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Jihaicuo 記海錯

Oct 23, 2019 © Ulrich Theobald

Jihaicuo 記海錯 "Records on seafood" is a book on marine products written by Hao Yixing 郝懿行 (1757-1825), courtesy name Xunjiu 恂九, style Lanhao 蘭皋, whose family lived at the shores of the sea on the Shandong peninsula, so that he had personally experience of the topic he was writing about.

His book is therefore not only compiled on the basis of text quotations, but also on inspired by Hao's own observations. It describes 49 kinds of seafood, like the red seabream (jiaqiyu 嘉鯕魚, Pagrus major), jellyfish (zhayu 䖳魚), purple laver (zicai 紫菜, Porphyra tenera), siliquose pelvetia (lujiaocai 鹿角菜), silvery pomfret (changyu 鯧魚, Pampus argenteus) or oysters (duli 牡蠣). Each species is described according to its appearance, living space, different names, and the method of consumption. The text might have been helpful for the compilation of Hao's commentary Erya yishu 爾雅義疏 to the ancient glossary Erya 爾雅, where a lot of plants and animals are mentioned.

The preface is dated 1807, and the book is included in Hao's collected works Haoshi yishu 郝氏遺書 and the series Nongxue congshu 農學叢書. The Jihaicuo represents the seafood cuisine of Shandong.

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