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Pingding Luosha fanglüe 平定羅刹方略

May 31, 2011 © Ulrich Theobald

Pingding Luosha fanglüe 平定羅刹方略 "Military annals of the pacification of Russia" is a history of the conflict of the Qing empire 清 (1644-1911) with Russia during the Kangxi reign-period 康熙 (1662-1722). The 4-juan long book was compiled on imperial order. It begins in 1682 with the mission of Langtan 郎坦 (1634-1695, also written 郎談) and Gong Pengchun 公彭春 to reconnoiter the situation of the border town of Yaksa 雅克薩 (Albazin) and ends in 1689 with the Treaty of Kiakhta (Nibuchu 尼布楚) and the erection of a border markstone. The treatise was concluded after several attempts of the Qing government to ward off the intrusion of Russian zobel hunters (zobolniki) and their support by military garrisons. In the treatise, the border between the Qing empire and Russia was fixed.

The book is included in the series Gongshuntang congshu 功順堂叢書.

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