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Da-Qing huidian 大清會典

Jul 11, 2010 © Ulrich Theobald

Da-Qing huidian 大清會典, Yuzhi Da-Qing huidian 御製大淸會典, Da-Qing wuchao huidian 大清五朝會典 or Da-Qing wubu huidian 大清五部會典 is the largest judicial corpus on administrative matters compiled during the Qing period 清 (1644-1911). It describes the structure of each administrative institution of the cental and the local governments, and provides rules for the administration of each kind of issue regulated by the government.

As the regulations fixed in the Huidian have law-like status, the collection might be called a canon. It was five times revised, and each time new regulations, based on precedents (zeli 則例, shili 事例) were added.

It is important to note that all later versions retained the original text and just added more recent regulations. This is a procedure also seen in similar compendia like Xu tongdian 續通典, Qing tongdian 清通典, Xu wenxian tongkao and Qing wenxian tongkao. Edicts are listed chronologically.

The compilation was supervised by Grand Academicians (daxueshi 大學士) and members of the State Council (junjichu 軍機處) and executed in a special compilation bureau called hudianguan 會典館.

The version from the Kangxi reign-period 康熙 (1662-1722) was based on a similar compendium from the Ming period 明 (1368-1644), Ming huidian 明會典, following a genre of regulations founded with the Tang liudian 唐六典 from the Tang period 唐 (618-907). The huidian-type canons described the duties of each office (following the precedent of the Confucian Classic Zhouli 周禮 that was compiled in the late Warring States period 戰國, 5th cent.-221 BCE), the number of officials, the scope of their tasks, and modes of administrative procedure.

The texts consists of quotations from imperial edicts and thus gives a picture of the development of regulations over time. Concrete issues were in a more general mode regulated by statutes (dian 典), which were adapted to concrete cases in the shape of precedent decisions (li 例). This mode of arranging jurisdictional texts is also known from the law canon Da-Qing lüli 大清律例 and has historical forerunners, and follows the principle of the gangmu structure 綱目 "basic ropes and detailed meshes".

From the Qianlong reign-period 乾隆 (1736-1796) on, individual cases, serving as precedents, were published in a separate collection called Huidian zeli 則例. The later versions of this compendium were called Huidan shili 會典事例. The change of the term follows a change in the structure was due to a more detailed structure of the regulations of each institution, with very detailed headlines for administrative sections and departments, and regulative issues in each chapter.

Fig 1. Example from the Qing huidian tu 大清會典圖
Drawing of the emperor's winter hat. (Qinding) Da-Qing huidian tu (欽定)大清會典圖, juan 57, [fol. 1].

The zeli/shili collections are even more important than the huidian collections, because they presents decisions on concrete issues, while the huidian texts is more general. The versions from the Jiaqing 嘉慶 (1796-1820) and Guangxu 光緒 (1875-1908) reign-periods, also called Xuxiu Da-Qing huidian 續修大清會典, are accompanied by an illustrated compendium called Huidian tu 會典圖. This type of compendium shows how altars looked like, ritual implements, musical instruments, insignia, robes and caps, military equipment, astronomical instruments, instruments used for executing punishments, and maps of the empire.

Table 1. Versions of the Da-Qing huidian 大清會典
precedent cases (zeli 則例, shili 事例)
illustrated (tu 圖)
Canon Time of compilation Time covered Chief compilers (zheng zongzai guan 正總裁官)
大清會典 二百六十二卷 Da-Qing huidian 1684-1690 (Kangxi version) 1636-1686 伊桑阿 Isangga, 王熙 Wang Xi
大清會典 二百五十卷 Da-Qing huidian 1727-1732 (Yongzheng version) 1687-1727 尹泰 Intai, 張廷玉 Zhang Tingyu
(欽定)大清會典 百卷 Da-Qing huidian 1747-1764 (Qianlong version) 1728-1758/62 允祹 Prince Yuntao, 傅恒 Fuheng, 張廷玉 Zhang Tingyu
(欽定)大清會典則例 百八十卷 Da-Qing huidian zeli
(欽定)大清會典 八十卷 Da-Qing huidian 1801-1818 (Jiaqing version) 1758-1812/18 托津 Tojin, 曹振镛 Cao Zhenyong
(欽定)大清會典事例 九百二十卷, 目錄 八卷 Da-Qing huidian shili
(欽定)大清會典圖 百三十二卷, 目錄 二卷 Da-Qing huidian tu
(欽定)大清會典 百卷, 目錄 一卷 Da-Qing huidian 1886-1899 (Guangxu version) 1813-1887/1909 昆崗 Kungang, 徐桐 Xu Tong
(欽定)大清會典事例 千二百二十卷, 目錄 八卷 Da-Qing huidian shili
(欽定)大清會典圖 二百七十卷 Da-Qing huidian tu

There are but a few original editions surviving. The Qianlong version (Huidian and Huidian zeli) is included in the imperial series Siku quanshu 四庫全書. The Qianlong version of the Huidian (without Huidian zeli) was reprinted in 1893 by the Tushu Jicheng Press 圖書集成 in Shanghai. The Commercial Press 商務印書館 in Shanghai published in 1908 a lithographic edition of the Guangxu version (only Huidian). The series Wanyou wenku 萬有文庫 likewise only includes the Guangxu version of the Huidian, without the Huidian shili and Huidian tu. The Zhongwen Shuju 中文書局 and the Xin Wenfeng Press 新文豐出版公司 in Taibei published a facsimile of the whole Guangxu set.

Because the version from the Guangxu reign is the most up-to-date version, it attracted much more attention than the earlier versions from the Kangxi, Yongzheng 雍正 (1723-1735), Qianlong and Jiaqing reign-periods. All modern reprints of the canon accordingly made use of the Guangxu edition. The latest edition, published by the Xianzhuang Shuju 綫裝書局 as Da-Qing wuchao huidian 大清五朝會典, includes the versions Da-Qing huidian from the Kangxi and Yongzheng reign-period, the (Qinding) Da-qing hudian (欽定)大清會典 from the Kangxi, Yongzheng and Guangxu reign-periods, the Da-Qing hudian tu 欽定大清會典圖 from the Jiaqing and Guangxu reign-periods, but not the (Qinding) Da-Qing hudian zeli (欽定)大清會典則例 from the Qianlong and the Da-Qing huidian shili 欽定大清會典事例 from the Jiaqing and Guangxu reign-periods. This is quite lamentable, as important sources are missing in the complete collection.

Table 2. Contents of the Da-Qing huidian 大清會典 (Jiaqing version) set
1 宗人府 The Court of the Imperial Clan
宗令宗正, 宗人職掌 the Director and Assistant Director of the Court of the Imperial Clan in charge,
府丞職掌 Associate Directors in charge,
檔房 the Archive,
經歷司 the Registry,
左司, 右司 the left and right office,
銀庫 the Silver Vault,
黃冊房 the Imperial Genealogy Section in the Court of the Imperial Clan,
空房 the Imperial Clan Prison,
左右翼宗學 School for the Left and Right Branches of the Imperial Family,
八旗覺羅學 the Gioro School of the Eight Banners
2 內閣 The Grand Secretariat
大學士, 協辦大學士職掌 Grand Academicians and Assistant Grand Secretaries in charge,
學士職掌 Academicians in charge,
典籍廳 the the Office of Writings and Stele Inscriptions,
滿本房 the Manchu Documents Section,
漢本房 the Chinese Documents Section,
蒙古房 the Mongolian Documents Section,
滿票簽處 the Manchu Document Registry,
漢票簽處, the Chinese Document Registry,
稽察房 the Verification Office,
收發紅本處 the Imperial Documents Office,
飯銀庫 the Allowances Office,
副本庫 the Archive,
批本處 the Endorsement-Copying Office
3 辦理軍機處 The Council of State
軍機大臣職掌 Grand Ministers of State in charge,
章京職掌 the Military Secretaries in charge,
方略館 the Military Archive,
內繙書房 the Sino-Manchu Translation Office,
稽查欽奉上諭事件處 the Office for Distribution of Imperial Pronouncements,
管理大臣職掌 the Grand Minister in charge,
司員職掌 secretaries in charge,
中書科稽察科事內閣學士職掌 Academicians of the Grand Secretariat in charge of the Secretariat and verification,
中書職掌 secretaries in charge
4-9 吏部 The Ministry of Personnel
尙書, 侍郎職掌 Minister and Vice Minister in charge,
檔房 the Archive,
本房 the Documents Section,
司務廳 the General Services Office,
督催所 the Office of Incitement,
當月處 the Seal Office,
文選淸吏司 the Bureau of Appointments,
考功淸吏司 the Bureau of Evaluations,
稽勲淸吏司 the Bureau of Records,
稽俸廳 the Salaries Section,
驗封淸吏司 the Bureau of Honours
10-18 戸部 The Ministry of Revenue
尙書, 侍郎職掌 Minister and Vice Minister in charge,
南檔房 the Southern Archive,
北檔房 the Northern Archive,
司務廳 the General Services Office,
督催所 the Office of Incitement,
當月處 the Seal Office,
監印處 the Superintendency of Seals,
江南淸吏司 the Jiangnan Bureau,
浙江淸吏司 the Zhejiang Bureau,
江西淸吏司 the Jiangxi Bureau,
福建淸吏司 the Fujian Bureau,
井田科 the Banner Revenues Section,
湖廣淸使司 the Hu-Guang Bureau,
山東淸吏司, the Shandong Bureau,
山西淸吏司, the Shanxi Bureau,
河南淸吏司 the Henan Bureau,
陜西淸吏司 the Shaanxi Bureau,
八旗俸餉處 the Office for Banner Salaries and Supplies,
四川淸吏司 the Sichuan Bureau,
廣東淸吏司 the Guangdong Bureau,
廣西淸吏司 the Guangxi Bureau,
雲南淸吏司 the Yunnan Bureau,
貴州淸吏司 the Guizhou Bureau,
現審處 the Judicial Office,
軍需局 the Military Supplies Office,
飯銀處 the Allowances Office,
捐納房 the Contributions Office,
內倉 the Palace Granary,
戸部錢法堂 the Coinage Office,
侍郎職掌 the Vice Minister in charge,
寶泉局 the Capital Mint under the Ministry of Revenue,
戸部三庫 the Three Storehouses (Silver Vault, Piece Goods Vault, Miscellany Vault),
管理大臣職掌 the Grand Minister in charge,
檔房 the Archive,
銀庫 the Silver Vault,
緞疋庫 the Piece Goods Vault,
顏料庫 the Miscellany Vault,
戸部倉場衙門 the Yamen of the Capital Granaries,
侍郎職掌 the Vice Minister in charge,
坐糧廳 the Supervisorate of the Tongzhou Terminus of the Grand Canal,
大通橋及各倉監督職掌 the Supervisorate of the Datong Bridge Granary and other granaries
盛京戸部 The Ministry of Revenue of the secondary capital Shengjing (Mukden)
侍郎職掌 the Vice Minister in charge,
檔房 the Archive,
經會司 the Revenue and Expenditure Office,
銀庫 the Silver Vault,
糧儲司 the Grain Tax Office,
內倉 the Capital Granary,
農田司 the Agriculture Office
19-32 禮部 The Ministry of Rites
尙書, 侍郎職掌 the Minister and Vice Minister in charge,
當房 the Archive,
本房 the Documents Section,
司務廳 the General Services Office,
督催所 the Office of Incitement,
當月處 the Seal Office,
書籍庫 the Stationary Storehouse,
版片庫 the Printing Plates Storehouse,
南庫 the Southern Vault,
養廉處 the Bureau Encouraging Honesty,
地租處 the Land Lease Office,
儀制淸吏司 the Bureau of Ceremonies,
鑄印局 the Seals Service,
祠祭淸吏司 the Bureau of Sacrifices,
主客淸吏司 the Bureau of Receptions,
會同四譯館 the Interpreters and Translators Institute with four sections,
精膳清吏司 the Bureau of Provisions,
陵寢禮部衙門 the Yamen for the Imperial Mausolea
盛京禮部 The Ministry of Rites of the secondary capital Shengjing (Mukden)
侍郎職掌 the Vice Minister in charge,
檔房 the Archive,
左司, 右司 the left and right office
33-34 樂部 The Music Ministry
管理大臣職掌 the Grand Minister in charge,
神樂署 the Imperial Music Office,
和聲署 the Music Office,
中和樂處 the Music Office of the Hall of Central Harmony,
什榜處 the Entertainment Office
35-40 兵部 The Ministry of War
尙書, 侍郎職掌 the Minister and Vice Minister in charge,
檔房 the Archive,
本房 the Documents Section,
司務廳 the General Services Office,
督催所 the Office of Incitement,
當月處 the Seal Office,
武選淸吏司 the Bureau of Military Appointments,
職方清吏司 the Bureau of Operations,
車駕清吏司 the Bureau of Communications,
會同館 the Interpreters Institute,
捷報處 the Couriers Office,
駐京提塘 the provincial couriers of the Capital Banners,
武庫淸吏司 the Bureau of Provisions
盛京兵部 The Ministry of War of the secondary capital Shengjing (Mukden)
侍郎職掌 the Vice Minister in charge,
檔房 the Archive,
左司 the left office,
驛站監督職掌 the Supervisory of the Courier Stations,
右司 the right office
41-44 刑部 The Ministry of Justice
尙書, 侍郎職掌 the Minister and Vice Minister in charge,
清檔房 the Manchu Archive,
漢檔房 the Chinese Archive,
司務廳 the General Services Office,
督催所 the Office of Incitement,
當月處 the Seal Office,
直隸淸吏司 the Zhili Bureau,
奉天淸吏司 the Fengtian Bureau,
江蘇淸吏司 the Jiangsu Bureau,
贖罪處 the Office of Redemption,
安徽淸吏司 the Anhui Bureau,
江西淸吏司 the Jiangxi Bureau,
福建淸吏司 the Fujian Bureau,
浙江淸吏司 the Zhejiang Bureau,
湖廣淸吏司 the Hu-Guang Bureau,
河南淸吏司 the Henan Bureau,
山東淸吏司 the Shandong Bureau,
山西淸吏司 the Shanxi Bureau,
陝西淸吏司 the Shaanxi Bureau,
四川淸吏司 the Sichuan Bureau,
廣東淸吏司 the Guangdong Bureau,
廣西淸吏司 the Guangxi Bureau,
雲南淸吏司 the Yunnan Bureau,
貴州淸吏司 the Guizhou Bureau,
督捕淸吏司 the Bureau of Arrests,
秋審處 the Office of the Autumn Assizes,
律例館 the Codification Office,
提牢廳 the Prison Office,
贓罰庫 the Depository for Confiscated Money,
飯銀處 the Allowances Office
盛京刑部 The Ministry of Justice of the secondary capital Shengjing (Mukden)
侍郎職掌 the Vice Minister in charge,
檔房 the Archive,
肅紀前司, 肅紀左司, 肅紀右司, 肅紀後司 the forward, left, right and rear Offices Controlling the Ginseng Monopoly,
司庫 the Warehouse
45-48 工部 The Ministry of Works
尙書, 侍郎職掌 Minister and Vice Minister in charge,
檔房 the Archive,
本房 the Documents Section,
司務廳 the General Services Office,
督催所 the Office of Incitement,
當月處 the Seal Office,
營繕淸吏司 the Construction Bureau,
皇木厰 the Imperial Lumber Depot,
木倉 the Central Lumberyars,
琉璃窰 the Porcelain Works,
虞衡淸吏司 the Bureau of Forestry and Crafts,
軍需局 the Armaments Bureau,
司庫 the Warehouse,
硝黃庫 the Sulphur Arsenal,
鉛子庫 the Bullets Arsenal,
礮子庫 the Artillery Arsenal,
官車庫 the Officers' Chariots Arsenal,
惜薪廠 the Firewood Warehouse,
都水淸吏司 the Bureau of Irrigation and Transportation,
皇差銷算處 the Pioneers Office for Inspection Tours,
冰窖 the Icehouse,
綵綢庫 the Silk Warehouse,
屯田淸吏司 the State Farms Bureau,
製造庫 the Storehouse of Leather and Metal,
節愼庫 the Auditing Office,
料估所 the Office of Estimates,
飯銀處 the Allowances Office,
工部錢法堂 the Coinage Office,
侍郎職掌 the Vice Minister in charge,
寶源局 the Capital Mint under the Ministry of Works,
管理火藥局 the Gunpowder Bureau,
直年河道溝渠處 the Office of Waterways and City Moats,
督理街道衙門 the Supervisory Office of Roads,
陵寢工部衙門 the Construction Office of the Imperial Mausolea
盛京工部 The Ministry of Works of the secondary capital Shengjing (Mukden)
侍郎職掌 the Vice Minister in charge,
檔房 the Archive,
左司, 右司 the left and right office,
銀庫 the Silver Vault
49-53 理藩院 The Court of Colonial Affairs
尙書, 侍郎職掌 the Minister and Vice Minister in charge,
淸檔房 the Manchu Archive,
漢檔房 the Chinese Archive,
司務廳 the General Services Office,
當月處 the Seal Office,
旗籍淸吏司 the Inner Mongolian Bureau,
王會淸吏司 the Inner Mongolia Reception Bureau,
典屬淸吏司 the Bureau of Dependencies,
柔遠淸吏司 the Outer Mongolia Reception Bureau,
徠遠淸吏司 the Eastern Turkestan Bureau,
理刑淸吏司 the Judicial Bureau,
蒙古房 the Mongolian Translation Office,
內館 the Inner Hostel,
外館 the Outer Hostel,
銀庫 the Silver Vault
54 都察院 The Censorate
左都御史, 左副都御史職掌 the Left Censor-in-chief and the Left Vice Censor-in-chief in charge,
右都御史, 右副都御史 the Right Censor-in-chief and the Right Vice Censor-in-chief (concurrent posts)
經歷廳 the [Central] Registry Office,
都事廳 the Management Office,
六科 the Six Offices of Scrutiny,
十五道 the Fifteen Circuits,
五城通政使司 the Office of Transmission of the Five Capital Wards,
通政使副使參議職掌 the Commissioner, Vice Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner of Transmission in charge,
經歷司 the Registry,
登聞鼓廳 the Public Petitioners Drum Office
大理寺 the Court of Judicial Review
卿, 少卿職掌 Minister and Vice Minister in charge,
檔房 the Archive,
司務廳 the General Services Office,
左寺, 右寺 the left and right court
55 翰林院 The Hanlin Academy
掌院學士職掌 the Chancellor of the Hanlin Academy in charge,
侍讀學士以下職掌 Academicians Reader-in-waiting and subordinated officials in charge,
典簿廳 the Office of Memorials and Letters of Dispatch,
待詔廳 the Editorial Office,
庶常館 the Office of Hanlin Bachelors,
起居注館 the Imperial Diary Office,
國史館 the Historiography Institute
詹事府 The Household of the Heir Apparent
詹事少詹事職掌 the Supervisor and Vice Supervisor of the Household of the Heir Apparent in charge,
庶子以下職掌 mentors and subordinated officials in charge,
主簿廳 the Recorders Office
56-57 太常寺 The Court of Imperial Sacrifices
兼管事務大臣卿, 少卿職掌 the Grand Minister Supervisor as Minister and the Vice Minister in charge,
寺丞職掌 Assistant Ministers in charge,
贊禮郎讀祝官職掌 ceremonial assistants and prayer readers in charge,
博士職掌 erudites in charge,
典簿廳 the Office of Memorials and Letters of Dispatch,
工程處 the Construction Office,
寺庫 the Court Storehouse,
壇廟官職掌 the officials of altars and temples in charge,
祠祭署 the Sacrificial Office,
神樂署 the Imperial Music Office,
犧牲所 the Office of Animal Sacrifices,
陵寢園寢讀祝官贊禮郎職掌 prayer readers and ceremonial Aassistants of the Imperial Mausolea in charge
太僕寺 the Court of the Imperial Stud
卿, 少卿職掌 Minister and Vice Minister in charge,
左司, 右司 the left and right offices,
主簿廳 the Recorders Office
58 光祿寺 The Court of Imperial Entertainments
管理事務大臣卿, 少卿職掌 the Grand Minister Supervisor as Minister and Vice Minister in charge,
典簿廳 the Office of Memorials and Letters of Dispatch,
督催所 the Office of Incitement,
當月處 the Seal Office,
大官署 the Banquets Office,
珍羞署 the Office of Delicacies,
良醞署 the Office of Fine Wines,
掌醢署 the Spice Pantry,
銀庫 the Silver Vault,
黃冊房 the Imperial Genealogy Section
59 順天府 The Prefecture of Shuntian (Beijing)
兼管府尹府尹職掌 the Metropolitan Prefect in charge,
府丞職掌 the Vice Metropolitan Prefect in charge,
治中通判以下職掌 the Assistant Prefect and subordinated officials in charge
奉天府 The Prefecture of Fengtian (Shenyang)
兼管府尹府尹職掌 the Metropolitan Prefect in charge,
府丞職掌 the Vice Metropolitan Prefect in charge,
治中理事通判以下職掌 the Assistant Prefect and subordinated officials in charge
60 鴻臚寺 The Court of State Ceremonial
兼管事務大臣卿, 少卿職掌 the Grand Ministers Supervisor as Minister and Vice Minister in charge,
鳴贊序班職掌 the heralds and ushers in charge,
主簿廳 the Recorders Office
61 國子監 The Directorate of Education
管理監事大臣祭酒司業職掌 the Grand Minister Supervisor and Chancellor of the National University in charge,
繩愆廳 the Disciplinary Office,
博士廳 the Office of Erudites,
典簿廳 the Office of Memorials and Letters of Dispatch,
典籍廳 the Office of Writings and Stele Inscriptions,
六堂 the Six Colleges,
八旗官學 the Bannermen’s School,
檔房 the Archive,
錢糧處 the Bursary,
算學 the Mathematics School,
琉球學 the Ryukyuan School,
俄羅斯學 the Russian School
62-64 欽天監 The Directorate of Astronomy
管理監事大臣監正, 監副職掌 the Grand Minister Supervisor and Vice Supervisor in charge,
主簿廳 the Recorders Office,
時憲科 the Calendar Section,
天文科 the Astronomical Section,
漏刻科 the Water Clock Section
太醫院 The Imperial Academy of Medicine
院使, 院判職掌 the Administrator and Administrative Assistants in charge,
御醫以下職掌 imperial physicians and subordinated officials in charge
65 侍衞處 The Headquarters of the Imperial Bodyguard
領侍衞內大臣職掌 the Grand Minister of the Imperial Household Department concurrently controlling the Imperial Guardsmen in charge,
印房 the Seals Office,
內大臣散秩大臣侍衞職掌 the Grand Ministers Assistant Commander of the Imperial Bodyguard in charge,
御前大臣職掌 the Grand Ministers of Attendance in charge,
後扈大臣, 前引大臣, 豹尾班侍衞職掌 the Grand Minister Commander of the Retinue, Grand Minister Supervisor of the Retinue, and [commander of the] Panther-Tail Personal Bodyguard in charge,
奏事處 the Office for Provincial Memorials,
侍衞章京職掌 the Military Secretaries of the Bodyguard in charge,
奏蒙古事侍衞職掌 the Guardsmen in charge of memorials for Mongol affairs
66 鑾儀衞 The Imperial Procession Guard
掌衞事大臣鑾儀使職掌 The Grand Minister in Command of the Guard in command of the Imperial Procession Guard in charge,
印房 the Seals Office,
經歷廳 the Registry Office,
左所, 右所, 中所, 前所, 後所 the left, right, central, forward, and rear office,
馴象所 the Elephant-Training Office,
旗手衞 the Standard-Bearer Guard,
駕儀管理 the manager of the banners,
步輦管理 the manager of the palanquins,
玉輅管理 the manager of the jade-adorned carriage,
金輅管理 the manager of the gold-adorned carriage,
象輅管理 the manager of the elephant carriage,
革輅管理 the manager of the leather-cover carriage,
木輅管理 the manager of the lacquered-wood carriage,
篦頭管理 the manager of combs,
駕庫管理 the manager of the livery stable,
椶毯管理 the manager of coir carpets,
拜褥管理 the manager of kneeling mats,
亭座管理 the manager of chairs,
靜鞭管理 the manager of attention whips
67-69 八旗都統 Commanders-in-chief of the Banners
都統, 副都統職掌 Commanders-in-chief and Vice Commanders-in-chief in charge,
印房 the seals offices,
參領以下職掌 regimental commanders and subordinated officers in charge,
俸餉房 the salaries and supplies offices,
馬冊房 the Horse Registration Office,
馬圈 horse paddocks,
漢軍火器營 the Chinese Firearms Brigade,
下五旗包衣 the bondservants of the lower five Banners,
直年旗 [Grand Master of all] Banners in charge for one year,
舊營房 the Office of Old Garrisons,
新營房 the Office of New Garrisons,
管理官房大臣職掌 Grand Minister of Government Property in charge,
左右翼鐵匠局 the Ironworks Bureau of the Left and Right Wing,
稽察寶坻等處駐防大臣職掌 the Grand Minister in charge of inspecting the Provincial Banners in Baodi and other places,
左右翼世職官學 the Palace Schools for Inheritable Offices of the Left and Right Wing,
漢軍淸文義學 the Chinese Charity School for Manchu Language,
十五善射處 the Fifteen Archery Grounds
70 前鋒營 The Vanguard Brigade
統領職掌 the Brigade Commander in charge,
印房 the Seal Office,
參領以下職掌 Regimental commanders and subordinated officers in charge
護軍營 The Guards Brigade
統領職掌 the Brigade Commander in charge,
印房 the Seal Office,
參領以下職掌 Regimental commanders and subordinated officers in charge,
景運門值班大臣以下職掌 the Grand Minister commanding at the Gate of Timely Process on duty and subordinated officers in charge
步軍營 The Infantry Brigade
提督九門步軍巡捕五營統領左右翼 the Brigade Commanders of the Left and Right Wings commanding the infantry brigades of the Nine Gates and the Five Patrol Garrisons,
總兵職掌 regimental commanders in charge,
郞中員外郞主事職掌 ministerial directors, supernumerary officers and secretaries in charge,
司務廳 the General Services Office,
翼尉以下職掌 wing commanders and subordinated officers in charge,
巡捕五營 the Five Patrol Garrisons,
信礮總管職掌 the artillery commanders in charge
71 火器營 The Firearms Brigade
總統大臣職掌 the Grand Minister Commander-General in charge,
印房 the Seal Office,
內火器營 the Inner Firearms Brigade,
外火器營 the Outer Firearms Brigade
圓明園護軍營 the Guards Brigade of the Garden of Total Clarity (Summer Palace)
總統大臣職掌 the Grand Minister Commander-General in charge,
印房 the Seal Office,
營總以下職掌 the brigade commandants and subordinated officers in charge,
官學 the State School
健銳營 The Scouting Brigade
總統大臣職掌 the Grand Minister Commander-General in charge,
翼長以下職掌 the wing commanders and subordinated officers in charge,
水師教習 the Naval Trainers,
官學 the State School
總理行營 Executive Garrisons en route
總理大臣職掌 the Grand Minister Commander-General in charge,
章京職掌 the Military Secretaries in charge,
嚮導處 the Escort Office,
嚮導大臣職掌 the Grand Minister of Escort in charge,
印房 the Seal Office,
章京職掌 the Military Secretaries in charge
虎槍營 The Tiger-Hunting Brigade
總統總領職掌 the Commander and Overseer-General in charge,
虎槍校職掌 the commander of the Tiger-Hunters in charge,
尙(上)虞備用處 the Imperial Hunting office,
管理大臣職掌 the Managing Grand Minister in charge,
印房 the Seal Office,
黏杆長職掌 the Entertainment Master in charge,
庫掌職掌 the Master of Storehouses in charge,
養鷹狗處 the Falcon and Hound Office,
管理大臣職掌 the Managing Grand Minister in charge,
養鷹鷂處 the Falcon and Kite office,
養狗處 the Hound Office,
善撲營 the Personal Hunting and Training Guard,
總統大臣職掌 the Managing Grand Minister in charge,
印房 the Seal Office,
翼長職掌 the wing commanders in charge
72-80 內務府 The Imperial Household Department
總管大臣職掌 Grand Ministers Supervisor in charge,
堂郞中主事職掌 Headquarters Bureau Directors and secretaries in charge,
廣儲司 the Storage Office,
銀庫 the Silver Vault,
皮庫 the Hides Storehouse,
磁庫 the Porcelain Storehouse,
緞庫 the Silks Storehouse,
衣庫 the Clothing Storehouse,
茶庫 the Tea Storehouse,
織染局 the Dyeing Service,
都虞司 the Office of the Imperial Hunt,
掌儀司 the Office of Palace Ceremonial,
會計司 the Office of Accounts,
三旗銀兩莊頭處 the Office of Finance and Estate of the Three Upper Banners,
營造司 the Office of Palace Construction,
木庫 the Timber Storehouse,
鐵庫 the Iron Storehouse,
房庫 the Bricks and Tiles Storehouse,
器庫 the Utensil Storehouse,
薪庫 the Firewood Storehouse,
炭庫 the Charcoal Storehouse,
圓明園薪炭庫 the Firewood and Charcoal Storehouses of the Garden of Total Clarity (Summer Palace),
鐵作 workshops for ironwork,
漆作 workshops for lacquerwork,
炮作 cannon foundries,
慶豐司 the Office of Imperial Pasturages,
犠牲所 the Office of Animal Sacrifices,
愼(審)刑司 the Office of Palace Justice,
管轄番役處 the subordinated police bureau,
三旗包衣驍騎營 the Cavalry Brigade of Bondservants of the Three Upper banners,
三旗包衣護軍營 the Guards Brigade of Bondservants of the Three Upper Banners,
三旗包衣前鋒營 the Vanguard Brigade of Bondservants of the Three Upper Banners,
掌關防處 the Overseers Office,
官三倉 the Three Granaries of the Imperial Household,
恩豐倉 the Granary for Palace Employees,
上駟院 the Palace Stud,
武備院 the Court of Imperial Armaments,
奉宸苑 the Imperial Parks Administration,
管理處 the office of duty assignment or concurrent appointment,
稻田廠(場) the Palace Garden,
管理天壇齋宮陳設南苑事務 the Management of the Furnishing in the Lodge and the Hall of the Temple of Heaven and of South Park,
管理圓明園事務 The Management of the Garden of Total Clarity,
管理理三山事務 the Management of Three-Mountain Park,
御船處 the Office of the Palace Marina,
暢春園事務管 the Management of the Garden of Pertaining Spring,
御茶膳房 the Palace Larder,
御藥房 the Imperial Dispensary,
管理三大殿汜埽處 the Cleansing Management of the Three Great Halls,
管理寧壽宮陳設處 the Management of the Furnishing in the Hall of Peaceful Longevity,
管理慈寧宮壽康宮陳設處 the Management of the Furnishings in the Halls of Merciful Tranquillity and Everlasting Strength,
管理慈寧宮花園陳設處 the Management of the Furnishing in the Garden of the Hall of Merciful Tranquillity,
管理雍和宮事務 the Management of the Hall of Balanced Peace,
管理中正殿事務 the Management of the Hall of Central Orthodoxy,
文淵閣提舉閣事 the [Management] of the Hall of Literary Profundity and the Building of Supervision,
武英殿修書處 Imperial Printing Office in the Hall of Military Glory,
御書處 the Imperial Library,
養心殿造辦處 the Workshop in the Hall of Moral Cultivation,
御鳥鎗處 the Imperial Musket Arsenal,
內火藥庫 the Imperial Gunpowder Storehouse,
總理工程處 the Palace Construction Office,
官房租庫 the Government Property Rental Agency,
咸安宮官學 School at the Palace of Universal Peace,
蒙古官學 the Mongol Palace School,
回緬官學 the Turki and Myanmar Palace Schools,
長房官學 The School of the Long Houses,
景山官學 the Mount Prospect School
盛京內務府 the Household Department of Shengjing (Shenyang)
總管大臣職掌 Grand Ministers Supervisor in charge,
佐領以下職掌 officials in charge of the rank of company commander and lower

宗人府 The Court of the Imperial Clan

天潢宗派 The Imperial House
1 宗室覺羅冊籍 family registers of the Gioro family
命名 naming
婚嫁 marriage
繼嗣 inheritance
纂修玉牒 the compilation of the imperial genealogical tree
封爵 Investiture
2 封爵等級 ranks of nobility
襲封 inheritance of ranks of nobility
考封 investiture by examination
追封 posthumous investiture
封號 designations of investiture
儀制 Rules for rituals
3 分封官屬 princely functionaries
分封甲數 the size of princely guards
太監額數 the number of eunuchs [of princes]
服用 robes
4a 諡號 posthumous honorific titles
服制齊集 robes for social gatherings
教養 Education
4b 左右兩翼宗學 the left and right wing of the imperial schools
八旗覺羅學 the Gioro schools of the Eight Banners
盛京宗學覺羅學 the imperial and the Gioro schools of the secondary capital Shengjing
宗室鄉會試曁繙譯鄉會試 provincial and metropolitan examinations and provincial and metropolitan translation examinations for members of the the imperial house
授官 Appointment of functionaries
5 補授本府官員 appointment of (head) functionaries in the Court
補授部院各衙門官員 appointment of functionaries in each department (of the Court)
挑補侍衛 selection and appointment of guards
挑取十五善射 selection and hiring of [the heads of the] Fifteen-Grades-of-Excellent-Archery [Office]
補授佐領 appointment of company commanders
補放族長教長 appointment and dismissal of clan heads and instructional heads
恩詔給廕 extraordinary inheritance of ranks by imperial grace
補放城守尉 appointment and dismission of garrison commandants
優卹 Special Care
6a 養贍銀米 allowances of money and grain
紅白事件卹賞 allowances for weddings and funerals
旌表節孝 public presentation of the names of persons with high moral conduct
職制 Rules for offices
6b 上朝 going to court
陪祭 co-presiding sacrifices
朔望太廟上香 burning incense in the High Temple during a syzygy
太廟奠帛獻爵 presenting silks (?) and sacrificial wine at the High Temple
盛京三陵承祭 offerings of sacrifices at the Three Mausolea in Shengjing
東陵西陵承祭 offering of sacrifices at the Eastern and Western Mauseolea
7 進班 officers on duty
扈從 retinues
考驗騎射 inspection of riding and archery skills
驗閱軍器 military parades
議敘議處 suggestions for ranking in the waitlist because of merits and for disciplinary measures
給假驗病 leave and medical examination
禁令 Bans
8 議罪 suggestions for punishment

內閣 The Grand Secretariat

建置 Foundation
9a 內三院沿革 historical development of the Three Inner Courts [內國史院, 內弘文院, 內秘書院]
設官 the creation of offices
典禮 Canonical ceremonies
9b 祭祀書祝版 the edition of scriptures of sacrifices, offerings and incantations
壇廟神位題字 autographical inscriptions of altars, temples, and statues
鐫製冊寳 [the presentation of] printed documents and carved seals
朝會執事 guidance of ceremonies during court assemblies
齋戒陪祀 co-worships during fasting ceremonies
職掌 Duties
10 進本 the presentation of documents
11 票擬 suggestions for imperial answers [to documents]
票擬加簽 suggestions for imperial answers with imperial remarks
御門進折本 the presentation of memorials to the throne
巡幸發遞本報 notifications for the preparation of imperial inspection tours
勾到 imperial decisions about executions
收發紅本 the creation of valid red-character versions of imperial decisions
收存揭帖 the storage of internal notes
頒發書籍 the publication of documents
收貯副本 the storage of transcripts
12 恭擬諡號 respectful suggestions for posthumous titles
撰擬制誥 the suggestive compilation of decrees and announcements
承宣諭旨 the receiving of imperial instructions
紀載綸音 the record of imperial orders
請用御寶 the request for the use of imperial seals
誥勅之式 the shape of announcements and orders
稽察各部院事件 the control of [the flow of documents in] all central government institutions
稽察欽奉上諭事件 the control of the respectful reception of imperial orders
増修世爵譜冊 the revision of genealogical registers of families with inheritable titles
繙譯淸漢字諭旨 the translation of imperial orders from Manchu to Chinese
繙譯外藩各部落文字 the translation of documents in other languages
進呈實錄 the presentation of veritable records
收貯起居注匱 the storage of imperial diaries
收藏經略將軍印信 the storage of seals for Grand Ministers commander
庶吉士散館引見 the introduction to the emperor of Hanlin bachelors released from the Institute [of Advanced Studies 庶常館]
稽察俄羅斯館課程 the control of studies at the Russian Institute

中書科 The Central Drafting Office

建置 Foundation
13a 掌科掌印 the management of drafts and seals
稽察科事 the control of drafting affairs
職掌 Duties
13b 授封冊文 documents for investiture of princes
授封誥命勅命 proclamations of the investiture of the mid-rank nobility
文武官覃恩誥勅 announcements of extraordinary grace toward civilian and military officials
封典限期 deadlines for the issuing of patents
取用工料 material used for patent documents

吏部 The Ministry of Personnel

官制 Offices
JQ huidian shili 卷十四 吏部一 官制 滿洲官員品級○古官員品級○漢軍 官員品級 卷十五 吏部二 官制 漢官品級○原定滿漢官員品級○舊設 滿漢官員品級 卷十六 吏部三 官制 宗人府○内閣○中書科○吏部○戸部 ○禮部○兵部 卷十七 吏部四 官制 刑部○工部○理藩院○都察院○六科 卷十八 吏部五 官制 內務府○通政使司○大理寺○翰林院 ○ 起居注館○詹事府○太常寺○光 祿寺○太僕寺○順天府 卷十九 欽定大淸會典事例 目錄一 四 吏部六 官制 鴻臚寺○國子監○欽天監○太醫院○  盛京五部○鑾儀衞○領侍衞府○步 軍統領衙門○八旗都統衙門○舊設各衙門 卷二十 吏部七 官制 奉天府○各省督撫 卷二十一 吏部八 官制 各省學政等官○各省布政使司○各省 按察使司 卷二十二 吏部九 官制 各省道員 卷二十三 吏部十 官制 各省知府等官一 卷二十四 吏部十一 官制 各省知府等官二 卷二十五 吏部十二 欽定大淸會典事例 目錄一 五 官制 各省隸州知州等官○各省知州等官 卷二十六 吏部十三 官制 各省知縣等官一 卷二十七 吏部十四 官制 各省知縣等官二 卷二十八 吏部十五 官制 各省知縣等官三 卷二十九 吏部十六 官制 各省鹽政等官○舊設各省官○各省土 官世職 卷三十 吏部十七 滿洲銓選 旗員按缺補用○旗員改公額○科 甲除授○各官開缺○各衙門留缺 ○留館開缺○議官掣籖○淸漢字分缺○科 甲出身知縣改補 卷三十一 吏部十八 滿洲銓選 官員避○旗員終養○丁憂起補 ○丁憂借署○患病候補○先後記 欽定大淸會典事例 目錄一 六 名人員論俸○廕生錄用 卷三十二 吏部十九 滿洲銓選 雙月陞選○單月陞選○遇缺卽用 ○內閣侍讀保送註冊○國子監博 士助教甄别改補○京員差滿保題○修書議 敘○各館議敘古主事積缺銓補○覺羅學 副管長議敘○捐納議敘○ 盛京調補部屬 司庫等官○  特用人員分部○內閣票簽 中書○刑部司獄○年滿倉官○由京補授八 旗游牧員外郎○寧古塔驛站官○駐防額外 官員○內繙書房効力期滿○各學教習期滿 ○ 盛京官員陞轉○六部理藩院古司官 陞轉○   陵寢官員陞轉○論俸陞轉○ 郎中等官算俸○各項執事人算俸○贊禮郎 等官較俸○還職官員算俸○各官試俸 卷三十三 吏部二十 滿洲銓選 考試繙譯筆帖式○考試滿洲古 繙譯○考試候補筆帖式○ 盛京 筆帖式考試○考試現任筆帖式○ 盛京五 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府圖四廳圖三州圖一 卷一百三十一 輿地四十五 內蒙古 圖二 阿拉善額魯特額濟納舊土爾扈特 卷一百三十二 輿地四十六 外蒙古喀爾喀 圖四 欽定大淸會典圖 目錄二 二十六 科布多 唐努烏梁海
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