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Quan Liao-Jin wen 全遼金文

Aug 24, 2022 © Ulrich Theobald

Quan Liao-Jin wen 全遼金文 is a complete collection of prose writings from the Liao 遼 (907-1125) and Jin 金 (1115-1234) empires. It was compiled by Yan Fengwu 閻鳳梧, Jia Peijun 賈培俊, and Niu Guihu 牛貴琥 and was seen as a supplement to the collection Quansongwen 全宋文. The collection includes 3,356 texts of 786 persons, including fragments. Short biographies to all authors are added. All texts are critically commented. The part on the Liao empire is mainly based on the book Quanliaowen 全遼文, while the most important source for the part of the Jin empire was the Yueyatang 粤雅堂 edition of the Jinwenzui 金文最.

It was published in 2001 by the Shanxi Guji Press 山西古籍出版社.