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Chinese Literature
Literary critique (shiwenping 詩文評)

The literary type of literay critique (shiwenping 詩文評) is a sub-category to the literary category of belles-lettes (jibu 集部) in the collectaneum Siku quanshu 四庫全書. It has a special position in the whole corpus of Chinese literature, and of the most important ancient literary critiques, the Dianlun 典論 is lost except one chapter. The Wenxian diaolong 文心雕龍 is the oldest and one of the few comprehensive critique of all types of literature. Most later literary critiques are only concerned with poetry. The oldest critique specialized in poetry is the Shipin 詩品. It was the forerunner of a long tradition of treatises of the type of "talks about poetry" (shihua 詩話).

書名 Title Author(s)
典論 Dianlun (Cao-Wei) Cao Pi 曹丕
文心雕龍 Wenxin diaolong (Liang) 劉勰 Liu Xie
詩品 Shipin (Liang) 鍾嶸 Zhong Rong
本事詩 Benshishi (Tang) 孟棨 Meng Qi
六一詩話 Liu-yi shihua (Song) 歐陽修 Ouyang Xiu
四六話 Liu-si hua (Song) 王銍 Wang Zhi
庚溪詩話 Gengxi shihua (Song) 陳巖肖 Chen Yanxiao
漁隱叢話 Yuyin conghua (Song) 胡仔 Hu Zai
文則 Wenze (Song) 陳騤 Chen Gui
歷代詩話 Lidai shihua (Qing) 吳景旭 Wu Jingxu

* not included in the imperial collectaneum Siku quanshu 四庫全書

Chinese literature according to the four-category system

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