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Xizhao wu zhong 西招五種

Sep 10, 2019 © Ulrich Theobald

Xizhao wu zhong 西招五種 "Five books on the western region" is a short series of collectanea (congshu 叢書) compiled by the Qing-period 清 (1644-1911) official and historian Sungyūn (Ch. Songyun 松筠, 1752-1835). It includes just five titles written by the editor himself.

Sungyūn is more famous for his local gazetteer on Tibet, Wei-Zang tongzhi 衛藏通志. He also published the series Han-tang dili shuchao 漢唐地理書鈔, a collection of early geographical reports.

The titles of the series have different literary forms, including both poetry and prose. They inform about the geography, administration, society and military affairs of Tibet and Xinjiang in the early 19th century.

Table 1. The series Xizhao wu zhong 西招五種
(Qing) 松筠 Sungyūn (comp.)
Esdition from the Jiaqing or Daoguang reign-period
書名, length in juan Title Author(s)
西招紀行詩 一卷 Xizhao jixing shi (Qing) 松筠 Sungyūn
丁巳秋閱吟 一卷 Dingsi qiuyue yin (Qing) 松筠 Sungyūn
西招圖略 一卷 Xizhao tulüe (Qing) 松筠 Sungyūn
Xizang tushuo
(app.) Zi Chengdu-fu zhi Houzang lucheng
(Qing) 松筠 Sungyūn
綏服紀略 一卷 Suifu jilüe (Qing) 松筠 Sungyūn
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