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Xu Ming jishi benmo 續明紀事本末

Aug 23, 2011 © Ulrich Theobald

Xu Ming jishi benmo 續明紀事本末 "Sequel of the Historical Events from the Ming Period in Their Entirety" is a history of the Southern Ming dynasty 南明 (1644-1661) and a sequel to the Mingshi jishi benmo 明史紀事本末 of Gu Yingtai 谷應泰 (1620-1690). The 18-juan ong book was written by the late Qing-period 清 (1644-1911) scholar Ni Zaitian 倪在田 (1842-1916), courtesy name Zixin 子新 or Tianfu 田甫, style Tiaocun 苕村. He hailed from Jiangdu 江都 (modern Jiangdu, Jiangsu) and was a supporter of the Southern Ming princes. He also wrote a book called Yangzhou yukou lu 揚州御寇錄.

The appearance of Ni Zaitian's sequel follows the model of the original book and is composed in the historiographical style of "events in their entirety" (jishi benmo 紀事本末). Ni Zaitian includes in his book a large amount of historiographical material having yielded after careful research. The book mainly includes information about the military campaigns of the Southern Ming emperors in southeast China and their withdrawal to Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan, Sichuan and Yunnan. There is a print from 1903 by the Yuying Xueshe press 育英學社. It was republished by the Zhonghua Shuju press 中華書局 with modern typesetting.

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