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Jiubian tushuo 九邊圖說

Oct 23, 2019 © Ulrich Theobald

Jiubian tushuo 九邊圖說 "Annotated maps of the nine border garrisons" is a book on the defence of the Great Wall written during the late Ming period 明 (1368-1644) by Sun Yingyuan 孫應元 (fl. 1569) and presented to the throne by Huo Ji 霍冀 (1516-1575), courtesy name Yaofeng 堯封, style Sizhai 思齋.

The core part of the book are maps of the garrisons and the Great Wall, while the annotations are seen as an appendix. There was a first version of the book finished in 1569. It shows and describes the garrisons Liaodong 遼東鎮, Jizhen 薊鎮, Xuanfu 宣府鎮, Datong 大同鎮, Shanxi 山西鎮, Suiyuan 延綏鎮, Ningxia 寧夏鎮, Guyuan 固原鎮 and Gansu 甘肅鎮. For each of these nine garrisons, a general map is presented, and several detailed maps showing passes, fortifications and military posts, as well as the military agro-colonies serving for the supply of the garrisons. The text explains the topography, possible battlefields, the strength of Chinese and enemy troops, as well as the number of horses and the cost of defense.

The book is to be found in the series Xuanlantang congshu 玄覽堂叢書.

A book with the same title was written by Shen Yongmao 申用懋 (1560-1638), courtesy name Jizhong 敬中, style Yuanchu 元渚). It was aimed to be a supplement of Xu Lun's 許論 (1487-1559) Jiubian tulun 九邊圖論 and is only preserved as a manuscript facsimile in the series Zhibuzuzhai congshu 知不足齋叢書.

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