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Liweng duiyun 笠翁對韻

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The Liweng duiyun 笠翁對韻 "Couplet Rhymes of the Old Man with the Bamboo Hat" is a text on primary education written by the Qing period 清 (1644-1911) novel writer and dramaturgist Li Yu 李漁. It was one of the most widespread book instructing children in the method of composing poems by observing the strict pattern of level and falling tone rhymes (ping 平 and ze 仄), and is still used today. Li Yu's 2 juan "scrolls" long book is arranged according to the traditional method of the pingshui rhymes 平水韻 (see Guangyun 廣韻) in the simplied pattern of 30 rhymes, and provides examples of perfect rhymes in verses that begin with 3 syllables and are then enlarged step by step.

Source: Zhou Fazeng 周發增, Chen Longtao 陳隆濤, Qi Jixiang 齊吉祥 (ed. 1998), Zhongguo gudai zhengzhi zhidu cidian 中國古代政治制度史辭典 (Beijing: Shoudu shifan daxue chubanshe), p. 440.

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