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Shizhenglu 實政錄

Feb 20, 2021 © Ulrich Theobald

Lügong shizheng lu 呂公實政錄 "Master Lü's records of practical administration", also called Lü Xinwu xiansheng shizheng lu 呂新吾先生實政錄, or short Shizhenglu 實政錄, is a biji-style book written during the late Ming period 明 (1368-1644) by Lü Kun 呂坤 (1536-1618). The text of 7 juan of length is a kind of loose diary of Lü's experience during the various steps of his career as a state official. Quite interesting are ch. 6 on judicial administration (Yuzhen 獄政) and ch. 7 on community compacts (xiangyue 憲約). These parts deal with Lü's function as surveillance commissioner (anchashi 按察使) of the province of Shanxi. The book was annotated and printed by Zhao Wenbing 趙文炳, a subordinate of Lü's, when he toured the twin-province of Huguang 湖廣 (Hubei and Hunan). The book was printed in 1593 for a second time, as can be seen in the preface to chapter 7 that was written by Chen Dengyun 陳登云 (jinshi degree 1577). The preface of Zhao at the beginning of the book dates from 1598. This edition was the first complete one, while single chapters had been published in earlier times.

The book is included in the collected writings of Lü Kun, Lü Xinwu quanji 呂新吾全集.

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