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Excerpts of History Books (shichao lei 史鈔類)

The Four Categories of Literature
Excerpts of History Books (shichao lei 史鈔類) is a subcategory in traditional Chinese bibliographies and part of the category of Historiography (shibu 史部). It was introduced as a category during the Yuan dynasty 元 (1206/79-1368). Historical excerpts can be extractions from one book, like Ge Hong's 葛洪 Hanshu chao 漢書鈔 and Zhang Mian's 張緬 Jinshu chao 晉書鈔, or extractions from a whole series of books, like Lü Zuqian's 呂祖謙 Shiqishi xiangjie 十七史詳節. The section of historical excerpts in the collectaneum Siku quanshu 四庫全書 includes three books, for example, the Liang-Han bowen 兩漢博聞.

書名 Title Author(s)
兩漢博聞 十二卷 Liang-Han bowen (Song) 楊侃 Yang Kan
通鑑總類 二十卷 Tongjian zonglei (Song) 沈樞 Shen Shu
十七史詳節 二百七十三卷 (存目) Shiqishi xiangjie (Song) 呂祖謙 Lü Zuqian
南史識小錄 八卷
北史識小錄 八卷
Nanshi shixiaolu
Beishi xiaolu
(Qing) 沈名蓀 Shen Mingsun, 朱昆田 Zhu Kuntian

* not included in the imperial collectaneum Siku quanshu 四庫全書

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