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Quanjinshi 全金詩

Feb 18, 2018 © Ulrich Theobald

Quanjishi 全金詩 is a collection of Chinese-language poetry from the Jin period 金 (1115-1234) compiled by Guo Yuanyu 郭元釪 (fl. 1711-16), courtesy name Yugong 于宮, style Shuangcun 雙村. He hailed from a salt merchant family in Jiangdu 江都, Jiangsu, and participated in the compilation of the rhyme dictionary Peiwen yunfu 佩文韻府. His own poetry collection is called Yihe'an shichao 一鶴庵詩鈔. Guo Yuanyu belongs to the so-called "Fifteen masters of Jiangsu" (Jiangzuo shiwu zi 江左十五子).

The collection Quanjinshi is also called Yuding Quanjinshi zengbu Zhongzhouji 御訂全金詩增補中州集, because it is basically a revision of Yuan Haowen's 元好問 (1190-1257) original collection Zhongzhouji 中州集. One shortcoming of the Zhongzhouji was that poems were not always completely recorded, but only those parts of them which were relevant to historical matters (yi shi cun shi 以詩存史). Another one is that Yuan Haowen did not include poems of contemporaries which were still living. Yuan's 10-juan short book was thus enlarged to a 74-juan long collection which included the poems of 358 persons, with a total number of 5,544 pieces.

This largely supplemented version was published with a preface written by the Kangxi Emperor 康熙帝 (r. ). The book was first printed in 1711, and it is also included in the imperial collectanea Siku quanshu 四庫全書. The arrangement of the collection follows the Zhongzhouji as well as Liu Qi's 劉祁 (1203-1250) Guiqianzhi 歸潛志, which means that the poems are accompanied by a short biography and comments on the style.

One shortcoming of the Quanjinshi is that even quotations of single verses are included, if such were preserved in any source.

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