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Libu quanxuan zeli 吏部銓選則例

Jan 19, 2014 © Ulrich Theobald

(Qinding) Libu quanxuan zeli (欽定)吏部銓選則例 is a collection of administrative rules about the selection and appointment of state officials that fell under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Personnel (libu 吏部).

The 21-juan long book was compiled on imperial order under the supervision of Vice Minister of Revenue (hubu you shilang 戶部右侍郎) Sijen 錫珍 (d. 1889), a Mongol bannerman who was later Minister of Justice (xingbu shangshu 刑部尚書) and then Minister of Personnel (libu shangshu 吏部尚書) during the Guangxu reign-period 光緒 (1875-1908).

From 1843 on he supervised the collection of imperial decisions to individual cases and statutes for official appointment and compiled a canon that was to serve as an administrative guideline. The work at the canon was begun in 1873, and the compilation team collected 87 juan of material that was brought into the shape of a law canon and submitted to the throne in 1885.

It determines the ranks of all offices and describes how lists of appointees were to be compiled (kailie 開列), monthly selections to be made (yuexuan 月選), officials be promoted into vacancies (shengbu 升補), be appointed (chushou 除授), selected (jianxuan 揀選), "miscellaneous rules" (zali 雜例), and rules for the appointment of Manchu scribes (bithesi, Ch. bitieshi 筆帖式).

This canon is very important for the study of the appointment system of the late Qing period 清 (1644-1911).

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