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Chinese History - Wu Dynasty 吳 (222-280)

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The Wu dynasty 吳 (222-280) ruled over one of the Three Kingdoms 三國 (220~280). It was founded by Sun Quan 孫權 (the "Great Emperor" 吳大帝, r. 222-252). The dynasty is also called Sun-Wu 孫吳 in order to avoid confusion with the Zhou period 周 (11th. cent.-221 BC) feudal state of Wu 吳 or the small empire of Wu 吳 (902-937), one of the Ten Kingdoms 十國 (902-979).

Wu Empire 吳 (222-280)
Capital: Jianye 建業 (modern Nanjing 南京, Jiangsu)
Wu Dadi 吳大帝 {Wu Taizu 吳太祖} (r. 222-252)
-----Huangwu 黃武 222-228
-----Huanglong 黃龍 229-231
-----Jiahe 嘉禾 232-237
-----Chiwu 赤烏 238-250
-----Taiyuan 太元 251
-----Shenfeng 神鳳 252
Sun Quan 孫權
The Prince of Guiji 會稽王, The Deposed Emperor (Feidi) 吳廢帝, the Young Emperor (Youdi) 吳幼帝 (r. 252-257)
-----Jianxing 建興 252-253
-----Wufeng 五鳳 254-255
-----Taiping 太平 256-257
Sun Liang 孫亮
Wu Jingdi 吳景帝 (r. 258-263)
-----Yongan 永安 258-263
Sun Xiu 孫休
The Last Emperor of the Wu (Wu Modi 吳末帝), The Marquis of Wucheng 烏程侯, Marquis Rendering back the Heavenly Mandate (Guiminghou) 歸命侯 (r. 264-280)
-----Yuanxing 元興 264
-----Ganlu 甘露 265
-----Baoding 寶鼎 266-268
-----Jianheng 建衡 269-271
-----Fenghuang 鳳凰 272-274
-----Tiance 天冊 275
-----Tianxi 天璽 276
-----Tianji 天紀 277-280
Sun Hao 孫皓
280 empire of Wu conquered by Jin 晉 (265-420).

Source: Zhonguo lishi da cidian bianzuan weiyuanhui 中國歷史大辭典編纂委員會 (ed. 2000), Zhongguo lishi da cidian 中國歷史大辭典 (Shanghai: Shanghai cishu chubanshe), Vol.2, pp. 3315-3316.

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