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Quansongci 全宋詞 "The Complete Collection of Song Period ci Poetry"

The Quansongci 全宋詞 "Complete collection of Song period ci poetry" was compiled by the modern scholar Tang Guizhang 唐圭璋. The Ming period 明 (1368-1644) scholar Mao Jin 毛晉 already started collecting Song period ci poems 詞 is his book Song shiliu mingjia ci 宋六十名家詞 "Song period ci poems by 60 famous writers". During the Qing period 清 (1644-1911) Hou Wenshan 侯文灿 published a book Shi mingjia ciji 十名家詞集 "Ci poems by ten famous writers", and Qin Enfu 秦恩復 the collectanea Cixue congshu 詞學叢書 "Collectanea of ci poetry studies". Late Qing period scholars intensified the study of the ci type poetry, and a lot of related publications were made, like Wang Pengyun's 王鵬運 Siyizhai suo ke ci 四印齋所刻詞 and Song-Yuan sanshiyi jia ci 宋元三十一家詞, Jiang Biao's 江標 Song-Yuan mingjia ci 宋元名家詞, Wu Chongxi's 吳重熹 Shanzuoren ci 山左人詞, Wu Changshou's 吳昌綬 Shuangzhaolou yingke Song-Yuan benci 雙照樓景刊宋元本詞, Zhu Zumou's 朱祖謀 Qiangcun congshu 彊村叢書 and Tao Xiang's 陶湘 Xukan Song-Jin-Yuan-Ming benci 續刊景宋金元明本詞. In 1931 Zhao Wanli 趙萬里 revised all these books and published the 73 juan "scrolls" long collection Jiaoji Song-Jin-Yuan ren ci 校輯宋金元人詞 "Critical collection of poems from the Song, Jin and Yuan periods". This publication was followed by Zhou Yongxian's 周泳先 Tang-Song-Jin-Yuan ci goushen 唐宋金元詞鉤沉.
Tang Guizhang, based on the fundament that these earlier scholars had delivered, continued searching for ci poetry and combed various different types of literature like the collected writings of Song period authors, essays, encyclopedias, local gazetteers, tomb stone inscriptions, forewords or scientific treatises. In 1940 he published his Quansongci 全宋詞 by the Shangwu yinshu press 商務印書館 in Changsha. In 1965 an enlarged version was published by the Zhonghua shuju press 中華書局. It contained some 1,400 poems more, leading to a total size of more than 20,000 ci poems written by 1,300 different authors. Tang Guizhang had made use of more than 530 different sources. The arrangement of poems follows older traditions and begins with emperors and members of the court and end with women, monks and foreigners. Except for this general arrangement, the authors are arranged chronologically. In 1979 a supplement was published, the Quancongci dingbu xuji 全宋詞訂補續記. Kong Fanli 孔凡禮 added some 430 more poems and published a further supplement, the Quansongci buji 全宋詞補輯, in 1981.

Source: Cao Jiping 曹濟平 (1986). "Quansongci 全宋詞", in: Zhongguo da baike quanshu 中國大百科全書, Zhongguo lishi 中國歷史, vol. 1, p. 657. Beijing/Shanghai: Zhongguo da baike quanshu shubanshe.

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