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Dengtan bijiu 登壇必究 "Necessary Investigations at Mounting the Altar"

The Dengtan bijiu 登壇必究 "Necessary investigations at mounting the altar" is a military treatise compiled by the Ming period 明 (1368-1644) writer Wang Minghe 王鳴鶴. The book was printed in 1599, and there is a print from the Wanli reign 萬曆 (1573-1619) surviving. It is 40 juan "scrolls" long and includes more than 560 illustrations.
The Dengtan bilu is divided into 72 chapters and covers topics like astronomy and astrology, geography, stretegic planning, appointment of generals, training troops, reward and punishment, exploring the situation of the enemy, defense, battle tactics, machines in naval warfare, medical care for persons and horses, maritime and river transport, and communication. The particular themes are arranged in chronological order and are in most cases covered by quotations from literary and relevant literature.

Source: Zhang Wencai 張文才 (1989). "Dengtan bijiu 登壇必究", in: Zhongguo da baike quanshu 中國大百科全書, Junshi 軍事, vol. 1, p. 149. Beijing/Shanghai: Zhongguo da baike quanshu chubanshe.

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