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Shandong junxing jilüe 山東軍興紀略

Mar 4, 2016 © Ulrich Theobald

Shandong junxing jilüe 山東軍興紀略 "Military chronicle of the campaigns in Shandong" is a history of the many military campaigns in the province of Shandong during the Xianfeng 咸豐 (1851-1861) and Tongzhi 同治 (1862-1874) reign-periods of the Qing period 清 (1644-1911).

The first fascicle of the 22-juan long book renders the events of the defence campaign to throw back the Taiping 太平 armies (Yuefei 粵匪 "Guangxi bandits") trying to invade Beijing in 1853, juan 2-9 report the events of the suppression of the Nian rebellion 捻 (Wanfei 皖匪 "Anhui bandits"), juan 10-11 the suppression of local bandits (tufei 土匪), 12-13 that of the sectarian White Lotus 白蓮 bandits (jiaofei 教匪) in the districts of Qiuxian 邱縣 and Xinxian 莘縣, 14-16 the activities against the remainders of the sectarian rebels (jiangzhong 降眾 "subduing the masses"), 17-18 the descruction of yet other local bandits (called fufei 幅匪), juan 19 the fights against groups of rebels of the Xiwen Sect 習文教 in the district of Zouxian 鄒縣 (Zoujiao 鄒教), 20-21 the war against the bandits under Liu Depei 劉德培 in Zichuan 淄川 and of Huangyai 黃崖, and the last fascicle that against revolting village milita (tuanfei 團匪).

The book was probably (some editions do not mention any compiler) compiled by Guang Yan 管晏 (dates unknown), an expectant magistrate (houbu zhixian 候補知縣) for Shandong, and revised by Zhang Yao 張曜 (dates unknown, from Shanhua 善化, Hunan), acting military intendant (bingbei dao 兵備道) of the circuit of Yan-Yi 兗沂, and finally published by a second person called Zhang Yao (died 1891, courtesy name Langji 朗齋, from Daxing 大興 close to Beijing, later governor of Shandong). The book was printed in in 1879 by the Shenbao Printing House 申報館. It is therefore part of the series Shenbaoguan congshu 申報館叢書 and also found in the Zhongguo jindai shiliao congkan 近代中國史資料叢刊 and Zhongguo fanglüe congshu 中國方略叢書.

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