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Huang-Qing zhigong tu 皇清職貢圖

Jul 17, 2010 © Ulrich Theobald

Huang-Qing zhigong tu 皇清職貢圖 "Descriptions from the tributary offices of the August Qing" is a geographical description about foreign countries and Non-Chinese peoples within the borders of the Qing empire 清 (1644-1911). This book is 9-juan long and was compiled under the supervision of Fuheng 傅恒 (1720-1770).

A first draft was finished in 1759, an additional part was added six years later. In the first juan, foreign countries are described with whom the Qing court had a kind of official relationship, especially Korea, Japan, England, France, the Netherlands, and Russia.

The other fascicles give an account on peoples that were not Chinese but who where incorporated into the Qing empire during the 17th and 18th centuries, like Tibetan people, Uyghurs, and other peoples in the northeast and the provinces of Fujian, Hu-Guang (modern Hunan), Guangdong, Guangxi, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou.

Figures 1-2. Illustrations from the Huang-Qing zhigong tu 皇清職貢圖
Image of a commoner from Ryukyu. Left the luxury edition (image from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France) compared with the Siku quanshu 四庫全書 edition.

More than 600 illustrations in two fascicles, created by the painter Jin Tingbiao 金廷標, give a deep impression of both the minority peoples of Qing China, and its view of foreign countries and their representatives. The publication of this book can be seen in the context of the Qianlong Emperor's 乾隆帝 (r. 1735-1796) claim to be a universal ruler at least in East Asia, governing many different peoples with a different history and society. The idea of presenting couples of foreign tribes and peoples might be derived from Western ethnographical books (Souza & Turley 2015).

Table 1. Contents of the Huang-Qing zhigong tu 皇清職貢圖
1 朝鮮國夷官(婦) Korean nobility
朝鮮國民人(婦) Korean commoners
琉球國夷官(婦) Ryukyuan nobility
琉球國夷人(婦) Ryukyuan commoners
安南國夷官(婦) Annamese nobility
安南國夷人(婦) Annamese commoners
安南國𤟰𤣕(婦) Laxi savages from Annam
暹羅國夷官(婦) Siamese nobility
暹羅國夷人(婦) Siamese commoners
蘇祿國夷人(婦) People from the Sultanate of Sulu
南掌國夷官(婦) Laotian (Lan Xang) nobility
南掌國老撾(婦) Laotian commoners
緬甸國夷人(婦) People from Burma (Myanmar)
大西洋國夷人(婦) People from the Greater Western Ocean (Atlantic)
大西洋合勒未祭亞省夷人(婦) People the Helvetian Department of the Greater Western Ocean
大西洋翁加里亞國夷人(婦) People from Hungaria
大西洋波羅泥亞國夷人(婦) People from Poland
大西洋國黑鬼奴(婦) Moorish slaves
大西洋國夷僧(女尼) Monk and nun from the West
小西洋國夷人(婦) People from the Lesser Western Ocean (Indian Ocean)
英吉利國夷人(婦) People from England
法蘭西國夷人(婦) People from France
𠿩[瑞]國夷人(婦) People from Switzerland
日本國夷人(婦) People from Japan
馬辰國夷人(婦) People from Banjarmasin
汶菜國夷人(婦) People from Brunei
柔佛國夷人(婦) People from Johor
荷蘭國夷人(婦) People from Holland
俄羅斯國夷官(婦) Russian nobility
俄羅斯國夷人(婦) Russian commoners
宋腒朥國夷人(婦) People from Songkla (southern Thailand)
東埔寨國夷人(婦) People from Cambodia
呂宋國夷人(婦) People from Luzon (Philippines)
咖喇吧國夷人(婦) People from Java
嘛六甲國夷人(婦) People from Malacca
蘇喇國夷人(婦) People from Sula (Sumatera?)
亞利晩國夷人(婦) People from Yerevan (?)
2 西藏所屬衛藏阿爾喀木諸番民(婦) Various Tibetan people from Arkham in Ü-Tsang of Tibet
西藏所屬布嚕克巴番人(婦) Tibetan people from Bulukeba (Bhutan) of Tibet
西藏所屬穆安巴番人(婦) Tibetan people from Mu'anba of Tibet
西藏巴哷喀木等處番人(婦) Tibetan people from Baliekemu etc. of Tibet
西藏密尼雅克番人(婦) Tibetan people from Miniyake of Tibet
魯康布札番人(婦) Tibetan people from Bukangbazha
伊犂等處台吉(婦) Tayiji from Ili and wife
伊犂等處宰桑(婦) ǰayisang (high minister) from Ili of wife xxx
伊犂等處民人(婦) Commoners from Ili etc.
伊犂塔勒奇察罕烏蘇等處回人(婦) Uyghurs from Ili, Taleqi, Chahan and Ush xxx
哈薩克頭目(婦) Kazakh chieftain and wife
哈薩克民人(婦) Kazakh commoners
布嚕特頭目(婦) Burut (Qirqiz) chieftain and wife
布嚕特民人(婦) Burut (Qirqiz) commoners
烏什庫車阿克蘇等城回目(婦) Uyghur chieftain from Ush, Kucha and Aksu and wife
烏什庫車阿克蘇等處回人(婦) Commoner Uyghurs from Ush, Kucha and Aksu
拔達克山回目(婦) Muslim nobility from Badakhshan
拔達克山回民(婦) Muslim commoners from Badakhshan
安集延回目(婦) Muslim nobility from Andijon
安集延回民(婦) Muslim commoners from Andijon
安西廳哈密回民(婦) Uyghur people from Hami in Anxi subprefecture
肅州金塔寺魯克察克等族回民(婦) Muslim people from Jintasi and Lukechake in Suzhou prefecture
3 以下關東 Guandong region
鄂倫綽(婦) Oroqen people
奇楞(婦) Qilang people
庫野(婦) Kuye people
費雅喀(婦) Feiyake people
恰喀拉(婦) Qiakala people
七姓(婦) Seven-Clans people
赫哲(婦) Hezhe (Nanai) people
以下福建省 Fujian province
羅源縣畬民(婦) She people from Luoyuan district
古田縣畬民(婦) She people from Gutian district
臺灣縣大傑嶺等社熟番(婦) Assimilated Savages from the communities in Dajieling, etc. in Taiwan district
鳳山縣放䌇等社熟番(婦) Assimilated Savages from the communities in Fangsuo, etc. in Fengshan district
諸羅縣諸羅等社熟番(婦) Assimilated Savages from the communities in Zhuluo, etc. in Zhuluo district
諸羅縣簫壠等社熟番(婦) Assimilated Savages from the communities in Xiaolong, etc. in Zhuluo district
彰化縣大肚等社熟番(婦) Assimilated Savages from the communities in Dadu, etc. in Zhanghua district
彰化縣西螺等社熟番(婦) Assimilated Savages from the communities in Xiluo, etc. in Zhanghua district
淡水廳徳化等社熟番(婦) Assimilated Savages from the communities in Dehua, etc. in Danshui subprefecture
淡水廳竹塹等社熟番(婦) Assimilated Savages from the communities in Zhuqian, etc. in Danshui subprefecture
鳳山縣山猪毛等社歸化生番(婦) Civilized Savages from the communities in Shanzhufeng, etc. in Fenghuang district
諸羅縣内山阿里等社歸化生番(婦) Civilized Savages from the communities in Neishan, Ali etc. in Zhuluo district
彰化縣水沙連等社歸化生番(婦) Civilized Savages from the communities in Shuishalian, etc. in Zhanghua district
彰化縣内山生番(婦) Inner Mountain Savages from Zhanghua district
淡水右武乃等社生番(婦) Savages from the communities in Danshui, Youwunai, etc.
以下湖南省 Henan province
永綏乾州等處紅苗(婦) Red Miao people from Yongsui, Qianzhou, etc.
靖州通道等處青苗(婦) Blue Miao people from Jingzhou, Tongdao, etc.
安化寧鄉等處猺人(婦) Yao people from Anhua, Xingxiang, etc.
寧遠等處箭桿猺人(婦) Bamboo-stalk Yao people from Ningyuan, etc.
道州永明等處頂板猺人(婦) Mountain-top Yao people from Daozhou, Yongming, etc.
永順保靖等處土人(婦) Native people from Yongshun, Baojiang, etc.
4 以下廣東省 Guangdong province
新寧縣猺人(婦) Yao people from Xinning district
増城縣猺人(婦) Yao people from Zengcheng district
曲江縣猺人(婦) Yao people from Qujiang district
樂昌縣猺人(婦) Yao people from Lechang district
乳源縣猺人(婦) Yao people from Ruyuan district
東安縣猺人(婦) Yao people from Dong'an district
連州猺人(婦) Yao people from Lianzhou prefecture
靈山縣獞人(婦) Tong people from Lingshan district
合浦縣山民(婦) Montagnards from Hepu district
瓊州府黎人(婦) Li people from Qiongzhou prefecture
以下廣西省 Guangxi province
臨桂縣大良猺人(婦) Yao people from Daliang in Lingui district
永寧州梳猺人(婦) Comb Yao people from Yongning district
興安縣平地猺人(婦) Plains Yao people from Xing'an district
灌陽縣竹箭猺人(婦) Bamboo-Arrow Yao people from Guanyang district
羅城縣盤猺人(婦) Yao people from Pan in Luocheng district
修仁縣頂板猺人(婦) Mountain-top Yao people from Xiuren district
慶遠府過山猺人(婦) Trans-Mountain Yao people from Qingyuan prefecture
陸川縣山子猺人(婦) Mountain Yao people from Luchuan district
興安縣獞人(婦) Tong people from Xing'an district
賀縣獞人(婦) Tong people from Hexian district
融縣獞人(婦) Tong people from Rongxian district
龍勝苗人(婦) Miao people from Longsheng
羅城縣苗人(婦) Miao people from Luocheng district
懐遠縣苗人(婦) Miao people from Huaiyuan district
岑溪縣狼人(婦) Lang people from Cenxi district
貴縣狼人(婦) Lang people from Guixian district
懐遠縣狑人(婦) Ling people from Huaiyuan district
馬平縣犽人(婦) Ya people from Maping district
思恩府屬儂人(婦) Nong people from Si'en prefecture
西林縣皿人(婦) Min people from Xilin district
西林縣㹧人(婦) Yang people from Xilin district
太平府屬土人(婦) Native people from Taiping prefecture
西隆州土人(婦) Native people from Xilong prefecture
5 以下甘肅省 Gansu province
河州土千户韓玉麟等所轄撒喇族土民(婦) Native people of the Sala tribe under native colonel Han Yulin of Hezhou prefecture
河州土指揮韓雯所轄珍珠族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Zhenzhu tribe under native commander Han Wen of Hezhou prefecture
河州土百户王車位所轄癿藏族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Qiezang tribe under native captain Wang Chewei of Hezhou prefecture
河州土指揮同知何福慧所轄土番(婦) Native Tibetan people under native commander-vice prefect He Fuhui of Hezhou prefecture
狄道州土指揮趙恒所轄參咂等族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Canza tribe etc. under native commander Zhao Heng of Didao prefecture
洮州土指揮楊聲所轄卓泥多等族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Zhuoniduo tribe etc. under native commander Yang Sheng of Taozhou prefecture
洮州土指揮楊聲所轄的吉巴等族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Diguba tribe etc. under native commander Yang Sheng of Taozhou prefecture
洮州土指揮昝景瑜所轄左喇等族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Zuola tribe etc. under native commander Jiu Jingyu of Taozhou prefecture
洮州土千户楊紹先所轄著遜等族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Zhuxun tribe etc. under native colonel Yang Shaoxian of Taozhou prefecture
洮州理番同知所轄口外陸哨蟲庫兒番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Lusuochongku’er from outside of the jurisdiction of the vice prefect for barbarian affairs of Taozhou prefecture
岷州土百户馬繡所轄瓦舍坪等族番民(婦) Tibetan people from the Washeping tribe etc. under native captain Ma Xiu of Minzhou
岷州土百户后發葵所轄牟家山堡等土人(婦) Native people from the castles of Moujiashan etc. under native captain Hou Fakui of Minzhou
岷州土百户趙名俊所轄徐兒莊等堡土人(婦) Native people from the castles of Xu’erzhuang etc. under native captain Zhao Mingjun of Minzhou
岷州土百户后汝元等所轄馬連川等族番民(婦) Tibetan people from the Malianchuan etc. tribes under native captain Hou Ruyuan etc. of Minzhou district
莊浪土指揮魯鳳翥所轄上寫爾素等族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Shangxie, Ersu etc. tribes under native commander Lu Fengzhu of Zhuanglang
莊浪土僉事魯萬䇿所轄毛他喇族土民(婦) Native people of the Maotala tribe under native assistant [commander] Lu Wance of Zhuanglang
莊浪土千户王國相等所轄華藏上札爾的等族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Huazang, Shangza’er etc. tribes under native colonel Wang Xiangguo etc. of Zhuanglang
武威土千户富順所轄西脱巴等族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Xituoba tribe etc. under native colonel Fushu of Wuwei
古浪縣土千户管卜他所轄阿落等族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Aluo tribe etc. under native colonel Guan Buta of Gulang district
永昌縣土千户地木切令所轄元旦等族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Yuandan tribe etc. under native colonel Dimuqie of Yongchang district
西寧縣土指揮祁憲邦等所轄東溝等族番民(婦) Tibetan people from the Donggou tribe etc. under native commander Qi Xianbang of Xining district
西寧縣纒頭民(婦) Wrapped-head people from Xining district
西寧縣哆吧番民(婦) Tibetan people from Duoba of Xining district
西寧縣土指揮僉事汪于昆所轄土民(婦) Local people under native assistant commander Wang Yukun of Xining district
碾伯縣土指揮同知李國棟所轄東溝等族土民(婦) Tibetan people of the Donggou tribe etc. under native commander-magistrate Li Guodong of Xining district
碾伯縣土指揮同知祁在璣所轄達子灣等族番民(婦) Tibetan people from the Daziwan tribe etc. under native commander-magistrate Qi Zaiji of Nianbo district
碾伯縣南北兩山番民(婦) Tibetan people from the mountains south and north of Nianbo district
擺羊戎通判所轄番民(婦) Tibetan people under the subprefect of Baiyangrong
大通衛土千户納花布藏所轄興馬等族番民(婦) Tibetan people of the Xingma tribes etc. under native colonel Nehua Buzang of Datong garrison
歸徳所番民(婦) Tibetan people from Guide
肅州番目温布所轄黑番(婦) Black Tibetan people from Wenbu under the chiefain of Suzhou prefecture
高臺縣番目扎勢敦等所轄黄番(婦) Yellow Tibetan people from Zhashidun etc. under the chieftain of Gaotai district
高臺縣番目撒爾巴所轄黑番(婦) Black Tibetan people of Sa'erba under the chieftain of Gaotai district
文縣番民(婦) Tibetan people from Wenxian district
6 以下四川省 Sichuan province
松潘鎮中營轄西壩包子寺等處番民(婦) Tibetan people from Xiba and Baozisi under the central garrison of Songpan border-prefecture
松潘鎮中營轄七步峩睂喜番民(婦) Tibetan people from Meixi in Qibu’e under the central garrison of Songpan border-prefecture
松潘鎮左營轄東壩阿思洞番民(婦) Tibetan people from Asidong in Dongba under the left garrison of Songpan border-prefecture
松潘鎮右營轄北壩元壩泥巴等寨番民(婦) Tibetan people from the fortified villages of Yuanba, Niba etc. in Beiba under the right garrison of Songpan border-prefecture
威茂協轄瓦寺宣慰司番民(婦) Tibetan people from the facofication commission of Wasi under Weimao garrison
威茂協轄雜谷各寨番民(婦) Tibetan people from the fortified villages in Zagu under Weimao garrison
兒那達番民(婦) Tibetan people from Ernada
威茂協轄沃日各寨番民(婦) Tibetan people from the fortified villages in Wori under Weimao garrison
威茂協轄小金川番民(婦) Tibetan people from Lesser Jinchuan under Weimao garrison
威茂協轄金川番民(婦) Tibetan people from Greater Jinchuan under Weimao garrison
威茂協轄岳希長寧等處番民(婦) Tibetan people from Yuexi, Changning etc. under Weimao garrison
松潘鎮屬龍安營轄象鼻高山等處番民(婦) Tibetan people from Xiangbigaoshan etc. under Long’an garrison of Songpan border-prefecture
龍安營轄白馬路番民(婦) Tibetan people from Baimalu under Long’an garrison [of Songpan border-prefecture]
石泉縣青片白草番民(婦) Tibetan people from Qingpian Baicao in Shiquan district
松潘鎮屬漳臘營轄寒盼祈命等處番民(婦) Tibetan people from Hanpan, Qiming etc. under Zhangla garrison of Songpan border-prefecture
漳臘營轄口外甲凹鵲個等處番民(婦) Tibetan people from Jia’ao, Xige etc. outside of the jurisdiction of Zhangla garrison [of Songpan border-prefecture]
漳臘營轄口外三郭羅克番民(婦) Tibetan people from Sanguo and Luoke outside of the jurisdiction of Zhangla garrison [of Songpan border-prefecture]
漳臘營轄口外三阿樹番民(婦) Tibetan people from San’ashu outside of the jurisdiction of Zhangla garrison [of Songpan border-prefecture]
松潘鎮屬疊溪營轄大小姓黑水松坪番民(婦) Tibetan people from Songping upon the Black Waters of the Greater and Lesser Families under Leixi garrison of Songpan border-prefecture
松潘鎮屬平番營轄上九關番民(婦) Tibetan people of Shangjiuguan under Pingfan garrison of Songpan border-prefecture
平番營轄下六關番民(婦) Tibetan people of Xialiuguan under Pingfan garrison [of Songpan border-prefecture]
松潘鎮屬南坪營轄羊峝各寨番民(婦) Tibetan people of the fortified villages of Yangtong under Nanping garrison of Songpan border-prefecture
建昌中營轄阿都沙馬猓玀(婦) Lolo [Yi] people from Adushama under the central garrison of Jianchang [border-prefecture]
建昌中左營轄祭祀田等處猓玀(婦) Lolo people from Jisitian etc. under the central and left garrison of Jianchang [border-prefecture]
建昌中右營轄阿史審札等處猓玀(婦) Lolo people from Ashifanzha etc. under the central and right garrison of Jianchang [border-prefecture]
建昌鎮屬會川永寧營轄披沙等處苗人(婦) Miao people from Pisha etc. under Huichuan and Yongning garrisons of Jianchang border-prefecture
建昌右營轄蘇州白露等處西番(婦) Miao people from Suzhou, bailu etc. under the right garrison of Jianchang [border-prefecture]
建昌鎮屬越巂等營轄九枝門呆結惟土番(婦) Native Tibetan people from Jiuzhimen and Daijiwei under Yuesui garrison etc. of Jianchang border-prefecture
越巂等營轄邛部暖帶等處西番猓玀(婦) Lolo people from Qiongbu, Nuandai etc. under Yuesui garrison etc. [of Jianchang border-prefecture]
建昌鎮屬會鹽等營轄𤓰别馬喇等處麽些(婦) Moxie [Naxi] people from Guabie, Mala etc. under Huiyan [garrison] of Jianchang border-prefecture
會鹽營轄右所土千户猓玀(婦) Lolo people of the right native colonelship under Huiyan garrison [of Jianchang border-prefecture]
建昌鎮屬懐遠營轄虚朗等處猓玀(婦) Lolo people from Xulang etc. under Huaiyuan garrison of Jianchang border-prefecure
會鹽營轄中所土千户狢𤡊夷人(婦) Molu Yi people from the native colonelship under Huyan garrison [of Jianchang border-prefecture]
會川營轄通安等處擺夷(婦) Bai Yi people from Tong’an etc. under Huichuan garrison
會川營轄黎溪等處僰人(婦) Bo people from Lixi etc. under Huichuan garrison
會川營轄迷易普隆寺等處擺夷(婦) Bai Yi peole from Miyi, Pulongsi etc. under Huichuan garrison
永寧協右營屬九姓苗民(婦) Miao people of the nine tribes under the right garrison of Yongning
普安等營轄雷波黄螂夷人(婦) Yellow Lang Yi people from Leibo under the garrison of Pu'an etc.
馬邊營轄蠻夷長官司夷人(婦) Yi people from the administration of the Man Yi under Mabian garrison
泰寧協左營轄沈邊番民(婦) Tibetan people from Shenbian under the left garrison of Taining
泰寧協左營轄冷邊番民(婦) Tibetan people from Lengian under the left garrison of Taining
泰寧協右營轄大田西番民(婦) Tibetan people from West Datian under the right garrison of Taining
泰寧協右營轄大田猓玀(婦) Lolo people from Datian under the right garrison of Taining
泰寧協標右營松坪夷人(婦) Yi people from Songping under the right staff garrison of Taining
泰寧協屬黎雅營轄木坪番民(婦) Tibetan people from Muping under the garrison of Liya of Taining garrison
泰寧協屬阜和營轄明正番民(婦) Tibetan people from Mingzheng under Fuhe garrison of Taining
阜和營轄徳爾格特番民(婦) Tibetan people from De'erge under Fuhe garrison [of Taining]
泰寧協屬裏塘番民(婦) Tibetan people from Litang under Taining
泰寧協屬巴塘番民(婦) Tibetan people from Batang under Taining
阜和營轄革布什咱番民(婦) Tibetan people from Gebushiza under Fuhe garrison
阜和營轄綽思甲布番民(婦) Tibetan people from Chuosijiabu under Fuhe garrison
阜和營轄霍耳章谷等處番民(婦) Tibetan people form Huo'er, Zhanggu etc. under Fuhe garrison
阜和營轄納滚番民(婦) Tibetan people from Negun under Fuhe garrison
阜和營轄春科番民(婦) Tibetan people from Chunke under Fuhe garrison
阜和營轄納奪番民(婦) Tibetan people from Nefen under Fuhe garrison
阜和營轄上下瞻對番民(婦) Tibetan people from Upper and Lower Zhandui under Fuhe garrison
阜和營轄瓦述餘科等處番民(婦) Tibetan people from Washu, Yuke etc. under Fuhe garrison
阜和營轄咱里番民(婦) Tibetan people from Zali under Fuhe garrison
7 以下雲南省 Yunnan province
雲南等府黑玀玀(婦) Black Lolo people from the prefecture of Yunnan etc.
雲南等府白玀玀(婦) White Lolo people from Yunnan prefecture etc.
雲南等府乾玀玀(婦) Dry Lolo people from Yunnan prefecture etc.
廣南等府妙玀玀(婦) Wonderful Lolo people from Guangnan prefecture etc.
曲靖等府僰夷(婦) Bo Yi people from Qujing prefecture etc.
景東等府白人(婦) Bai people from Jingdong prefecture etc.
曲靖等府狆人(婦) Zhong people from Qujing prefecture etc.
廣南等府沙人(婦) Sha people from Guangnan prefecture etc.
廣南等府儂人(婦) Nong people from Guangnan prefecture etc.
順寧等府蒲人(婦) Pu people from Shunning prefecture etc.
麗江等府怒人(婦) Nu people from Lijiang prefecture etc.
鶴慶等府𤞰人(婦) Lai people from Heqing prefecture etc.
武定等府羅婺蠻(婦) Luowu Man people from Wuding prefecture etc.
臨安等府土獠(婦) Native Liao people from Lin’an prefecture etc.
元江等府窩泥蠻(婦) Woni Man people from Yuanjiang prefecture etc.
臨安等府苦葱蠻(婦) Kucong Man people from Lin’an prefecture etc.
臨安等府撲喇蠻(婦) Pula Man from Lin’an prefecture etc.
雲南等府撒彌蠻(婦) Sami Man people from Yunnan prefecture etc.
曲靖等府苗人(婦) Miao people from Qujing prefecture etc.
普洱等府莽人(婦) Mang people from Pu'er prefecture etc.
姚安等府傈僳蠻(婦) Lisu Man people from Yao’an prefecture etc.
武定等府摩察蠻(婦) Mocha Man people from Wuding prefecture etc.
楚雄等府扯蘇蠻(婦) Chesu Man people from Chuxiong prefecture etc.
臨江等府牳雞蠻(婦) Muji Man people from Linjiang prefecture etc.
麗江等府麽些蠻(婦) Moxie [Naxi]Man people from Linjiang prefecture etc.
鶴慶等府古猔番(婦) Guzong Tibetans from Heqing prefecture etc.
永北等府西番(婦) Western Tibetans from Yongbei prefecture etc.
大理等府峩昌蠻(婦) Echang Man from Dali prefecture etc.
曲靖府海猓玀(婦) Lake Lolo from Qujing prefecture
廣西府阿者玀玀(婦) Azhe Lolo from Guangxi prefecture
曲靖府魯屋玀玀(婦) Luwu Lolo from Qujing prefecture
武定府麥岔蠻(婦) Leicha Man from Wuding prefecture
姚安府嫚且蠻(婦) Manmu Man from Yao’an prefecture
順寧府利米蠻(婦) Laimi Man from Shunning prefecture
開化府普岔蠻(婦) Pucha Man from Kaihua prefecture
永昌府西南界縹人(婦) Pyu people from the southwestern border of Yongchang prefecture
8 以下貴州省 Guizhou province
貴陽大定等處花苗(婦) Flower Miao people from Dading etc. of Guiyang [prefecture]
銅仁府屬紅苗(婦) Red Miao people under Tongren prefecture
黎平古州等處黑苗(婦) Black Miao people from Guzhou etc. of Liping
貴定龍里等處白苗(婦) White Miao people from Longli of Guiding
修文鎮寧等處青苗(婦) Blue Miao people from Zhenning etc. of Xiuwen
貴築龍里等處東苗(婦) Eastern Miao people from Longli etc. of Guizhu
平越清平等處西苗(婦) Western Miao people from Qingping etc. of Pingyue
永豐州等處儂苗(婦) Nong Miao people from Yongfeng prefecture etc.
平越黄平等處夭苗(婦) Yao Miao people from Huangping etc. of Pingyue
貴築修文等處蔡家苗(婦) Caijia Miao people from Xiuwen etc. of Guizhu
貴陽府屬宋家苗(婦) Songjia Miao people from Guiyang prefecture etc.
清平縣九股苗(婦) Jiugu Miao people from Qingping district
廣順大定等處龍家苗(婦) Longjia Miao people from Dading etc. of Guangshun prefecture
普定永寧等處馬鐙龍家苗(婦) Longjia Horseshoe Miao people from Yongning, Puding etc.
貴定縣平伐苗(婦) Pingfa Miao people from Guiding prefecture
貴陽安順等處補籠苗(婦) Bulong Miao people from Anshun etc. of Guiyang [prefecture]
貴陽安順等處狆家苗(婦) Zhongjia Miao people from Anshun etc. of Guiyang [prefecture]
定番州谷藺苗(婦) Gulin Miao people from Dingzhou prefecture
黎平府羅漢苗(婦) Luohan Miao people from Liping prefecture
都匀平越等處紫薑苗(婦) Zijiang Miao people from Duyun, Pingyue etc.
遵義龍泉等處楊保苗(婦) Yangbao Miao people from Longquan, Zunyi etc.
都匀黎平等處𦍕獷苗(婦) Yangguang Miao people from Duyun, Liping etc.
廣順州克孟牯羊苗(婦) Breeder-Miao people from Kemeng in Guangshun prefecture
大定府威寧州猓玀(婦) Lolo people from Dading and Weining prefectures
大定府威寧州黑猓玀(婦) Black Lolo people from Dading and Weining prefectures
大定安順等處白猓玀(婦) White Lolo people from Dading and Weining prefectures
貴州等處犵狫(婦) Gelao people from Guizhou etc.
餘慶施秉等處水犵狫(婦) Water Gelao people from Yuqing, Shibing etc.
貴定縣剪髪犵狫(婦) Short-hair Gelao from Guiding district
平越黔西等處打牙犵狫(婦) Knocked-out-teeth Gelao from Pingyue, Qianxi etc.
平遠州披袍犵狫(婦) Vested Gelao people from Pingyuan prefecture
平遠州鍋圏犵狫(婦) Round-pot Gelao people from Pingyuan prefecture
鎮遠施秉等處犵兜(婦) Gedou people from Zhenyuan, Shibing etc.
貴定黔西等處木狫(婦) Mulao people from Qinding, Qianxi etc.
荔波縣𤝎𦍕狑狪猺獞(婦) Shuiyang, Lingdong and Yaotong people from Libo district
定番州八番(婦) The eight Tibetan [tribes] from Dingfan prefecture
大定府屬六額子(婦) Liu’ezi people under Dading prefecture
普安州屬僰人(婦) Bo people under Pu'an prefecture
下游各屬峒人(婦) Dong people river down
貴定縣猺人(婦) Yao people from Guiding district
廣順貴築等處土人(婦) Native people from Guangshun, Guizhu etc.
貴定都匀等處蠻人(婦) Man people from Guiding, Duyun etc.
愛烏罕回人(婦) Muslims from Afghanistan
霍罕回人(婦) Muslims from Kokand
啟齊玉蘇部努喇麗所屬回人(婦) Muslims from Nulali of the Qiqi Yusu
啟齊玉蘇部巴圖爾所屬回人(婦) Muslims from Batu'er of the Qiqi Yusu
烏爾根齊部哈雅布所屬回人(婦) Muslims from the Hayab in Urganch
土爾扈特台吉(婦) Tayiji (prince) of the Torɣuts and his wife
土爾扈特宰桑(婦) Zaisang (ǰayisang, high minister) of the Torɣuts and his wife
土爾扈特民人(婦) Commoners of the Torɣuts
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