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Wu-Yue chunqiu 吳越春秋

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Wu-Yue chunqiu 吳越春秋 "Spring and Autumn of Wu and Yue" is a history of the two southern states of Wu 吳 and Yue 越 during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE). The 10 juan "scrolls" long book was compiled during the Han period 漢 (206 BCE-220 CE) by Zhao Ye 趙曄. Although it is traditionally regarded as a historical writing the content makes it rather a history novel. It describes the fight for dominance among the two states of Wu and Yue. Although the general facts of this competition is also described in the official and widely read universal history Shiji 史記 the Wu-Yue chunqiu contains a lot of material not included in the Shiji. The Yuan period 元 (1279-1368) scholar Xu Tianyou 徐天祐 has written a commentary.
The earliest surviving print was produced in 1309. The version of the reprint series Siku quanshu 四庫全書 is based on this print, while the series Sibu congkan 四部叢刊 has reproduced a Ming period 明 (1368-1644) print.

1. 吳太伯傳 Wu Taibo zhuan The Great Earl of Wu
2. 吳王壽夢傳 Wu wang Shouchun zhuan King Shouchun of Wu
3. 王僚使公子光傳 Wang Liao shi gongzi Guang zhuan The story how King Liao sent out the duke's son Guang [to attack Chu]
4. 闔閭內傳 Helü neizhuan The inner biography of King Helü [of Wu]
5. 夫差內傳 Fucha neizhuan The inner biography of King Fucha [of Wu]
6. 越王無余外傳 Yue wang Wuyu waizhuan The outer biography of King Wuyu of Yue
7. 勾踐入臣外傳 Goujian ruchen waizhuan The outer story of King Goujian's calling ministers
8. 勾踐歸國外傳 Goujian guiguo waizhuan The outer story of King Goujian's return to Yue
9. 勾踐陰謀外傳 Goujian yinmou waizhuan The outer story of King Goujian's secret plannings
10. 勾踐伐吳外傳 Goujian fa Wu zaizhuan The outer story of King Goujian's attack on Wu

Source: Tian Shan 田杉 (1991). "Wu-Yue chunqiu 吳越春秋", in: Zhongguo wenxue da cidian 中國文學大辭典, vol. 5, p. 2948. Ed. Ma Liangchun 馬良春, Li Futian 李福田. Tianjin: Tianjin renmin chubanshe.

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