint series Yangzheng leibian 養正類編.

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