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Yuanquxuan 元曲選

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Yuanquxuan 元曲選

Yuanquxuan 元曲選 "Selected Yuan theatre plays" is a collection of the greatest part of surviving Yuan-period 元 (1279-1368) theatre plays. It includes 100 plays and is therefore also called Yuanren baizhong qu 元人百種曲 "One hundred theatre plays by authors of the Yuan period".

The collection Yuanquxuan was compiled during the Ming period 明 (1368-1644) by Zang Maoxun 臧懋循 (1550-1620), courtesy name Jinshu 晉叔, style Guzhu 顧渚, who hailed from Changxing 長興, Zhejiang. He belonged to the so-called four masters (sizi 四子), famous writers that also came from this region (the others are Wu Jiadeng 吳稼竳, Wu Mengyang 吳夢暘 and Mao Wei 茅維). Although he passed the metropolitan state examination, he renounced official career and became instead a teacher at Jingzhou 荊州, Hubei. Later on he became a professor (boshi 博士 "erudite") at the Directorate for Education (guozijian 國子監) in Nanjing, but then again retired to a private life. He was a founding member of the Jinling Poetry Club 金陵詩社. Zang Maoxun established his private study at Mt. Guzhu, where he continued writing and compiling until the end of his austere life. His most famous books are Gushisuo 古詩所, Tangshisuo 唐詩所, Yumingtang chuanqi 玉茗堂傳奇, Xianyoulu 仙游錄, Mengyoulu 夢游錄, Xiayoulu 俠游錄, and the collection Fubaotang ji 負苞堂集.

Zang Maoxun was very interested in ancient poetry, especially in that of the Yuan period, which was until then largely neglected. In his theoretical deliberations he explained that all three main types of Chinese poetry (shi 詩, ci 詞 and qu 曲) came from the same source, but the last type (qu) had an exceptional character as aria in theatre plays (xiqu 戲曲, or musical comedy or opera). This peculiar use made it necessary that qu poetry served for very different types of language, adapted to the particular roles that were to sing the aria.

Furthermore, the texts were written in a language with a strong colloquial and regional taste not easy to understand for laypeople. Unlike shi poetry or even ci poetry that were not sung (although the textual pattern of ci poems is based on melodies), qu poetry was not only to be read aloud, but to be sung, and the vocabulary expressing the feelings and sentiments of the singing character therefore had to be adapted to a listening and viewing public.

Zhang Maoxun divided theatre plays into two types, namely those of "famous authors" (mingjia 名家), mainly characterised by a brilliant language, and those of "common authors" (xingjia 行家), that excelled in the use of melody patterns (qupai 曲牌). The specific success of the Yuan opera lies in its ability to combine artfully composed airs with naturalistic scenes, so that it can be called "an art without making use of artistry" (bu gong er gong 不工而工). Zang's intention was not only to preserve a whole literary genre of a past age, but also to provide a collection of excellent operas that could eventually serve as a model for contemporary composers of the typical southern plays (nanqu 南曲).

The collection Yuanquxuan is divided into two parts (Qianji 前集, Houji 後集), the first part being printed in 1615, and the second one a year later. Both parts include 50 theatre plays, making a total of 100 plays, the authors of 69 of which are known: Guan Hanqing 關漢卿 (c. 1234-c. 1300), Ma Zhiyuan 馬致遠 (1255-1321), Bai Pu 白樸 (1226-1306) and Zheng Guangzu 鄭光祖 (c. 1260-c. 1320) alone have written more than 20 plays. Other famous authors are Wang Shifu 王實甫 (1260-1336), Qiao Ji 喬吉 (1280-1345), Zhang Guobin 張國賓, Yang Xianzhi 楊顯之, Shi Junbao 石君寶 (1191-1276), Li Zhifu 李直夫, Gong Tianting 宮天挺 (c. 1260-c. 1330) and Jia Zhongming 賈仲明 (1343-1422). There are in total 39 different writers. 6 plays were written during the early Ming period.

Zang Maoxun used the copies of his own collection, but also asked other collectors to provide him with the text of Yuan theatre plays in their collection. A third type of source for his collection Yuanquxuan were copies owned by the imperial palace (yuxi jianben 御戲監本). Zang has made a very accurate textual critique, comparing different versions of theatre plays he had at his disposal. The Yuanquxuan is therefore a very reliable source for the study of Yuan-period operas. At the end of each act (zhe 折), a phonetic commentary is added, helping to reader (and re-enactor) to get along with the Yuan period pronunciation of words. The collection is enriched by several theoretical essays on Yuan-period theatre and on the music of that time.

The Yuanquxuan attracted the interest of a lot of experts on opera, like Wang Jide 王驥德 (d. 1623), Xu Fuzuo 徐復祚 (1560-1629), or Ling Mengchu 凌濛初 (1580-1644) and initiated a series of collections of other literary genres. Only about one fourth of all Yuan-period theatre plays have survived, more than half of them included in the collection Yuanquxuan. The most famous Yuan plays are Hangongqiu 漢宮秋, Dou E yuan 竇娥冤, Jiufengchen 救風塵, Wangjiangting 望江亭, Chenzhou tiao mi 陳州糶米, Qiangtou ma shang 墻頭馬上, Wutongyu 梧桐雨, Qiannü lihun 倩女離魂, Li Kui fu jing 李逵負荊 or Zhaoshi guer 趙氏孤兒. Not all theatre plays have an excellent quality, but it is important that they have survived.

The original edition has been republished as a facsimile by the Yiwen Press 藝文印書館 in Taipeh (no year), in 21 volumes. A four-volume modern print has been made in 1996 by the Zhonghua Press 中華書局.

Yuanquxuan waibian 元曲選外編

Yuanquxuan waibian is a supplement to the collection Yuanquxuan. It was compiled by Sui Shusen 隋樹森 (1906-1989) and includes 62 theatre plays. These plays were discovered in sources other than Zang Maoxun, compiler of the Yuanquxuan, had used. These are mainly Sui Shusen's own collection Yuankan zaju sanshi zhong 元刊雜劇三十種, including 30 plays, the Gu mingjia zaju 古名家雜劇 and the Yuan-Ming zaju 元明雜劇, of which a copy of the Maiwang Studio 脈望館 survives.

The sequence of the plays follows the life dates of the authors as provided in the earlier collections Luguibu 錄鬼簿 and Taihe zhengyin pu 太和正音譜. It includes also some plays written during the very early Ming period, but less Ming-periods plays than in the Yuanquxuan and Wang Jilie's 王季烈 (1873-1952) collection Guben Yuan-Ming zaju 孤本元明雜劇. The sequence of anonymous plays follows that in the Yuankan zaju sanshi zhong, Sun Jichang's 孫季昌 list Zhenggong duanzheng hao 正宮端正好 in the Ji zaju mingyong qing 集雜劇名詠情, the Taihe zhengyin pu, Luguibu xubian 錄鬼薄續編, Gu mingjia zaju 古名家雜劇, Yuanren zaju xuan 元人雜劇選 and the Maiwang Studio edition of the Gujin zaju. The compiler has undergone a critical review of his sources and added punctuation marks, as well as notes to the musical tunes.

The supplement Waibian is an important addition to the Yuanquxuan and includes otherwise not easy to find Yuan theatre plays. Unfortunately, fragments are not included. It was published in 1959 by the Zhonghua Shuju Press 中華書局.

Table 1. Contents of the Yuanquxuan 元曲選
破幽夢孤雁漢宮秋雜劇 (漢宮秋) 一卷 Po youmeng guyan Hangong qiu zaju (Hangongqiu) (Yuan) 馬致遠 Ma Zhiyuan
李太白匹配金錢記雜劇 (金錢記) 一卷 Li Taibai pipei jinqian ji zaju (Jinqianji) (Yuan) 喬吉 Qiao Ji
包待制陳州糶米雜劇 (陳州糶米) 一卷 Bao Daizhi Chenzhou tiaomi zaju (Chenzhou tiaomi) (Yuan) NN
玉清庵錯送鴛鴦被雜劇 (鴛鴦被) 一卷 Yuqing'an cuo song yuanyang bei zaju (Yuanyangbei) (Yuan) NN
隨何賺風魔蒯通雜劇 (賺蒯通) 一卷 Sui He zhuan feng mo Kuai Tong zaju (Zhuan Kuai Tong) (Yuan) NN
溫太真玉鏡臺雜劇 (玉鏡臺) 一卷 Wen Taizhen yu jing tai zaju (Yujingtai) (Yuan) 關漢卿 Guan Hanqing
楊氏女殺狗勸夫雜劇 (殺狗勸夫) 一卷 Yangshi nü sha gou quan fu zaju (Shagou quanfu) (Yuan) 蕭德祥 Xiu Dexiang
相國寺公孫合汗衫雜劇 (合汗衫) 一卷 Xiangguoxi gongsun he han shan zaju (Hehanshan) (Yuan) 張國賓 Zhang Guobin
錢大尹智龐謝天香雜劇 (謝天香) 一卷 Qian Dayin zhipeng xie tian xiang (Xietianxiang) (Yuan) 關漢卿 Guan Hanqing
爭報恩三虎下山雜劇 (爭報恩) 一卷 Zheng bao en san hu xia shan zaju (Zhengbao'en) (Yuan) NN
張天師斷風花雪月雜劇 (張天師) 一卷 Zhang Tianshi duan feng hua xue yue zaju (Zhang Tianshi) (Yuan) 吳昌齡 Wu Changling
趙盼兒風月救風塵雜劇 (救風塵) 一卷 Zhao Pen'er feng yue jiu feng chen zaju (Jiufengchen) (Yuan) 關漢卿 Guan Hanqing
東堂老勸破家子弟雜劇 (東堂老) 一卷 Dong tang lao quan po jia zi di zaju (Dongtanglao) (Yuan) 秦簡夫 Qin Jianfu
同樂院燕青博魚雜劇 (燕青博魚) 一卷 Tong le yuan yan qing bo yu zaju (Yanqing boyu) (Yuan) 李文蔚 Li Wenwei
臨江驛瀟湘秋夜雨雜劇 (瀟湘雨) 一卷 Lin jiang yi xiao xiang qiu ye yu zaju (Xiaoxiangyu) (Yuan) 楊顯之 Yang Xianzhi
李亞仙花酒曲江池雜劇 (曲江池) 一卷 Li Yaxian hua jiu qu jiang chi zaju (Qujiangchi) (Yuan) 石君寶 Shi Junbao
楚昭公疏者下船雜劇 (楚昭公) 一卷 Chu Zhaogong shu zhe xia chuan zaju (Chu Zhaogong) (Yuan) 鄭廷玉 Zheng Tingyu
龐居士誤放來生債雜劇 (來生債) 一卷 Pang Jushi wu fang lai sheng zhai zaju (Laishengzhai) (Yuan) NN
薛仁貴榮歸故里雜劇 (薛仁貴) 一卷 Xue Rengui rong gui gu li zaju (Xue Rengui) (Yuan) 張國賓 Zhang Guobin
裴少俊牆頭馬上雜劇 (牆頭馬上) 一卷 Pei Shaojun qiang tou ma shang zaju (Qiangtou mashang) (Yuan) 白朴 Bai Pu
唐明皇秋夜梧桐雨雜劇 (梧桐雨) 一卷 Tang Minghuang qiu ye wutong yu zaju (Wutongyu) (Yuan) 白朴 Bai Pu
散家財天賜老生兒雜劇 (老生兒) 一卷 San tian cai tian ci lao sheng er zaju (Laosheng'er) (Yuan) 武漢臣 Wu Hanchen
朱砂擔滴水浮漚記雜劇 (硃砂擔) 一卷 Zhu sha dan di shui fu ou ji zaju (Zhushadan) (Yuan) NN
便宜行事虎頭牌雜劇 (虎頭牌) 一卷 Bian yi xing shi hu tou pai zaju (Hutoupai) (Yuan) 李直夫 Li Zhifu
包龍圖智賺合同文字雜劇 (合同文字) 一卷 Bao Longtu zhi zhuan he tong wen zi zaju (Hetong wenzi) (Yuan) NN
凍蘇秦衣錦還鄉雜劇 (凍蘇秦) 一卷 Dong Su Qin yi jin huan xiang zaju (Dong Su Qin) (Yuan) NN
翠紅鄉兒女兩團圓雜劇 (兒女團圓) 一卷 Cui hong xiang er nü liang tuan yuan (Ernü tuanyuan) (Yuan) 楊文奎 Yang Wenkui
李素蘭風月玉壺春雜劇 (玉壺春) 一卷 Li su lan yue feng yu hu chun (Yuhuchun) (Yuan) 武漢臣 Wu Hanchen
呂洞賓度鐵拐李岳雜劇 (鐵拐李) 一卷 Lü Dongbin du Tieguai Li yue zaju (Tieguai Li) (Yuan) 岳伯川 Yue Bochuan
小尉遲將斗將認父歸朝雜劇 (小尉遲) 一卷 Xaio Yuchi jiang dou jiang ren fu gui chao zaju (Xiao Yuchi) (Yuan) NN
陶學士醉寫風光好雜劇 (風光好) 一卷 Chen xueshi zui xie feng guang hao zaju (Fengguanghao) (Yuan) 戴善夫 Dai Shanfu
魯大夫秋胡戲妻雜劇 (秋胡戲妻) 一卷 Lu dafu Qiuhu xi qi zaju (Qiuhu xi qi) (Yuan) 石君寶 Shi Junbao
神奴兒大鬧開封府雜劇 (神奴兒) 一卷 Shen Nu'er da nao Kaifeng fu zaju (Shen Nu'er) (Yuan) NN
半夜雷轟薦福碑雜劇 (薦福碑) 一卷 Ban ye lei hong jian fu bei zaju (Jianfubei) (Yuan) 馬致遠 Ma Zhiyuan
謝金吾詐拆清風府雜劇 (謝金吾) 一卷 Xie Jinwu zha su qing feng fu zaju (Xie Jinwu) (Yuan) NN
呂洞賓三醉岳陽樓雜劇 (岳陽樓) 一卷 Lü Dongbin san zu Yueyanglou zaju (Yueyanglou) (Yuan) 馬致遠 Ma Zhiyuan
包待制三勘蝴蝶夢雜劇 (蝴蝶夢) 一卷 Bao Daizhi san kan hudie meng zaju (Hudiemeng) (Yuan) 關漢卿 Guan Hanqing
說鱄諸伍員吹簫雜劇 (伍員吹簫) 一卷 Shuo tuan zhu Wu Yuan chui xiao zaju (Wu Yuan chui xiao) (Yuan) 李壽卿 Li Shouqing
河南府張鼎勘頭巾雜劇 (勘頭巾) 一卷 Henan fu Zhang Ding kan tou jin zaju (Kantoujin) (Yuan) 孫仲章 Sun Zhongzhang
黑旋風雙獻功雜劇 (黑旋風) 一卷 Hei xuan feng shuang xian gong zaju (Heixuanfeng) (Yuan) 高文秀 Gao Wenxiu
迷青瑣倩女離魂雜劇 (倩女離魂) 一卷 Mi qing suo qian nü li hun zaju (Qiannü lihun) (Yuan) 鄭光祖 Zheng Guangzu
西華山陳搏高臥雜劇 (陳摶高卧) 一卷 Xihuashan Chen Tuan gao wo zaju (Chen Tuan gao wo) (Yuan) 馬致遠 Ma Zhiyuan
龐涓夜走馬陵道雜劇 (馬陵道) 一卷 Pang Juan ye zou ma ling dao zaju (Malingdao) (Yuan) NN
救孝子賢母不認尸雜劇 (救孝子) 一卷 Jiu xiao zi xian mu bu ren shi zaju (Jiuxiaozi) (Yuan) 王仲文 Wang Zhongwen
邯鄲道省悟黃梁夢雜劇 (黃粱夢) 一卷 Handan dao sheng wu huang liang meng (Huangliangmeng) (Yuan) 馬致遠 Ma Zhiyuan
杜牧之詩酒揚州夢雜劇 (揚州夢) 一卷 Du Mu zhi shi jiu Yangzhou meng zaju (Yangzhoumeng) (Yuan) 喬吉 Qiao Ji
醉思鄉王粲登樓雜劇 (王粲登樓) 一卷 Zui si xiang Wang Can deng lou zaju (Wang Can deng lou) (Yuan) 鄭光祖 Zheng Guangzu
昊天塔孟良盜骨雜劇 (昊天塔) 一卷 Haotianta Meng liang dao gu zaju (Haotianta) (Yuan) 朱凱 Zhu Kai
包待制智斬魯齋郎雜劇 (魯齋郎) 一卷 Bao Daizhi zhi zhan Lu Qi lang zaju (Luqilang) (Yuan) 關漢卿 Guan Hanqing
朱太守風雪漁樵記雜劇 (漁樵記) 一卷 Zhu taishou feng xue yu qiao ji zaju (Yuqiaoji) (Yuan) 庾天錫 Yu Tianxi
江州司馬青衫淚雜劇 (青衫淚) 一卷 Jiangzhou sima qing shan lei zaju (Qingshanlei) (Yuan) 馬致遠 Ma Zhiyuan
四丞相高會麗春堂雜劇 (麗春堂) 一卷 Si chengxiang gao hui Lichuntang zaju (Lichuntang) (Yuan) 王德信 Wang Dexin
孟德耀舉案齊眉雜劇 (舉案齊眉) 一卷 Meng De yao ju an qi mei zaju (Ju'an qimei) (Yuan) NN
包龍圖智勘後庭花雜劇 (後庭花) 一卷 Bao long tu zhi kan hou ting hua zaju (Houtinghua) (Yuan) 鄭廷玉 Zheng Tingyu
死生交范張雞黍雜劇 (范張鷄黍) 一卷 Si sheng jiao Fan Zhang ji shu zaju (Fen Zhang jishu) (Yuan) 宮天挺 Gong Tianting
玉簫女兩世姻緣雜劇 (兩世姻緣) 一卷 Yu xiao nü liang shi yin yuan zaju (Liangshi yinyuan) (Yuan) 喬吉 Qiao Ji
宜秋山趙禮讓肥雜劇 (趙禮讓肥) 一卷 Yi qiu shan Zhao li rang fei zaju (Zhao li rang fei) (Yuan) 秦簡夫 Qin Jianfu
鄭孔目風雪酷寒亭雜劇 (酷寒亭) 一卷 Zheng Kongmu feng xue Kuhanting zaju (Kuhanting) (Yuan) 楊顯之 Yang Xianzhi
桃花女破法嫁周公雜劇 (桃花女) 一卷 Tao hua nü po fa jia Zhou Gong zaju (Taohuanü) (Yuan) 王曄 Wang Ye
陳季卿誤上竹葉舟雜劇 (竹葉舟) 一卷 Chen Jiqign wu shang zhu ye zhou zaju (Zhuyezhou) (Yuan) 范康 Fan Kang
布袋和尚忍字記雜劇 (忍字記) 一卷 Budai heshang ren zi ji zaju (Renziji) (Yuan) 鄭廷玉 Zheng Tingyu
謝金蓮詩酒紅梨花雜劇 (紅梨花) 一卷 Xie Anlian shi jiu hong li hua zaju (Honglihua) (Yuan) 張壽卿 Zhang Shouqing
鐵拐李度金童玉女雜劇 (金安壽) 一卷 Tieguai li du jin tong yu nü zaju (Jin'anshou) (Ming) 賈仲名 Jia Zhongming
包待制智賺灰闌記雜劇 (灰闌記) 一卷 Bao Daizhi zhi zhuan hui lian ji zaju (Huilanji) (Yuan) 李潛夫 Li Qianfu
崔府君斷冤家債主雜劇 (冤家債主) 一卷 Cui fujun duan yuan jia zhai zhu zaju (Yuanjia zhaiju) (Yuan) 鄭廷玉 Zheng Yingyu
㑳{=媰}梅香騙翰林風月雜劇 (㑳{=媰}梅香) 一卷 Zhou mei xiang pian Hanlin yue feng zaju (Zhoumeixiang) (Yuan) 鄭光祖 Zheng Guangzu
尉遲恭單鞭奪槊雜劇 (單鞭奪槊) 一卷 Yuchi Gong dan bian duo shuo zaju (Danbian duoshuo) (Yuan) 尚仲賢 Shang Zhongxian
呂洞賓三度城南柳雜劇 (城南柳) 一卷 Lü Dongbin san ju cheng nan liu zaju (Chengnanliu) (Ming) 谷子敬 Gu Zichang
須賈大夫{言+(宀/卒)=諕}范叔雜劇 ({言+(宀/卒)=諕}范叔) 一卷 Xu Jia dafu xia Fan Shu zaju (Xia Fan Shu) (Yuan) 高文秀 Gao Wenxiu
李雲英風送梧桐葉雜劇 (梧桐葉) 一卷 Li Yunying feng song wutong ye zaju (Wutongye) (Yuan) NN
花閑四友東坡夢雜劇 (東坡夢) 一卷 Hua xian si you Dongpo meng zaju (Dongpomeng) (Yuan) 吳昌齡 Wu Changling
杜蕊娘智賞金線池雜劇 (金線池) 一卷 Du Ruiniang zhi shang jin xian chi zaju (Jinxianchi) (Yuan) 關漢卿 Guan Hanqing
王月英元夜留鞋記雜劇 (留鞋記) 一卷 Wang Yueying yuan ye liu gie ji zaju (Liuxieji) (Yuan) 曾瑞 Zeng Rui
漢高皇濯足氣英布雜劇 (氣英布) 一卷 Han Gaohuang zhuo zu qi Ying Bu zaju (Qi Ying Bu) (Yuan) 尚仲賢 Shang Zhongxian
兩軍師隔江鬭智雜劇 (隔江鬭智) 一卷 Liang jun shi ge jiang dou zhi zaju (Gejiang douzhi) (Yuan) NN
馬丹陽度脫劉行首雜劇 (劉行首) 一卷 Ma Danyang du tuo Liu Xingshou zaju (Liu Xingshou) (Yuan) 楊景賢 Yang Jingxian
月明和尚度柳翠雜劇 (度柳翠) 一卷 Yueming heshang du liu cui zaju (Duliucui) (Yuan) 李壽卿 Li Shouqing
劉晨阮肇誤入桃源雜劇 (誤入桃源) 一卷 Liu Chen Ruan Zhao wu ru tao yuan zaju (Wuru taoyuan) (Ming) 王子一 Wang Ziyi
張孔目智勘魔合羅雜劇 一卷 (魔合羅) Zhang Kongmu zhi kan mo he luo zaju (Moheluo) (Yuan) 孟漢卿 Meng Hanqing
玎玎璫璫盆兒鬼雜劇 (盆兒鬼) 一卷 Dingding dangdang pen er gui zaju (Pen'ergui) (Yuan) NN
荊楚臣重對玉梳記雜劇 (對玉梳) 一卷 Jing-Chu chen chong dui Yu shu ji zaju (Duiyushu) (Ming) 賈仲名 Jia Zhongming
逞風流王煥百花亭雜劇 (百花亭) 一卷 Cheng feng liu Wang Huan Baihuating zaju (Baihuating) (Yuan) NN
秦修然竹塢聽琴雜劇 (竹塢聽琴) 一卷 Qin xiu ran zhu wu ting qin zaju (Zhuwu tingqin) (Yuan) 石子章 Shi Zhizhang
金水橋陳琳抱妝盒雜劇 (抱糚盒) 一卷 Jinshuiqiao Chen Lin bao zhuang he zaju (Baozhuanghe) (Yuan) NN
趙氏孤兒大報讎雜劇 (趙氏孤兒) 一卷 Zhaoshi gu er da bao chou zaju (Zhaoshi gu'er) (Yuan) 紀君祥 Ji Junxiang
感天動地竇娥冤雜劇 (竇娥冤) 一卷 Gan tian dong di Dou E mian zaju (Dou E mian) (Yuan) 關漢卿 Guan Hanqing
梁山泊李逵負荊雜劇 (李逵負荊) 一卷 Liang Shanbo Li Kui fu jing zaju (Li Kui fu jing) (Yuan) 康進之 Kang Jinzhi
蕭淑蘭情寄菩薩蠻雜劇 (蕭淑蘭) 一卷 Xiao Shulan qing ji Pusa man zaju (Xiao Shulan) (Ming) 賈仲名 Jia Zhongming
錦雲堂暗定連環計雜劇 (連環計) 一卷 Jinyuntang an ding lian huan ji zaju (Lianhuanji) (Yuan) NN
羅李郎大鬧相國寺雜劇 (羅李郎) 一卷 Luo Li lang da nao Xiangguosi zaju (Luo Li lang) (Yuan) 張國賓 Zhang Guobin
看錢奴買冤家債主雜劇 (看錢奴) 一卷 Kan qian nu mai yuan jia zhai zhu zaju (Kanqiannu) (Yuan) 鄭廷玉 Zheng Tingyu
都孔目風雨還牢末雜劇 (還牢末) 一卷 Du Kongmu feng yu huan lao mo zaju (Huanlaomo) (Yuan) 李致遠 Li Zhiyuan
洞庭湖柳毅傳書雜劇 (柳毅傳書) 一卷 Dongting hu Liu Yi zhuan shu zaju (Liu Yi zhuanshu) (Yuan) 尚仲賢 Shang Zhongxian
風雨像生貨郎旦雜劇 (貨郎旦) 一卷 Feng yu xiang sheng huo lang dan zaju (Huolangdan) (Yuan) NN
望江亭中秋切鱠雜劇 (望江亭) 一卷 Wangjiangting zhongqiu qie kuai zaju (Wangjiangting) (Yuan) 關漢卿 Guan Hanqing
馬丹陽三度任風子雜劇 (任風子) 一卷 Ma Danyang san du ren feng zi zaju (Renfengzi) (Yuan) 馬致遠 Ma Zhiyuan
薩真人夜斷碧桃花雜劇 (碧桃花) 一卷 Sa Zhenren ye duan bi tao hua zaju (Bitaohua) (Yuan) NN
沙門島張生煮海雜劇 (張生煮海) 一卷 Shamen dao Zhang sheng zhu hai zaju (Zhangsheng zhuhai) (Yuan) 李好古 Li Haogu
包待制智賺生金閣雜劇 (生金閣) 一卷 Bao Daizhi zhi zhuan sheng jin ge zaju (Shengjinge) (Yuan) 武漢臣 Wu Hanchen
馮玉蘭夜月泣江舟雜劇 (馮玉闌) 一卷 Feng Yulan ye yue qi jiang zhou zaju (Feng Yulan) (Yuan) NN
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