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Ping Gui jilüe 平桂紀略

Dec 18, 2019 © Ulrich Theobald

Ping Gui jilüe 平桂紀略 "Military history of the pacification of Guizhou" is a history of the suppression of a rebellion in southwest China written by Liu Changyou 劉長佑 (1818-1887), courtesy name Zimo 子默, style Yinqu 印渠), who participated himself in the suppression of a rebellion of native tribes in the border region of Guizhou and Vietnam.

His report gives information about the situation of the southwestern region during the Taiping rebellion 太平 and that of the so-called Heaven-and-Earth Society (Tiandihui 天地會), called huidang 會黨. The text reaches back to 1850 and ends in 1869. Part of it is based on personal experience, but at least half of it is based on official documents.

The book was first published in 1889 and was reproduced in 1971 in the series Zhongguo shixue congshu xubian 中國史學叢書續編.

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