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Pingpanlu 平叛錄

May 24, 2019 © Ulrich Theobald

Pingpanlu 平叛錄 "The pacification of the rebels" is a history book written by the Southern Song-period 南宋 (1127-1279) official Guo Shining 郭士寧. He wrote the book when he was reponsible for the management of the tea-horse trade in Sichuan. The local rebel Wu Xi 吳曦, vice pacification commissioner of Sichuan (xuanfu fushi 宣撫副使), offered him in 1207 a post in his usurpatorious government, but Guo refused.

Guo describes the course and suppression of the rebellion by a large army commanded by Yang Fu 楊輔, Li Yinzhong 李寅仲, Shi Ciqin 史次秦, Fan Zhongren 范仲壬, Chen Xian 陳咸 and Mao Wu 毛午. The chief commander on the side of the rebels was Xue Jiuling 薛九齡. The author narrates how Yang Zhenzhong 楊震仲 died for the Song dynasty, and how traitors from among Wu Xi's followers delivered the rebel leader to the Song. These were Mao Fangping 毛方平, Li Haoyi 李好義, Li Haogu 李好古, Yang Junyu 楊君玉, Dang Gongji 黨公濟, Cheng Mengxi 程夢錫, Li Kinchen 李坤辰, Chen An 陳安 and Yang Juyuan 楊巨源.

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