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Pinghui jilüe 平回記略

Feb 6, 2016 © Ulrich Theobald

Pinghui jilüe 平回記略 "Concise report on the pacification of the Muslims" is a short book written by an unknown author. It describes the suppression of the rebellion of Muslims in Lanzhou 蘭州, Gansu, under Su Sishisan 蘇四十三 in 1781.

The insurgency began when the Qing government 清 (1644-1911) arrested Ma Mingxin 馬明新 (1719-1781), founder of the so-called "new school" (xinjiao 新教, i.e. the Naqšbandīya school of Sufism, in contrast to the "old school" of the Ḵufīya). The Qing court thereupon entrusted Agūi 阿桂 (1717-1797) to quell the rebellion. Su attacked the city of Lanzhou in vain and thereupon withdrew to a mountainous area where he continued his resistance. The governor-general (zongdu 總督) of Shaan-Gan, Lergiyen 勒爾謹 (d. 1781), was dismissed because he was not able to catch Su Shishisan. Only when Agūi and the commander (zongbing 總兵) of Xining 西寧, Gongchuda'er 貢楚達爾, made a joint attack, the rebel leader fled to Hualin Monastery 華林寺, where he was killed. The three-months long war is described in detail and this book therefore is a valuable souce on this early Muslim rebellion (see also Islam in China).

The book is part of the moveable-letter edition of the collection Jingtuo yishi 荊駝逸史, published by the Guhuai shanfang Studio 古槐山房. No separate editions are known.

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