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Books on Agriculture and Agronomy (nongjia lei 農家類)

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Books on Agriculture and Agronomy (nongjia lei 農家類) is a subcategory in traditional Chinese bibliographies and part of the category of Masters and Philosophers (zibu 子部).

The so-called agriculturalists was a philosophical school during the Warring States period 戰國 (5th cent.-221 BCE). The tradition of teachings on agriculture goes probably back to a ministerial office for agriculture. Adherents of the school wandered around and instructed, according to the book Mengzi 孟子, the peasant how to sow grains, to till the fields and to raise mulberry trees. Their main purpose was, according to Confucius, to nourish the people. Only a few names of persons belonging to the tradition of agriculturalists are known, like Xu Xing 許行 from Chu 楚. He stressed that the worthy man has to work the fields together with the people. For his egalitarian standpoint, he was vehemently criticized by Mengzi. The Confucians countered that there must be division of labour in an advanced society. In fact, a lot of books from the Zhou 周 (11th cent.-221 BCE) and the Han 漢 (206 BCE-220 CE) periods include informations about agriculture, and it is by no means justified to speak of a philosophical school from the Han period on. Their writings were still collected, but then had a purely scientific and practical purpose. Agricultural treatises were, furthermore, granted an important section among the "masters and philosophers", probably because of the importance agriculture played in the economy of traditional China.

There is actually a vast treasury of books related to the field of agriculture. Yet the imperial series Siku quanshu 四庫全書 included just less than a dozen of them. Other books on agricultural matters are found in other sections, for instance, books on plants and animals, or treatises on field allotment and taxation, or medicine concerning medical herbs and diet. The compilers of the Siku quanshu selected 10 books to be included in this section. The most important of these are the "classics" Qimin yaoshu 齊民要術, Nongsang jiyao 農桑輯要, Nongshu 農書 and Nongzheng quanshu 農政全書.

The oldest surviving book catalogue of China, the Hanshu yiwen zhi, lists nine agricultural texts. The postface to the section says that these texts reflected the duties of the ancient Zhou-period offices of Nong-Ji 農稷, the Sacred Husbandman Shen Nong, and the Lord of Millet Hou Ji. The functionaries in these offices "spread the hundred types of grains", urged the people to plough and cultivate mulberry trees (for silk production), with the aim to produce sufficient food and clothing (bo baigu, quan geng-sang, yi zu yi-shi 播百穀,勸耕桑,以足衣食). Food and commodities (shi huo 食貨) were therefore the two foremost objects of goverment (ba zheng 八政). Out of these two needs, policy-related writings produced the type of "treatise on food and commodities" (Shihuo zhi 食貨志). Of the nine texts listed in the Hanshu bibliography, only fragments survive, of which Fan Shengzhi (shu) 氾勝之(書) is the most important.

Half a millennium later, the catalogue Suishu jingji zhi 隋書經籍志 listed just five agricultural texts. The Fan Shengzhi shu had survived until then, and several others had been written, namely Simin yueling 四人月令 during the very late Eastern Han period, Jinyuan shilu 禁苑實錄 (apparently on imperial parks; lost), Jia Sixie's 賈思勰 Qimin yaoshu, and a book by Yang Jin 楊瑾 commenting on "economic matters" (probably grain storage) during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE), Chunqiu jihi liuchang niyi 春秋濟世六常擬議. Tao Zhugong's 陶朱公 book Yangyufa 養魚法 (fish breeding),Bu Shi's 卜式 Yangyangfa 養羊法 (sheep breeding), Yangzhufa 養豬法 (pig breeding), and Yuezheng chumu caizhong fa 月政畜牧栽種法 (breeding and cultivation methods through the year) had been listed in Liang-period 梁 (502-557) catalogues, but were lost in the early 7th century.

The range of agricultural texts became much wider during the Tang period. The bibliographical chapters in the two history books Jiutangshu 舊唐書 (ch. 46-47 Jingji zhi 經籍志) and Xintangshu 新唐書 (ch. 57-60 Yiwen zhi 藝文志) list 20, resp. 36 texts. The Jiutangshu catalogue presents the books Fan Shengzhi shu, Simin yueling, Qimin yaoshu, and the Jinyuan shilu from antiquity, as well as the Yangyujing, in this place ascribed to Fan Li 范蠡. Novelties are Dai Kaizhi's 戴凱之 book on bamboos, Zhupu 竹譜, Gu Xuan's 顧烜 book on coins, Qianpu 錢譜 - where money is seen as a branch of (agricultural) economy -, Zhuge Ying's 諸葛穎 (536-612) 77-chapters-long book on tree cultivation Zhongzhifa 種植法, an anonymous book on silkworm breeding, Canjing 蠶經, and two books on falconry, namely Yao Xuqi's 堯須跂 (Yao Xuba 堯須跋) Zhijilu 鷙擊錄 in 20 chapters, and the anonymous Yingjing 鷹經. No less than eight texts are dedicated to the "inspection" (xiang 相 of various animals, involving skills not only dedicated to estimate the value of domestic animals according to their physical condition, but also to predict the future (see books on divination). The animals in question are cranes (Xianghejing 相鶴經), horses (Xiangmajing 相馬經, various texts), oxen (Xiangniujing 相牛經), and shells (Xiangbeijing 相貝經). There is also a general book on animal prognostication called Zhaoren benye 兆人本業, authorship of which is ascribed to the "Celestial Empress" 天后 (Tian Hou, in Xintangshu Wu Hou 武后, i.e. Wu Zetian 武則天). The Southern-Song-period catalogue Zhizhai shulu jieti 直齋書錄解題 criticized the inclusion of divinatory and falconry texts into the section of agriculture.

The bibliographical chapter in the Xintangshu lists a further texts from antiquity, Yin Duwei shu 尹都尉書, and some more books on agricultural works through the year, namely Wangshi sishu lu 王氏四時錄, Sun Simiao's 孫思邈 (581?-682) Qianjin queling 千金月令, Xue Deng's 薛登 (647-719) Sishi ji 四時記, Du Taiqing's 杜臺卿 (fl. 594) Yuzhu baodian 玉燭寶典, Pei Cheng's 裴澄 (fl. 795) Shengyu yueling 乘輿月令, Wei Xinggui's 韋行規 Baosheng yuelu 保生月錄, Han E's 韓鄂 (c. 750) Sishi zuanyao 四時纂要 (surviving in fragments) and Suihua jili 歲華紀麗. The list also includes a painting scroll by Wang Ya 王涯 (764-835) called Yueling tu 月令圖. The Xintangshu bibliography informs the reader about Li Chunfeng's 李淳風 (602-670) commentary Yan qimin yaoshu 演齊民要術, and includes some more texts describing agricultural work in certain regions of the empire, namely Jing-Chu suishi ji 荊楚歲時記 in two versions, one written by Du Gongshan 杜公贍 (c. 600), and one (surviving until today) by Song Lin 宗懍 (502-565), as well as Li Chuo's 李綽 (d. 862) Qinzhong suishi ji 秦中歲時記 (in the catalogue Junzhai dushu zhi 郡齋讀書志 called Nianxia suishi ji 輦下歲時記). Two more books have to be mentioned, namely Wang Fangqing's 王方慶 (d. 702) Yuanting caomu shu 園庭草木疏, and Li Yong's 李邕 (674-746) Jinguyuan ji 金谷園記, both dealing with horticulture and parks.

The Song-period catalogue Chongwen zongmu 崇文總目 includes just eight agricultural texts, namely Qimin yaoshu, Wu Zetian's Zaoren benye, Wang Min's 王旼 (1144-1204) Shanju yaoshu 山居要術 (today lost), Jia Daoyuan's 賈道元 "Filial book of agriculture" Danong xiaojing 大農孝經, a book called Nongjia qieyao 農家切要, the book Nongzi 農子, and two books on sericulture, one attributed to Prince Liu An 劉安 (179-122 BCE) from the Former Han period 前漢 (206 BCE-8 CE), and one written by Sun Guangxian 孫光憲 (896-968). The bibliographical chapter in Zheng Qiao's 鄭樵 (1104-1162) Tongzhi 通志 also lists no more than 12 texts. Quite outstanding in this list is the ancient, 15-fascicles-long Fanzi jiran 范子計然, a text actually lost, as well as the "book of basics [of state and economy]" Benshu 本書 by He Liang 何亮.

The Junzahi dushu zhi includes about a dozen of treatises on tea (beginning with Lu Yu's 陸羽 famous Chajing 茶經 from the Tang period), as well as texts on bamboos like Dai Kaizhi's Zhupu and Monk Huisong's 惠崇 (965-1017) Sunpu 筍譜, lychees (Cai Xiang's 蔡襄 Lizhipu 荔支譜 and Lizhi gushi 荔支故事), peonies (Ouyang Xiu's 歐陽修 Mudanpu 牡丹譜, and wine (Zheng Ao's 鄭遨 Xu jiupu 續酒譜 from the Tang period, Wanghuailu 忘懷錄 by Mengxi Zhangren 夢溪丈人 (i.e. Shen Kuo 沈括), and Zhu Hong's 朱肱 Jiujing 酒經). There is also Li Deyu's 李德裕 (787-849) book on useful plants, Pingquan caomu ji 平泉草木記. According to custom, the Song dynasty updated the imperial edicts concerning to seasons, resulting in Jia Changchao's 賈昌朝 (998-1065) Guochao shiling 國朝時令.

Chen Zhensun 陳振孫 (1179-1262), author of the Zhizhai shulu jieti, tried to establish a more consistent arrangement of the section by first listing texts from antiquity, follwed by Qin Guan's 秦觀(1049-1100) sericulture book Canshu 蠶書, Zeng Anzhi's 曾安止 (1048-1098) book Hepu 禾譜 on grains, and his son Zeng Zhiqin's 曾之謹 (11th cent.) Nongqipu 農器譜 on agricultural tools. This part is followed by Lou Shou's 樓璹 (1090-1162) illustrated Gengzhitu 耕織圖 on farming and sericulture, books on bamboos, and then more than a dozen texts on various types of flowers. The list then goes over to fruit trees like lychees, Chen Zhu's 陳翥 (1009-1061?) Tongpu 桐譜 on the Tung tree and Shen Li's 沈立 (1007-1078) Haitangji 海棠記 on crab apples. The list ends with Wang Zhuo's 王灼 (1105-1160) book on sugarcane, Tangshuangpu 糖霜譜, and two books on crabs.

The history book Songshi 宋史 (202-209 Yiwen zhi 藝文志) includes a catalogue presenting the state of books on agriculture as available in the late 13th century. At the time, not many farming books of antiquity had survived. The listing begins with commentaries on Confucian texts on edicts concerned with agricultural work through the seasons. Xi Han's 嵇含 Nanfang caomu zhuang 南方草木狀 on southern plants marks the beginning of a new section the books in which are arranged in chronological order. It begins with the Qimin yaoshu, then goes on to books on tea, Jia Dan's 賈躭 Yiniujung 醫牛經 on medical treatment of cattle.

The following table includes selected texts of agricultural matters, arranged according to content. The headline follow the arrangement of Zhongguo nongye baike quanshu 中國農業百科全書, Vol. Nongye lishi 農業歷史, register (Tiaomu fenlei shumu 條目分類數目).

Table 1. Books on Agriculture and Agronomy (nongjia 農家)
Part of Siku quanshu 四庫全書
Part of Xuxiu siku quanshu 續修四庫全書


神農書 (殘) * Shen Nong Shu () 神農 Shen Nong (?)
宰氏書 (殘) * Zaishi shu () NN
野老書 (殘) * Yelaoshu (Zhou) NN
范子計然 (殘) * Fanzi Jiran (Zhou) NN
計然萬物錄 (殘) * Jiran wanwu lu (Zhou) 辛銒 Xing Jian (?)
董安國 (殘) * Dong Anguo (Han) 董安國 Dong Anguo
氾勝之書 (殘) * Fan Shengzhi shu (Han) 氾勝之 Fan Shengzhi
蔡葵書 (殘) * Cai Kui shu (Han) 蔡葵 Cai Kui
家政法 (殘) * Jiazhengfa (Han) NN
農家諺 一卷 * Nongjiayan (Han) 崔寔 Cui Shi (?)
齊民要術 十卷 Qimin yaoshu (Later Wei) 賈思勰 Jia Sixie
兆人本業 三卷 * Zhaoren benye (Tang) 武則天 Wu Zetian et al.
農書 (陳旉農書) 三卷 Nongshu (Chen Fu Nongshu) (Song) 陳旉 Chen Fu
種藝必用 *
種藝必用補遺 *
Zhongyi biyong
Zhongyi biyong buyi
(Song) 吳攢 Wu Zan
農桑輯要 七卷 Nongsang jiyao (Yuan)
農書 二十二卷 Nongshu (Yuan) 王禎 Wang Zhen
農桑衣食撮要 (農桑撮要, 養民月宜) 二卷 Nongsang yishi cuoyao (Nongsang cuoyao, Yangmin yueyi) (Yuan) 魯明善 Lu Mingshan
便民圖纂 十六卷 (續修) Bianmin tuzuan (Ming) 鄺璠 Kuang Fan
多能啚事 十二卷 * Duoneng bishi (Ming) 劉基 Liu Ji (?)
農說 一卷 (存目) * Nongshuo (Ming) 馬一龍 Ma Yilong
陶朱公致富奇書 (陶朱公致富全書, 農圃六書) * Tao Zhugong zhifu qishu (Tao Zhugong zhifu quanshu, Nongpu liushu) (Ming) 陶朱公 Tao Zhugong (?)
農圃六書 * Nongpu liushu (Ming) 周之璵 Zhou Zhiyu
田家曆 一卷 * Tianjiali (Ming) NN
農圃四書 四卷 * Nongpu sishu (Ming) 黃省曾 Huang Shengceng
稼圃輯 一卷 (續修) Jiapuji (Ming) 王芷 Wang Zhi(comp.)
樹藝篇 三十三卷 * Shuyipian (Ming) 胡古愚 Hu Guyu
勸農書 (寳坻勸農書) 一卷 (續修) Quannongshu (Baodi quannong shu) (Ming) 袁黃 Yuan Huang
農政全書 六十卷 Nongzheng quanshu (Ming) 徐光啟 Xu Guangqi
國脈民天 (耿嵩陽先生種田法) 一卷 (續修) Guomai mintian (Geng Songyang xiansheng Zhongtianfa) (Ming) 耿陰樓 Geng Yinlou
沈氏農書 (補農書) 一卷 (續修) Shenshi nongshu (Ming) 沈氏 Master Shen
補農書 一卷 * Bu nongshu (Qing) 張履祥 Zhang Lüxiang
梭山農譜 三卷 (續修) * Suoshan nongpu (Qing) 劉應棠 Liu Yingtang
農桑易知錄 三卷 (續修) Nongsang yizhi lu (Qing) 鄭之橋 Zheng Zhiqiao
經世民事錄 十二卷 (存目) Jingshi minshi lu (Qing) 桂萼 Gui E (comp.)
豳風廣義 三卷 (續修) Binfeng guangyi (Qing) 楊屾 Yang Shen
知本提綱 Zhiben tigang (Qing) 楊屾 Yang Shen
農圃便覽 (西石梁農圃便覽) 一卷 (續修) Nongpu bianlan (Xishiliang nongpu bianlan) (Qing) 丁宜曾 Ding Yiceng
三農紀 二十四卷 (續修) Sannongji (Qing) 張宗法 Zhang Zongfa
增訂教稼書 一卷 * Zengding jiaojiashu (Qing) 盛百二 Cheng Bai'er
寶訓 八卷 (續修) Baoxun (Qing) 郝懿行 Hao Yixing
浦泖農咨 一卷 (續修) Pumao nongzi (Qing) 姜皋 Jiang Gao
馬首農言 一卷 (續修) Mashou nongyan (Qing) 祁寯藻 Qi Junzao

Methods of ploughing

(御製)耕織圖詩 (耕織圖) (續修) (Yuzhi) Gengzhi tushi (Gengzhitu) (Song) 樓璹 Lou Shu et al.; (Qing) 玄燁 Xuanye (康熙帝 Kangxi Emperor); 焦秉貞 Jiao Bingzhen (ill.)
營田輯要 三卷 (續修) Yingtian jiyao (Qing) 黃輔辰 Huang Fuchen
區種十種 * Quzhong shi zhong (PRC) 王毓瑚 Wang Yuhu (comp.)

Agricultural tools

耒耜經 一卷 (存目) * Leisijing (Tang) 陸龜蒙 Lu Guimeng
農具記 一卷 (續修) Nongjuji (Ming) 陳玉璂 Chen Yuqi


For hydrological work, see Geographies: Rivers and canals.
泰西水法 六卷 Taixi shuifa (Ming) 熊三拔 Xiong Sanba (Sabatino de Ursis), 徐光啟 Xu Guangqi
築圍說 一卷 (續修) Zhuweishuo (Qing) 陳瑚 Chen Hu
築圩圖說 一卷 (續修) Zhuyu tushuo (Qing) 孫峻 Sun Jun

Weather and prognostication

田家五行 三卷 (續修) Tianjia wuxing (Yuan) 婁元禮 Lou Yuanli
卜歲恆言 四卷 (續修) Busui hengyan (Qing) 吳鵠 Wu Gao
農候雜占 四卷 (續修) Nonghou zazhan (Qing) 梁章鉅 Liang Zhangju
田家占候集覽 十卷 (續修) Tianjia zhanhou jilan (Qing) 鄒存淦 Zou Cungan

Farming with the seasons

For edicts concerning the seasons, see Edicts concerning the seasons.
四民月令 一卷 * Simin yueling (Han) 崔寔 Cui Shi
玉燭寶典 十二卷 (續修) Yuzhu baodian (Sui) 杜臺卿 Du Taiqing
四時纂要 五卷 (續修) Sishi zuanyao (Tang) 韓鄂 Han E
(欽定)授時通考 七十八卷 (Qinding) Shoushi tongkao (Qing) imp. ord.

Fruits of the field

禾譜 * Hepu (Song) 曾安止 Zeng Anzhi
江南催耕課稻篇 一卷 (續修) Jiangnan cugeng kedao pian (Qing) 李彥章 Li Yanzhang
Sweet potatoes
種芋法 (荢經) 一卷 (續修) Zhongyufa (Yujing) (Ming) 黃省曾 Huang Shengzeng
金薯傳習錄 二卷 (續修) Jinshu chuanxi lu (Qing) 陳世元 Chen Shiyuan
甘薯錄 * Ganshulu (Qing) 陸耀 Lu Yao
療貧方 (種棉、苎、菸法) * Liaopinfa (Zhong mian zhu yan fa) (Qing) 江村遯廬 Jiangcun Dunlu (comp.)
(御題)棉花圖 一卷 * (Yuti) Mianhuatu (Qing) 方觀承 Fang Guancheng (ill.)
木棉譜 一卷 (續修) Mumianpu (Qing) 褚華 Chu Hua
棉書 一卷 (續修) Mianshu (Qing) NN
(欽定)授衣廣訓 二卷 (續修) (Qinding) Shouyi guangxun (Qing) 董浩 Dong Hao et al. (imp. ord.)
通屬種棉述略 一卷 (續修) Tongshu zhongmian shulüe (Qing) 朱祖榮 Zhu Zurong
種棉實驗說 一卷 (續修) Zhongmian shiyan shuo (Qing) 黃宗堅 Huang Zongjian
棉業圖說 八卷 (續修) Mianye tushuo (Qing) 農工商部 Nong-gong-shang bu (comp.)
種麻說 (種苎麻法, 藝麻篇, 栽苎麻法略) 一卷 (續修) Zhongmashuo (Zhong zhuma fa, Yimapian, Cai zhuma fa lüe) (Qing) 黃厚裕 Huang Houyu
瀏陽麻利述 一卷 (續修) Liuyang mali shu (Qing) 邱唯毅 Qiu Weiyi, 周泰韻 Zhou Taiyun; 譚嗣同 Tan Sitong (comp.)
藝麻輯要 一卷 (續修) Yima jiyao (Qing) 董元梁 Dong Yuanliang, 汪曾保 Wang Zengbao
糖霜譜 一卷 * Tangshuangpu (Song) 王灼 Wang Zhuo
人參考 一卷 * Renshenkao (Qing) 唐秉鈞 Tang Bingjun
人參譜 一卷 * Renshenpu (Qing) 陸烜 Lu Xuan
參譜 一卷 * Shenpu (Qing) 黃叔燦 Huang Shucan
煙譜 一卷 * Yanpu (Qing) 陸耀 Lu Yao
煙譜 一卷 (續修) Yanpu (Qing) 蔡家琬 Cai Jiawan
煙草譜 八卷 (續修) Yancaopu (Qing) 陳琮 Chen Cong
Poppy for opium
黔蜀種鴉片法 一卷 * Qian-Shu zhong yapian fa (Qing) NN
罌粟源流考 一卷 * Yingli yuanliu kao (Qing) NN
阿芙蓉考 一卷 * Afurong kao (Qing) 陳壽彭 Chen Shoupeng
Others (palm trees, dyes)
葵考 * Kuikao (Qing) 阮元 Ruan Yuan
蒲葵裁制法 一卷 * Pukui caizhi fa (Qing) 劉敦焕 Liu Dunhuan
種藍略法 一卷 * Zhonglan lüefa (Qing) 羅振玉 Luo Zhenyu

Orchards, gardens and fruit trees

尹都尉書 (殘) * Yin Duwei shu (Han) 尹澤 Yin Ze
灌園史 四卷 * Guanyuanshi (Ming) 陳詩教 Chen Shidun; 陳繼儒 Chen Jiru (rev.)
汝南圃史 十二卷 (續修) Shuan pushi (Ming) 周文華
灌園草木識 六卷 (續修) Guanyuan caomu shi (Ming) 陳正學 Chen Zhengxue
老圃良言 一卷 (續修) Laopu liangyan (Qing) 巢鳴盛 Chao Mingcheng
種蔬疏 一卷 * Zhongshushu (Yuan) 俞宗本 Yu Zongben
吳蕈譜 一卷 (續修) Wutanpu (Qing) 吳林 Wu Lin
種果疏 一卷 * Zhongguoshu (Yuan) 俞宗本 Yu Zongben
Plums and dates
擕李譜 一卷 * Xielipu (Yuan) 王逢辰 Wang Fengchen
打棗譜 一卷 * Dazaopu (Yuan) 柳貫 Liu Guan (?)
橘錄 (永嘉橘錄, 橘譜) 三卷 Julu (Yongjia julu, Jupu) (Song) 韓彥直 Han Yanzhi
Lychee and longan
荔枝譜 一卷 Lizhipu (Song) 蔡襄 Cai Xiang
閩中荔枝通譜 (荔枝通譜) 四卷 (續修) Minzhong lizhi tongpu (Lizhi tongpu) (Ming) 鄧慶宷 Deng Qingshen (comp.)
嶺南荔枝譜 二卷 (續修) Lingnan lizhi pu (Qing) 吳應逵 Wu Yingkui
龍眼譜 一卷 * Longyanpu (Qing) 趙古農 Zhao Gunong
海棠記 一卷 * Haitangji (Song) 陳立 Chen Li
海棠譜 三卷 Haitangpu (Song) 陳思 Chen Si

Bamboos and forestry

竹譜 一卷 Zhupu (Song) 戴凱之 Dai Kaizhi
筍譜 一卷 Sunpu (Song) 僧贊寧 Monk Zanning (?)
竹譜 一卷 (續修) Zhupu (Qing) 陳鼎 Chen Ding
種樹書 * Zhongshushu (Tang) 郭橐駝 Guo Tuotuo
桐譜 一卷 * Tongpu (Song) 陳翥 Chen Zhu
種樹書 * Zhongshushu (Ming) 俞貞木 Yu Zhenmu
桂考 一卷 * Guikao (Qing) 張光裕 Zhang Guangyu
檳榔譜 一卷 * Binglangpu (Qing) 趙古農 Zhao Gunong
菌譜 一卷 * Xunpu (Ming) 陳仁玉 Chen Renyu


茶經 三卷 * Chajing (Tang) 陸羽 Lu Yu
茶錄 一卷 * Chalu (Song) 蔡襄 Cai Xiang
東溪試茶錄 一卷 * Dongxi shicha lu (Song) 宋子安 Song Zi'an
大觀茶論 (聖宋茶論, 茶論) 一卷 * Daguan chalun (Sheng-Song chalun, Chalun) (Song) 趙佶 Zhao Ji (宋徽宗 Emperor Song Huizong)
宣和北苑貢茶錄 (宣和貢茶錄, 試茶錄) 一卷 * Xuanhe beiyuan gongcha lu (Xuanhe gongcha lu, Shichalu) (Song) 熊蕃 Xiong Fan
北苑別錄 一卷 * Beiyuan bielu (Song) 趙汝礪 Zhao Ruli
茶經外集 (茶譜外集) 一卷 * Chajing waiji (Chapu waiji) (Ming) 孫大綬 Sun Dashou
制茶新譜 一卷 * Zhicha xinpu (Ming) 錢椿年 Qian Chunnian
茶苑 * Chayuan (Ming) 黃履道 Huang Lüdao (comp.)
蒙史 二卷 * Mengshi (Ming) 龍膺 Long Ying
茶譜 一卷 (續修) Chapu (Ming) 顧元慶 Gu Yuanqing
茶解 一卷 * Chajie (Ming) 羅廪 Luo Lin
茶箋 無分卷 * Chajian (Ming) 聞龍 Wen Long
茶集 二卷 * Chaji (Ming) 喻政 Yu Zheng
茶錄 一卷 * Chalu (Ming) 張源 Zhang Yuan
茶說 一卷 * Chashuo (Ming) 黃龍德 Huang Longde
茗笈 二卷 * Mingji (Ming) 屠本畯 Tu Benjun
茶經 一卷 * Chajing (Ming) 張應文 Zhang Yingwen
品茶要錄補 一卷 * Pincha yaolu bu (Ming) 程百二 Cheng Bai'er
茶書 一卷 * Chashu (Ming) 醉茶消客 Zuicha Xiaoke (comp.)
茶箋 一卷 * Chajian (Ming) 屠隆 Tu Long
茶錄 一卷 * Chalu (Ming) 馮時可 Feng Shike
茶說 一卷 * Chashuo (Ming) 屠隆
蔡端明別記 一卷 * Cai Duanming bieji (Ming) 徐𤊹 Xu Bo
茗譚 一卷 * Mingtan (Ming) 徐𤊹 Xu Bo
茶錄 四卷 * Chalu (Ming) 程用賓 Cheng Yongbin
茶疏 (然名茶疏, 峰茶疏) 無分卷 * Chashu (Ranming chashu, Fengchashu) (Ming) 許次紓 Xu Cishu
茶論 一卷 * Chalun (Ming) 許次紓
羅岕茶記 一卷 * Luojie chaji (Ming) 熊明遇 Xiong Mingyu
茶話 一卷 * Chahua (Ming) 陳繼儒 Chen Jiru
岕茶箋 一卷 * Jiechajian (Ming) 馮可賓 Feng Kebin
洞山岕茶系 一卷 * Dongshan jiecha xi (Ming) 周高起 Zhou Gaoqi
虎丘茶經注補 一卷 * Huqiu chajing zhubu (Qing) 陳鑒 Chen Jian
茶史 二卷 (續修) Chashi (Qing) 劉源長 Liu Yuanchang
茶史補 一卷 * Chashi bu (Qing) 余懷 Yu Hua
岕茶葉彙鈔 一卷 * Jiechaye huichao (Qing) 冒襄 Mao Xiang
繼茶經 三卷 * Xu chajing (Qing) 陸廷燦 Lu Tingcan
種茶良法 一卷 * Zhongcha liangfa (Qing) 高葆真 Gao Baozhen


洛陽花木記 一卷 * Luoyang huamu ji (Song) 周帥厚 Zhou Shihou
花史 十卷 * Huashi (Ming) 黃文星 Huang Wenxing
花史存 三卷/四卷 (續修) Huashicun (Ming) NN
花史左編 二十四卷 (續修) Huashi zuobian (Qing) 王路 Wang Lu
花傭月令 一卷 (續修) Huayong yueling (Qing) 徐石麒 Xu Shiqi
花鏡 (百花裁培秘訣, 秘傳花鏡) 六卷 (續修) Huajing (Baihua caipei mijue, Michuan huajing) (Qing) 陳淏子 Chen Haozi
洛陽牡丹記 一卷 * Luoyang mudan ji (Song) 歐陽修 Ouyang Xiu
洛陽牡丹記 一卷 * Luoyang mudan ji (Song) 周師厚 Zhou Shihou
牡丹譜 * Mudanpu (Song) 胡元質 Hu Yuanzhi
陳州牡丹記 一卷 * Chenzhou mudan ji (Song) 張邦基 Zhang Bangji
天彭牡丹譜 一卷 * Tianpeng mudan ji (Song) 陸游 Lu You
亳州牡丹志 一卷 * Bozhou mudan zhi (Ming) NN
亳州牡丹史 (牡丹史) 四卷 (續修) Bozhou mudan shi (Mudanshi) (Ming) 薛鳳翔 Xue Fengxiang
曹州牡丹譜 一卷 (續修) Caozhou mudan pu (Qing) 余鵬年 Yu Pengnian
芍藥譜 (芍藥譜圖序) 一卷 * Shaoyaopu (Shaoyaopu tuxu) (Song) 孔武仲
芍藥譜 (維揚芍藥譜, 芍藥花譜) 一卷 * Shaoyaopu (Weiyang shaoyao pu, Shaoyao huapu) (Song) 劉攽 Liu Ban
芍藥譜 (揚州芍藥譜) 一卷 * Shaoyaopu (Yangzhou shaoyao pu) (Song) 王觀 Wang Guan
菊譜 (劉氏菊譜) 一卷 * Jupu (Liushu jupu) (Song) 劉蒙 Liu Meng
史氏菊譜 (史老圃菊譜) 一卷 * Shishi jupu (Shi Laopu jupu) (Song) 史正志 Shi Zhengzhi
范村菊譜 (石湖菊譜, 菊譜) 一卷 * Fancun jupu (Shihu jupu, Jupu) (Song) 范成大 Fan Chengda
菊譜 一卷 (續修) Jupu (Ming) 周履靖 Zhou Lüjing
藝菊志 一卷 (續修) Yijuzhi (Qing) 陸廷燦 Lu Tingcan (comp.)
菊譜 (葉梅夫菊譜) 二卷 (續修) Jupu (Ye Meifu jupu) (Qing) 葉天培 Ye Tianpei
蘭譜奧法 一卷 * Lanpu aofa (Song) 趙時庚 Zhao Shigeng (?)
金漳蘭譜 三卷 * Jinzhang lanpu (Song) 趙時庚 Zhao Shigeng
蘭譜 (王氏蘭譜) 一卷 * Lanpu (Wangshi lanpu) (Song) 王貴學 Wang Guixue
蘭易 (蘭史, 天根易, 十二翼) 二卷 (續修) Lanyi (Lanshi, Tiangenyi, Shi'eryi) (Ming) 馮京第 Feng Jingdi
茶花譜 三卷 (續修) Chahuapu (Qing) 樸靜子 Pujingzi
梅品 一卷 * Meipin (Song) 張鎡 Zhang Zi
范村梅譜 (梅譜) 一卷 * Fancun meipu (Meipu) (Song) 范成大 Fan Chengda
Other plants
瓊花譜 (揚州瓊花集) 一卷 * Qionghuapu (Yangzhou qinghua ji) (Ming) 楊端 Yang Duan
鳳仙譜 一卷 * Fengxianpu (Qing) 趙學敏 Zhao Xuemin
鳳仙花譜 五卷 * Fengxian huapu (Qing) 錢泳 Qian Yong
Flowers in vases
瓨荷譜 一卷 * Honghepu (Qing) 楊鐘寶 Yang Zhongbao
月季花譜 一卷 (續修) Yueji huapu (Qing) 評花館主 Pinghuaguan Zhu
月季花譜 (湫漻齋月季花譜) * Yueji huapu (Qiuliaozhai yueji huapu) (Qing) 陳葆善 Chen Baoshan

Mulberry trees and silkworm raising

蠶經 一卷 * Canjing (Han) 劉安
蠶書 一卷 Canshu (Song) 秦觀 Qin Guan
蠶政輯要 無分卷 * Canzheng jiyao (Yuan) 司農司
蠶經 (養蠶經) 一卷 * Canjing (Yangcanjing) (Ming) 黃省曾 Huang Shengzeng
桑志 十卷 (續修) Sangzhi (Qing) 李聿求 Li Yuqiu
蠶桑輯要 二卷 (續修) Cansang jiyao (Qing) 高銓 Gao Quan
廣蠶桑說 一卷 * Guang cansangshuo (Qing) 沈練 Shen Lian
廣蠶桑說輯補 二卷 (續修) Guang cansangshuo jibu (Qing) 沈練 Shen Lian; 仲學輅 Zhong Xuelu (suppl.)
蠶事要略 一卷 (續修) Cansang yaolüe (Qing) 張行孚 Zhang Xingfu
蠶桑輯要 一卷 (續修) Cansang jiyao (Qing) 沈秉成 Shen Bingcheng
蠶桑提要 二卷 (附 桑蠶說 一卷) (續修) Cansang tiyao (app. Sangcanshuo) (Qing) 方大湜 Fang Dashi
蠶桑說 一卷 (續修) Cansangshuo (Qing) 趙敬如 Zhao Jingru
裨農最要 三卷 (續修) Binnong zuiyao (Qing) 陳開沚 Chen Kaizhi
蠶桑輯要 一卷 (續修) Cansang jiyao (Qing) 鄭文同 Zheng Wentong
養蠶秘訣 一卷 (續修) Yangcan mijue (Qing) 張文藝 Zhang Wenyi (rev.)
Wild Silkworms
樗繭譜 一卷 (續修) Chujianpu (Qing) 鄭珍 Zheng Zhen; 莫友芝 Mao Youzhi (comm.)
橡繭圖說 二卷 (續修) Xiangjian tushuo (Qing) 劉祖震 Liu Zuzhen (Liu Zuxian 劉祖憲 xxx)
柳蠶新編 一卷 (續修) Liucan xinbian (Qing) 許鵬翊 Xu Pengyi
野蠶錄 四卷 (續修) Yecanlu (Qing) 王元綎 Wang Yuanting
柞蠶雜誌 一卷 (續修) Zuocan zazhi (Qing) 增韞 Zeng Yun
柞蠶問答 一卷 (續修) Zuocan wenda (Qing) 增韞 Zeng Yun
柞蠶彙誌 一卷 (續修) Zuocan huizhi (Qing) 董元亮 Dong Yuanliang

Medical herbs

救荒本草 二卷 Jiuhuang bencao (Yuan) 朱橚 Zhu Su
野菜譜 (王西樓野菜譜) 一卷 (存目) * Yecaipu (Wang Xilou yecai pu) (Ming) 王磐 Wang Pan
茹草編 四卷 * Rucaobian (Ming) 周履靖 Zhou Lüjing
野菜譜 一卷 * Yecaipu (Ming) 滑浩 Hua Hao
野菜箋 一卷 * Yecaijian (Ming) 屠本畯 Tu Benjun
野菜博錄 三卷 Yecai bolu (Ming) 鮑山 Bao Shan
救荒野譜 一卷 (續修) Jiuhuang yepu (Ming) 姚可成 Yao Kecheng
野菜贊 一卷 (續修) Yecaizan (Qing) 顧景星 Gu Jingxing
野蔌品 * Yesupin (Ming) 高濂 Gao Lian

Domestic animals and veterinary medicine

相馬經 (殘) * Xiangmajing (Han) 馬援 Ma Yuan
相馬經 (相馬書) 二卷 * Xiangmajing (Xiangmashu) (Tang) 徐成 Xu Cheng (?) et al.
司牧安驥集 (安驥集) 三卷 * Simu anji ji (Anjiji) (Tang) 李石 Li Shi
馬經通玄方論 (司牧馬經痊驥通玄方) 六卷 * Majing tongxuan fanglun (Simu majing quanji tongxuan fang) (Yuan) 卞寶 Bian Bao
類方馬經 (纂圖類方馬經) (殘六卷) * Leifang majing (Zuantu leifang majing) (Ming) NN
馬經 (圖象馬經全書) (殘十卷) * Majing (Tuxiang majing quanshu) (Ming) 俞彥 Yu Yan
蠙衣生馬記 (馬記) 一卷 * Binyi shengma ji (Maji) (Ming) 郭子章 Guo Zizhang (comp.)
(新編集成)馬醫方牛醫方 * Mayi fang niuyi fang (Korea) 趙浚 Cho Chun et al.
馬書 十四卷 * Mashu (Ming) 楊時喬 Yang Shiqiao
元亨療馬集 (療馬集, 元亨療牛馬駝集, 牛馬駝經) 四卷 * Yuanheng liaoma ji (Liaomaji, Yuanheng liao niu-ma-tuo ji, Niu-ma-tuo jing) (Ming) 喻仁 Yu Ren, 喻杰 Yu Jie
療馬集 * Liaomaji (Qing) 周海蓬 Zhou Haipeng
馬經 * Majing (Qing) 潘宗鼎 Pan Zongding (comp.)
相馬經 一卷 * Xiangmajing (Qing) 王仁俊 Wang Renjun (comp.)
相牛經 (牛經) 一卷 * Xiangniujing (Niujing) (Zhou) 寧戚 Ning Qi (?)
牛經大全 * Niujing daquan (Qing) NN
豬經大全 * Zhujing daquan (Qing) NN; 李德華 Li Dehua, 李時華 Li Shihua (rev.)
雞譜 五十一篇 (續修) Jipu (Qing) NN
鴿經 一卷 (續修) Gejing (Ming) 張萬鐘 Zhang Wanzhong
卜式養羊法 (養羊法) (殘) * Bu Shi yangyang fa (Yangyangfa) (Han) 卜式 Bu Shi (?)
卜式養豬法 (養豬法) (殘) * Bu Shi yangzhu fa (Yangzhufa) (Han) 卜式 Bu Shi (?)
囊駝經 一卷 * Nangtuojing (Qing) 童華 Tong Hua
蜜蜂記略 一卷 * Mifeng jilüe (Qing) 程瑤田 Cheng Yaotian
蜂衙小記 一卷 (續修) Fengya xiaoji (Qing) 郝懿行 Hao Yixing
哺記 一卷 * Buji (Qing) 黃百家 Huang Baijia

Fishes and seafood

陶朱公養魚經 (范蠡養魚經, 陶朱公養魚法, 陶朱公養魚方,養魚經) (殘) * Tao Zhugong yangyu jing (Fan Li yang yu jing, Tao Zhugong yangyu fang, Yangyujing (Zhou) 范蠡 Fan Li or 陶朱公 Tao Zhugong
種魚經 (養魚經, 魚經) 一卷 * Zhongyujing (Yangyujing, Yujing) (Ming) 黃省曾 Huang Shengzeng
異魚圖贊 四卷 Yiyu tuzan (Ming) 楊慎 Yang Shen
異魚圖贊補 三卷 * Yiyu tuzan bu (Ming) 胡世安 Hu Shi'an
異魚圖箋 四卷 * Yiyu tujian (Ming) 胡世安 Hu Si'an
閩中海錯疏 三卷 * Minzhong haicuo shu (Ming) 屠本畯 Tu Benjun
江南魚鮮品 一卷 (續修) Jiangnan yuxian pin (Qing) 陳鑒 Chen Jian
記海錯 一卷 * Jihaicuo (Qing) 郝懿行 Hao Yixing
海錯百一錄 五卷 (續修) Haicuo baiyi lu (Qing) 郭柏蒼 Guo Bocang
蟹譜 二卷 Xiepu (Song) 傅肱 Fu Hong
蟹略 四卷 Xielüe (Song) 高似孫 Gao Sisun
續蟹譜 一卷 * Xu xiepu (Qing) 褚人獲 Chu Renhuo
Ornamental fishes
金魚品 一卷 * Jinyupin (Ming) 屠隆 Tu Long
金魚圖贊 一卷 (續修) Jinyu tuzan (Qing) 句曲山農 Gouqu Shannong
金魚飼育法 (養金魚) 一卷 * Yinyu siyu fa (Yangjinyu) (Qing) 寶奎 Baokui; 羅振常 Luo Zhenchang (rev.)

Pests and disaster relief

捕蝗活民補遺書 三卷 * Buhuang huomin buyi shu (Song) 董煟 Dong Wei; (Ming) 朱熊 Zhu Xiong (suppl.)
捕蝗要訣 * Buhuang yaojue (Qing) 楊米人 Yang Miren
捕蝗彙編 四卷 * Buhuang huibian (Qing) 陳僅 Chen Jin
Disaster relief
救荒全書 十八卷 * Jiuhuang quanshu (Ming) 祁彪佳 Qi Baojia
救荒簡易書 四卷 (續修) Jiuhuang jianyi shu (Qing) 郭雲陞 Guo Yunsheng
* not included in the series Siku quanshu 四庫全書, the catalogue Siku quanshu zongmu tiyao 四庫全書總目題要, nor the Xuxiu siku quanshu 續修四庫全書