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Jiaoping Yuefei fanglüe 剿平粤匪方略

Aug 14, 2011 © Ulrich Theobald

(Qinding) Jiaoping Yuefei fanglüe (欽定)剿平粤匪方略 "(Imperially endorsed) Military annals of the extinction of the bandits from Guangxi" is a history on the suppression of the Taiping rebellion 太平 by the Qing dynasty 清 (1644-1911). It was compiled on official order under the supervision of Prince Ihin 奕訢 (1833-1898, in the West known as Prince Gong) and is written in the style of the official military annals (fanglüe 方略).

It is part of a set of books called Pingding qisheng fanglüe 平定七省方略 "Military annals of the pacification of the seven provinces". The 420-juan long book was presented to the throne in 1872. It is the longest of all military annals. The book is composed of a tremendous amount of archival materials, mainly palace memorials and imperial edicts, yet often only in an abridged shape. It begins in 1850 and ends in 1866. At the end of the book, the 6-juan long statutes for the navy (Shuishi zhangcheng 水師章程) are added, which are the result of Zeng Guofan's 曾國藩 (1811-1872) suggestions for the precedents of a new organisation of the Qing army. It was printed in 1872.

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