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Shengwu qinzheng lu 聖武親征錄

Jul 3, 2010 © Ulrich Theobald

Shengwu qinzheng lu 聖武親征錄 "Emperor Shengwu's conquest wars", also called Shengwu qinzheng ji 聖武親征記, is a history of the military campaigns of Činggis Qaɣan (Genghis Khan, r. 1206-1227; posthumous title Shengwudi 聖武帝 the "Holy-Martial Emperor") and his oldest son and successor as Great Khan, Ögödei (r. 1229-1241). The author is not known, probably it was Wang Hong 王鴻.

The Shengwu qinzheng lu, written in Chinese, can be used as an alternative source to the Menggu mishi 蒙古秘史 (Menggu bishi 蒙古祕史) "Secret history of the Mongols" that was written in Mongolian language. In some points both sources differ from each other, concerning facts as well as the details a particular event is dealt with.

The Shengwu qinzheng lu served as the main source for the veritable records of Činggis Qaɣan, Yuan Taizu shilu 元太祖實錄.

Another source of the early history of the Mongols, the so-called "Golden Book" Altan debter or Altan tobči (Chinese: Huangjinshi 黃金史 or Jince 金冊), is likewise in large parts identical to the Shengwu qinzheng lu, except for the western campaigns that Činggis Qaɣan waged in Central Asia.

The earliest modern reproduction is contained in the reprint series Shuofu 說郛. The early 20th cent. scholar Wang Guowei 王國維 (1877-1927) wrote a commentary to it, as well as the Japanese Naka Michiyo 那珂通世 (1851-1908). A translation of a part of the book has been made by the French Paul Pelliot (1878-1945).

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