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Daozang jinghua 道藏精華

Aug 28, 2021 © Ulrich Theobald

Daozang jinghua 道藏精華 is a selection of important Daoist texts. The collection was compiled by Xiao Tianshi 蕭天石 (1909-1986, clerical name Quanwei Wenshan Dunsou 權威文山遯叟) and includes more then 800 books of ancient prints, solitary editions (guben 孤本) and manuscripts (chaoben 鈔本) The total number of texts included is 675. The first collection (ji 集) of the series was published in 1956 by the Taiwan Ziyou Press 臺灣自由出版社, and the 17th collection was only finished in 1992. The hardcover version has 75 volumes, and the paperback edition 104.

The series includes the most important scriptures on inner and outer alchemy (danjing 丹經) as well as general books on Daoist teachings. Quite importantly, it presents texts which were compiled after the publication of the Ming-period Canon (Zhengtong) Daozang (正統)道藏.

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