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Xunmeng pianju 訓蒙駢句

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The Xunmeng pianju 訓蒙駢句 "Paired Sentences of Educational Instruction" is a short text for primary education written by the Ming period 明 (1368-1644) scholar Si Shouqian 司守謙, courtesy name Si Yifu 司益甫. He came from Xuanhua 宣化 and was famous for his poetic style, but he died at a very young age. The Xunmeng pianju is the only suriving text of his writings.
It is written in rhymed couplets, a literary style called si-liu 四六 during the Tang period (because the verses had lengths of four or six syllables), but known as pianti 駢體 in later ages. Si Shouqian's text begins with three-syllable verses and adds a syllable for each paragraph, so that the sentences are very long in the end. The Xunmeng pianyu with its educational content was therefore easy to memorize, and was for some time a quite widespread text, along with the Shenglü qimeng 聲律啓蒙 and Liweng duiyun 笠翁對韻.

Source: Jiaoyu da cidian bianzuan weiyuanhui 教育大辭典編纂委員會 (1991), Jiaoyu da cidian 教育大辭典, Vol. 8, Zhongguo gudai jiaoyu shi 中国古代教育史 (Shanghai: Shanghai jiaoyu chubanshe), Vol. 1, p. 218.

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