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Zhong-Ri bingshi benmo 中日兵事本末

Aug 23, 2011 © Ulrich Theobald

Zhong-Ri bingshi benmo 中日兵事本末 "Historical events of the Sino-Japanese War in their entirey" is a history of the war between China and Japan in 1895 (the First Sino-Japanese War). It is written in the historiographical style of "events in their entirety" (jishi benmo 紀事本末) and was compiled by the early Republican (1912-1949) historian Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧 (1872-1924). It narrates the relations between Qing China 清 (1644-1911) and Japan in the late 19th century and the way to the war in 1895. The defeat of China led to the cessation of Taiwan, as it was stipulated in the Treaty of Shimonoseki (Shimonoseki jōyaku 下関条約, in Chinese Maguan tiaoyue 馬關條約).

The book is characterized by open critique towards the "corrupt and inapt" Qing court. It was published in the 1920s (exact date unclear) by the Changfu Press 昌福公司 in Chengdu 成都 as part of the series Man-Qing yeshi 滿淸野史.

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