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Jiajing dongnan ping wo lu 嘉靖東南平倭錄

Jan 6, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Jiajing dongnan ping wo lu 嘉靖東南平倭錄 "Campaigns against the pirates of the southest during the Jiajing reign" is a history of the wars against the pirates roaming the South China Sea during the Jiajing reign-period 嘉靖 (1522-1566) of the Ming period 明 (1368-1644).

The short book was written by the late Ming period scholar Xu Xueju 徐學聚 xxx, courtesy name Xu Jingyu 徐敬舆, from Lanxi 蘭溪, Zhejiang. He climbed the ladder of career until the post of Vice censor-in-chief (fu duyushi 副都御史) and governor (xunfu 巡撫) of Fujian.

His history about the pirates is actually a chapter about Japan from his history Guochao dianhui 國朝典彙 (later called Mingchao dianhui 明朝典彙), a collection of statutes and regulations of statecraft. The title also goes as Jiajing ping Wo tonglu 嘉靖平倭通錄 in bibliography of the Baqianjuanlou Studio 八千卷樓, and no author is mentioned there.

The Pingwolu 平倭錄 describes the disturbances at the Chinese coast by the Wokou pirates that were mainly of Japanese origin, and the war against them during the years 1552 to 1564, which was an attempt to extirpate piracy along the whole coast from northern China to Guangdong. The book is arranged chronologically and rather provides an overview of the matter than going into detail. There is a small appended chapter called Longqing ping wo 隆慶平倭 which is an overview of the whole piracy problem from the beginning of the Ming period until the Longqing reign-period 隆慶 (1567-1572).

The Jiajing ping Wo lu is part of the series Zhongguo lishi yanjiu ziliao congshu 中國歷史研究資料叢書.

There is another book with the title Pingwolu 平倭錄 written by an anonymous author.

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