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Chuanshan yishu 船山遺書

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Chuanshan yishu 船山遺書, also called Wang Chuanshan yishu 王船山遺書, are the collected writings of the early Qing-period 清 (1644-1911) philosopher Wang Fuzhi 王夫之 (1619-1692). In his later years Wang Fuzhi, a loyal supporter of the Ming dynasty 明 (1368-1644), retired from office after the conquest of China by the Manchus, refusing to serve the new dynasty. Wang settled down at Chuanshan 船山 in the prefecture of Hengyang 衡陽, Hunan, where he dedicated himself to writing. He was therefore also styled Chanshan Laoren 船山老人 or Chunshan Xiansheng 船山先生.

Most of his numerous writings (until recently, 104 texts are known) were not printed during his lifetime. Wang's son Wang Ban 王攽 later decided to publish a dozen of writings. In 1839 (1842) Wang Fuzhi's descendant Wang Shiquan 王世佺 finally compiled the book Chuanshan yishu "Master Chuanshan's literary remains". They were edited by Deng Xianhe 鄧顯鶴 (1777-1851) in Changsha (called the Xiangtan Wanshi edition 湘潭王氏刻本 or Deng Xianhe edition 鄧顯鶴刻本). The collection had a length of 151 (161) juan included 18 (20) texts of Wang Fuzhi, an also a book written by Wang Jiezhi 王介之 (1606-1686), Fuzhi's older brother. Apart from the 10-fascicles-long Jiangzhai wenji 薑齋文集, the other writings are all of scholarly nature.

Shortly afterwards the Tingyu Studio 聽雨軒 published a book with two commentaries on historiographical themes, Chuanshan shilun 船山史論.

In 1865, Zeng Guofan 曾國藩 (1811-1872) and his brother Zeng Guoquan 曾國荃 (1824-1890) added to the collection 42 further writings of Wang's literary remains and had this new edition published by the Jinling Office 金陵節署 (the Jinling Zengshi edition 金陵曾氏刻本 or Jinling edition 金陵本). It included 60 or 61 or 67 texts, with a total length of 172 (288) juan, and added the a number of scholarly books to the collection (as well as some collections of prose and poetry, and historical critique).

In 1887 Yu Kun 俞焜 (d. 1860) of the Chuanshan Academy 船山書院 published a collection of five further writings of Wang Fuzhi not found in earlier compilations (the Hengyang xueshu edition 衡陽學署本).

A new, enlarged edition was edited under the supervision of Tan Yankai 譚延闓 (1880-1930), Hu Hanmin 胡漢民 (1879-1936) and Yu Youren 于右任 (1879-1964) and published in 1933 by the Taipingyang Press 太平洋書店 in Shanghai. The texts were newly arranged by Liu Renxi 劉人熙 (1844-1919) according the four traditional literary categories (sibu 四部). The edition includes 68 (70) texts with a total length of 358 (398) juan. Compared with the two older editions, this modern one included also texts of literary critique on prose writings and poetry.

Even if this edition the largest collection of Wang Fuzhi's writings, it is by no means a complete collection. For instance, Sishu jianjie 四書箋解, which was published in 1894 in a stand-alone edition, is not included because of its many typographic errors. The 1933 version of Chuanshan yishu also includes a critical commentary called Wang Chuanshan congshu jiaokanji 王船山叢書校勘記.

In 1972 the Chuanshan Study Group 船山學會 in Taibei republished the Republican edition and enlarged it by a critical preface, discussions, and a text critical essay and a collection of essays by the Study Group. This edition is called Chuanshan yishu quanji 船山遺書全集 and comprises 22 volumes.

The most recent edition was published in 1982 by the Yuelu Press 岳麓書社. It is a commented edition in 16 volumes.

Apart from these editions, four core writings of Wang Fuzhi's were published in 1898 as Wang Chuanshan Xiansheng si zhong 王船山先生四種 (or Chuanshan jingshi wenchao 船山經世文鈔). This collection includes the books Emeng 噩夢, Huangshu 黃書, Sijie 俟解, and Siwenlu 思問錄.

Table 1. The series Chuanshan yishu 船山遺書
(Rep) 譚延闓 Tan Yankai, 胡漢民 Hu Hanmin, 于右任 Yu Youren (comp.)
1842 edition of Deng Xiaohe from Xinhua 新化鄧顯鶴 (Changsha 長沙); 1865 edition of Zeng Guoquan from Xiangxiang 湘鄉曾國荃 (Jinling 金陵), 1933 edition of Shanghai Taipingyang Shudian 上海太平洋書店
書名, length in juan Title Author(s)
Section of the Confucian Classics
周易内傳 六卷
發例 一卷
Zhouyi neizhuan
(Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
周易大象解 一卷 Zhouyi daxiang jie (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
周易稗疏 四卷 Zhouyi baishu (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
周易考異 一卷 Zhouyi kaoyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
周易外傳 七卷 Zhouyi waizhuan (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
書經稗疏 四卷 Shujing baishu (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
尚書考異 (未見) Shangshu kaoyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
尚書引義 六卷 Shangshu yinyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
詩經稗疏 四卷 Shijing baishu (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
詩經考異 一卷 Shijing kaoyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
詩經葉韻辨 一卷 Shijing yeyun bian (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
詩廣傳 五卷 Shi guangzhuan (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
禮記章句 四十九卷 Liji zhangju (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
春秋家說 三卷 Chunqiu jiashuo (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
春秋稗疏 二卷 Chunqiu baishu (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
春秋世論 五卷 Chunqiu shilun (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
續春秋左氏傳博義 二卷 Chunqiu-Zuoshizhuan boyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
四書訓義 三十八卷 (未刻) Sishu xunyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
四書詳解 (未見) Sishu xiangjie (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
讀四書大全說 十卷 Du Sishu daquan shuo (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
四書稗疏 一卷 Sishu baishu (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
四書考異 一卷 Sishu kaoyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
說文廣義 三卷 Shuowen guangyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
Section of historiography
讀通鑒論 三十卷
末 一卷
Du Tongjian lun
(Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
宋論 十五卷 Songlun (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
永曆實錄 二十六卷 (十六卷未見) Yongli shilu (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
蓮峰志 五卷 Lianfeng zhi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
Section of philosophy
張子正蒙注 九卷 Zhangzi Zhengmeng zhu (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
近思錄釋 (未見) Jinsilu shi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
思問錄内篇 一卷
外篇 一卷
Siwenlu neipian
(Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
俟解 一卷 Sijie (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
噩夢 一卷 Emeng (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
呂覽釋 (未見) Lülan shi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
淮南子注 (未見) Huainanzi zhu (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
黃書 一卷 Huangshu (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
識小錄 一卷 Shixiaolu (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
搔首問題 (未見) Soushou wenti (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
龍源夜話 (補刻) Longyuan yehua (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
老子衍 一卷 Laozi yan (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
莊子解 三十三卷 Zhuangzi jie (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
莊子通 一卷 Zhuangzi tong (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
愚鼓辭 一卷 Yugu ci (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
相宗絡索 三卷 (未刻) Xiaongzong luosuo (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
三藏法師八識規矩論贊 (未見) Sanzang dashi bashi guiju lunzan (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
Section of belles-lettres
楚辭通釋 十四卷
末 一卷
Chuci tongshi
(Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
薑齋文集 十卷 Jiangzhai wenji (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
買薇稿 (未見) Maiweigao (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
漧濤園初集 (未見) Gantaoyuan chuji (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
薑齋五十自定稿 一卷 Jiangzhai wushi ziding gao (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
薑齋六十自定稿 一卷 Jiangzhai liushi ziding gao (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
薑齋七十自定稿 一卷 Jiangzhai qishi ziding gao (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
柳岸吟 一卷 Liu'an yin (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
落花詩 一卷 Luohuashi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
遣興詩 一卷 Qianxingshi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
和梅花百咏 一卷 Hemeihua baiyong (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
洞庭秋 一卷 Dongtingqiu (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
雁字詩 一卷 Yanzishi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
仿體 一卷 Fangti (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
岳餘集 一卷
(附)薑齋詩稿 一卷
(app.) Jiangzhai shisheng gao
(Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
船山鼓棹初集 一卷 Chuanshan guzhuo chuji (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
船山鼓棹二集 一卷 Chuanshan guzhuo erji (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
瀟湘怨 一卷 Xiaoxiangyuan (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
詩譯 一卷 Shiyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
夕堂永日緒論内編 一卷 Xitang yongri xulun neipian (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
夕堂永日緒論外編 一卷 Xitang yongri xulun waipian (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
南窗漫記 一卷 Nanchuang manji (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
南窗外記 一卷 (未刻) Nanchuang waiji (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
憶得 一卷 (補刻) Yide (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
夕堂永日八代文選評 (未見) Xitang yongri badai wen xuanping (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
夕堂永日八代詩選評 六卷 (未刻) Xitang yongri badai shi xuanping (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
夕堂永日四唐詩選評 七卷 (未刻) Xitang yongri sitang shi xuanping (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
夕堂永日明詩選評 七卷 (未刻) Xitang yongri mingshi xuanping (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
詞選 一卷 (未刻) Cixuan (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
龍舟會雜劇 二卷 Longzhouhui zaju (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
船山經義 一卷 Chuanshan jingyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
船山制義 (未見) Chuanshan zhiyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
薑齋詩賸稿 一卷 Jiangzhai shisheng gao (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
薑齋詩分體藳 四卷 (補刻) Jiangzhai shi fenti gao (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
薑齋詩編年藳 一卷 (補刻) Jiangzhai shi biannian gao (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
薑齋文集補遺 二卷 (補刻) Jiangzhai wenji buyi (Qing) 王夫之 Wang Fuzhi
王船山叢書校勘記 二卷 Wang Chuanshan congshu jiaokanji (Qing) 劉毓崧 Liu Yusong
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