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Chinese History - Qin Dynasty Rulers

Periods of Chinese History
Dukes and Kings of the state of Qin 秦 from the 4th century to 221 BCE
Capitals: Yong 雍, Jingyang 涇陽, Liyang 櫟陽
dynastic title personal name time
Duke Qin Xiaogong 秦孝公Ying Quliang 嬴渠梁 r. 362-338
King Qin Huiwenwang 秦惠文王Ying Si 嬴駟 r. 338-311
Qin Wuwang 秦武王Ying Dang 嬴蕩 r. 311-307
Qin Zhaoxiangwang 秦昭襄王Ying Ji 嬴稷 r. 307-251
Qin Xiaowenwang 秦孝文王Ying Zhu 嬴柱 251
Qin Zhuangxiangwang 秦莊襄王 Ying Chu 嬴楚 r. 251-247
Emperors of the Qin Dynasty 秦 (221-206 BCE)
Capital: Xianyang 咸陽 (modern Xianyang, Shaanxi)
Qin Shihuangdi 秦始皇帝 the First August Emperor of Qin
Emperor from 221 BCE.
Ying Zheng 嬴政 r. 246/221-210 BCE
Qin Ershi Huangdi 二世皇帝 the Second August Emperor of Qin Ying Huhai 嬴胡亥 r. 209-207 BCE
The King of Qin 秦王, sometimes called the Third August Emperor 三世皇帝 Ying Ziying 嬴子嬰 r. 207 BCE

Source: Zhonguo lishi da cidian bianzuan weiyuanhui 中國歷史大辭典編纂委員會 (ed. 2000), Zhongguo lishi da cidian 中國歷史大辭典 (Shanghai: Shanghai cishu chubanshe), Vol.2, p. 3311.

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