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Wudaishi bu 五代史補

Mar 1, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Wudaishi bu 五代史補 "Supplement to the History of the Five Dynasties", also called Wudai bulu 五代補錄, is a supplement to the official dynastic history of the Five Dynasties 五代 (907-960), Xue Juzheng's 薛居正 (Jiu) Wudaishi (舊)五代史.

The supplement was written by the Northern Song period historian Tao Yue 陶岳 (?-1022), courtesy name Shunzi 舜咨 or Jieli 介立. The 5-juan long book includes 107 (actually only 104) chapters of additional information on all five dynasties, of which 21 are concerned with the Later Liang 後梁 (907-923), 20 for each the Later Tang 後唐 (923-936), Later Jin 後晉 (936-946) and Later Han 後漢 (947-950), and 23 chapters for the Later Zhou dynasty 後周 (951-960).

The historical facts included in Tao Yue's book are rendered in great detail and have later been used by Ouyang Xiu's 歐陽修 (1007-1072) new history of the Five Dynasties, the Xin Wudaishi 新五代史, as well as by Sima Guang 司馬光 (1019-1086) for his book Zizhi tongjian 資治通鑒.

The Wudaishi bu is included in the series Jiguge congshu 汲古閣叢書 and Yuzhang congshu 豫章叢書.

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