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Yujun jilüe 豫軍紀略

Jan 7, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Yujun jilüe 豫軍紀略 "Military annals of the Henan Army" is a report of the suppression of the Taiping 太平 and Nian 捻 rebellions in Henan compiled by the Qing-period 清 (1644-1911) author Yin Gengyun 尹耕雲, courtesy name Zhanfu 瞻甫, style Xingnong 杏農. He hailed from Suining 睢寧, Jiangsu, and was circuit intendant in Henan. When the Nian rebellion broke out, the governor (xunfu 巡撫) of Henan, Li Hongnian 李鶴年 (1827-1890), started building up two armies, the Yijun 毅軍, and the Songwujun 嵩武軍, to suppress the uprising. Yin Gengyun himself participated in the fights against the Nian rebels.

His 12-juan long book is divided into four parts describing the rebellion in the provinces of Guangxi (Yuefei 粵匪) and Anhui (Wanfei 皖匪), local bandits (Tufei 土匪), and the "joint rebels" (Huifei 會匪). It begins in 1853 and covers the turmoils in various provinces until the year 1868, but mainly the military activities in Henan. The main sources for the book are official documents like memorials and edicts.

It was first printed in 1872 in an edition that was republished in the series Zhongguo jindai shiliao congkan 中國近代史資料叢刊.

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