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Wuzhong jiushi 吳中舊事

Dec 16, 2013 © Ulrich Theobald

Wuzhong jiushi 吳中舊事 "Ancient Matters from Wu" is a geographical treatise on southern Jiangsu written during the Yuan period 元 (1279-1368) by Lu Youren 陸友仁 xxx, courtesy name Fuzhi 輔之. He hailed from Pingjiang 平江 (near modern Suzhou 蘇州, Jiangsu) and was also written the biji 筆記 "brush notes" style book Yanbei zazhi 研北雜志.

The short text of the Wuzhong jiushi includes mainly geographical information on the region around Suzhou that is not to be found in official geographic treatises (dilizhi 地理志) or local gazetteers (difangzhi 地方志). It informs the reader about eminent persons from that region, like Li Yu 李育, Cheng Guanglu 程光祿, Li Dezu 林德祖 and Zhu Mian 朱勔 and records natural disasters like the earthquake of Changzhou 長洲 in 1133 or the autumn drought in 1175. The author discusses two names of the city, Wuhui 吳會 and Wuxia 吳下, and describes the tomb of Lu Zhi 陸贄, the mansion of Zhang Han 張翰 and the stone stele of Gao Biao 高彪 in Huifang 會坊. The text is written in the shape of stories (xiaoshuo 小說), but is without doubt historically reliable.

The Wuzhong jiushi is to be found in the series Congshu jicheng chubian 叢書集成初編 and Wangchuilou congshu 望炊樓叢書.

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