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Taiwan Zhengshi shimo ji 臺灣鄭氏始末記

Jun 20, 2011 © Ulrich Theobald

Taiwan Zhengshi shimo ji 臺灣鄭氏始末記 "Historical events around the Zheng family in Taiwan in their entirety" is a history of the reign of the Zheng family 鄭 over Taiwan written by the Qing period 清 (1644-1911) historian Shen Yun 沈雲 (jinshi degree 1844).

Shortly after his successful passing the metropolitan examination, Shen had the chance to read the book Taiwan waiji 臺灣外紀 of Jiang Risheng 江日升 (fl. 1692). Although this book was the first detailed history on Taiwan, it was written in a novel-like style that decreased its value as a historiographical book. Interested by the theme, Shen started compiling his own book in the historiographical style of "events in their entirety" (jishi benmo 紀事本末). After investigating the primary sources, revising, polishing and correcting the text he finished his 6-juan long book. It was revised by Shen Yun concerning the geographical details. Shen used the geographies Du shi fangyu jiyao 讀史方輿紀要 and Da-Qing yitong zhi 大清一統志 and commented Shen Yun's book.

The Taiwan Zhengshi benmo begins in 1624 with the Zheng Zhilong 鄭芝龍 (1604-1661) decision to become a privateer and ends in 1683 with Zheng Keshuang's 鄭克塽 (1670-1707) submission to the Qing. It narrates Zheng Chenggong's 鄭成功 (1624-1662) conquest of the Dutch colony in Taiwan which he used as his base for attacks against the coastal cities and maritime garrisons of the Qing empire. After his death his sons Zheng Jing 鄭經 (1642-1681) and Zheng Keshuang lost grip on their naval kingdom and were finally defeated by Qing China.

The Taiwan Zhengshi benmo is included in the series Wuxing congshu 吳興叢書.

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