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Mengda beilu 蒙韃備錄

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Zhao Gong's 趙珙 (sometimes also referred to as Meng Gong 孟珙) Mengda beilu 蒙韃備錄 "A refined [report] of the Mongolian Tartars" is an eye-witnesses report of the Mongols' early conquest of the Jin empire 金 (1115-1234). Zhao himself had traveled north where he met Prince Muquli 木華黎 (1170-1223) attacking the northern Jin capital of Yanjing 燕京 (modern Beijing). Yet Zhao's book is not a pure event history but a full and comprehensive account of the social, administrative and economic system of the early Mongol empire, and of north China at that time in general.

The oldest extant version is to be found in the series Shuofu 說郛, one the base of which the early Republican scholar Wang Guowei 王國維 (1877-1927) made his commented edition Mengda beilu jianzheng 蒙韃備錄箋證. An older commentary was written by the Qing-period 清 (1644-1911) scholar Cao Yuanzhong 曹元忠 (1865-1923).

Table 1. Contents of Mengda beilu 蒙韃備錄
立國 Liguo The founding of the Mongol empire
韃主始起 Dazhu shi qi The beginning of the khan's campaigns
國號年號 Guohao nianhao Names and terms of the dynasty
太子諸王 Taizi zhuwang The princes
諸將功臣 Zhujiang gongchen The generals
任相 Renxiang The ministers
軍政 Junzheng The army
馬政 Mazheng Providing horses
糧食 Liangshi Providing food
征伐 Zhengfa Campaigning
官制 Guanzhi The administration
風俗 Fengsu Customs
軍裝器械 Junzhuang qixie Weapons and equipment
奉使 Fengshi Court communication and procedures
祭祀 Jisi Sacrifices
婦女 Funü Females
燕聚舞樂 Yan zhong wuyue Dancers and musicians of Yanjing
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