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Chinese History - Prehistoric Science, Technology, Inventions

Periods of Chinese History
Paleolithic Age:
- use of stone tools (hand-axe; shiqi 石器)
- use of fire
Neolithic Age:
- perfection of stone tools
- pasturing and agriculture
- irrigation technology
- earthenware, dried or burned (taoqi 陶器)
- ships and vehicles
- lacquer varnish
- silk production, spinning and weaving
- carving and drilling technology
The most important technical inventions of the late prehistoric period are bronze casting and the calendar. The oldest findings of cast bronze items date from the Erlitou Culture 二里頭文化 (Xia Dynasty; about 1500 BC), the cast objects are jue 爵 type bronze vessels. The first traces of calendar can be found on the oracle bones, but the round bi 璧 type jade disks may also have been instruments to observe the starry sky.

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