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Zang Tu 臧荼

Jul 14, 2011 © Ulrich Theobald

Zang Tu 臧荼 was one of the regional rulers at the end of the Qin dynasty 秦 (221-206 BCE). He had once been a general of the Warring States-period 戰國 (5th cent.-221 BCE) state of Yan 燕. When the rebellions against the Qin dynasty broke out, he participated in Xiang Yu’s 項羽 campaign against the Qin dynasty.

For his support he was invested by Xiang Yu king of Yan, but he had to share the ancient territory of Yan with Han Guang 韓廣, king of Liaodong 遼東. His residence was Ji 薊 (southwest of modern Beijing), that of Han Guang was Wuzhong 無終 (modern Jixian 薊縣, Hebei). Zang Tu did not wait long to kill Han Guang and seize his territory.

After Liu Bang's 劉邦 proclamation to emperor of the Han dynasty 漢 (206 BCE-220 CE), he rebelled, lost the war and was enslaved.

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