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Guozijian zhi 國子監志

May 29, 2010 © Ulrich Theobald

(Qinding) Guozijian zhi (欽定)國子監志 "(Imperially endorsed) Records on the Directorate of Education" is a description of the institution of the Directorate of Education (guozijian 國子監) written under the supervision of Lu Zongkai 陸宗楷 (dates unknown), Minister of Rites. The 62-juan long book was submitted to the throne in 1778. Lu also asked for the allowance to submit to the throne the text Taixuezhi 太學志, a description of the National University (taixue 太學).

This book had been revised on imperial order. It had originally covered the time period from the Tang 唐 (618-907) on but was then shortened to begin with the Yuan period 元 (1279-1368). The book is divided into 15 chapters.

The Guozijian zhi is included in the series Siku quanshu 四庫全書.

An updated version called Qing xuxiu Guozijian zhi 清續修國子監志 was compiled under the supervision of Wencing (Ch. Wenqing 文慶, d. 1856), courtesy name Kongxiu 孔修, from the Foimo (Ch. Feimo 費莫) Clan and a member of the Red Bordered Manchu Banner (Manzhou xianghong qi 滿洲鑲紅旗). His book of 82 juan was completed in 1832 and is divided into twelve chapters, namely the system of the imperial ancestral temple (Miao zhi 廟志), Learning (Xue zhi 學志), the Biyong School (Biyong zhi 辟雍志), rites (Li zhi 禮志), ritual music (Yue zhi 樂志), teachers (Guanshi zhi 官師志), tables of teachers (Guanshi biao 官師表), salaries (Lulin zhi 祿廩志), inscriptions (Jinshi zhi 金石志), "canonical" writings (Jingji zhi 經籍志), memorials and literature (Yiwen zhi 藝文志), and others (Zhi yu 志余).

It was printed during the Daoguang reign-period 道光 (1821-1850).

Table 1. Contents of the Guozijian zhi 國子監志
1. 聖諭 Sacrificial texts by the emperor or texts to inscruct the officials
2. 御製詩文 Imperial poems and prose writings by the emperor
3. 詣學 Ritual texts for the emperor
4. 廟制 Illustrations of the imperial ancestral altar and description of the rituals
5. 祀位 Detailed description of the altar halls and related terms
6. Explanation of ritual sessions, vegetables offered, clothes worn, offerings presented, ritual texts, and illustrations of ritual instruments
7. Musical texts, musical system, and illustrations of the musical instruments
8. 監制 House rules of the Directorate
9. 官師 Explanation of the offices, the statutes, rules of behaviour, promotion in rank, and a table of official terms
10. 生徒 List of quota positions, examination, appointment and use in post, entering of the school by non-Chinese
11. 經費 Annual salaries and allowances, extra gratifications
12. 金石 Inscriptions on tomb stones erected on the compound of the Directorate, like the illustrated imperial Yiqi tushuo 彝器图说, and others, since the Yuan period
13. 經籍 Bibliography of books printed by and presented to the Directorate
14. 藝文 Bibliography of memorials and literature written by members of the Directorate
15. 識餘 Miscellaneous texts like biographies of members
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