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Chinese Arts - Handicrafts
Wooden Objects 木刻器文物
(except furniture)

This oldest example of wooden art seems to be the modernest one. It is an ape, unearthed from a Warring States period 戰國 tomb. Although the monkey seems to eat something that he holds with his hand, he looks like a philosophing man.
Chinese artists like to integrate the natural shape of things into the art objects. Using this concept, this Ming time 明 brush container looks very crude and clumsy, but the cut out pine tree and crane give it also an interesting surface. The artist has cut in his name: Zhu He 朱鶴, called Songlin 松鄰 "Pine neighbor".
Also a very natural shape has his cow with her calf. As a contrast to the very light wood, the base is made of an almost black material.
The peach is the symbol of longevity in China (don't ask, why) and occurs very often in Chinese art. Made of wood, the surface of this peach is decorated with small peaches. For objects like this, the dark wooden base is especially made and adjusted at the main object.
Although it seems to be made of a couple of bamboo canes, cut some 12 cms above the earth, this brush container is made of wood. The artist has given it the shape of a handful of curved bamboos. The object is very detailed, showing even smallest leaves and every nodium of the bamboo.
Decorated with a historic scene, the upper rime part of this brush container made of light wood is added with a ring of dark wood. It was made by Wu Zhifan 吳之璠 at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty 清 and is standing on a dark wooded base, a good counterpart to the upper ring.
This is a cosmetic box with many drawers containing everything a woman could need. Opening the two doors, a mirror can be put on the top of the box.
Made of five storable layers, this container with a handle can be transported around. Inside the flower-shaped layers, one finds small metal cups for drinking wine.
Here another example of a closet shaped cosmetic box from the Qing Dynasty.
Bats are a very common motif in Chinese art because the Chinese word for "bat" fu 蝠 sounds equal to the word for "luck" fu 福. But the shape of the Chinese art bats is very similar to a flower or some leaves and cannot be recognized at the first glance. This bats are cut into the back of a chair.
Crowned by a lotus flower, this three storied pagoda is made of wood. It is made during the Republican era. The different stories and the flower are painted.
The artist that made this peach kernel motifs must have had a calm hand and a good eye to form a Guanyin 觀音 Boddhisattva (see Buddhism) into such a small object.
Mongolian art uses great amounts of silver to decorate cups, spoons, music instruments and weapons. This picture shows three silver covered bowls of root wood.
Communist art (see People's Republic) does not stop at traditional materials in China, like this female soldier holding her gun.
A round fan made of woven reed grass with a wooden handle.

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