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Lianshi 奩史

The Four Categories of Literature
Lianshi 奩史 "History of the toilet case" is an encyclopedia about women compiled by the Song period 宋 (960-1279) scholar Ding Shengzhi 丁升之. It is 100 juan "scrolls" long. There is a short supplement compiled by the Qing period 清 (1644-1911) scholar Wang Chutong 王初桐 called Lianshi shiyi 奩史拾遺. There is a print from 1797 by the Guxiang Studio 古香堂. It is included in the reprint series Xuxiu siku quanshu 續修四庫全書.
The Lianshi assembled material about all aspects of the life of women in traditional China. The book is arranged very clearly and indicates all sources. It has been published in 1996 by the Shumu wenxian press 書目文獻出版社, together with the contemporary encyclopedia Hunli xinbian 婚禮新編.

Lianshi 奩史 1.-4. 夫婦門 Fufu Husband and wife 5.-8. 婚姻門Huyin Matrimony 9.-13. 統係門 Tongxi Official positions 14.-18. 眷屬門 Juanshu Kinship 19.-20. 妾婢門 Qiebi Secondary wives and servant girls 21.-24. 娼妓門 Changji Prostitutes 25.-31. 肢體門 Zhiti Limbs and body 32.-35. 容貌門 Rongmao Appearance 36.-39. 性情門 Xingqing Character 40. 蠶織門 Canzhi Spinning and weaving 41. 針線門 Zhenxian Needlework 42. 井臼門 Jingjiu Homework 43.-48. 文墨門 Wenmo Writing 49.-51. 幹略門 Ganlüe Physical abilities („warfare“) 52. 技藝門 Jiyi Skills 53.-55. 音樂門 Yinyue Music 56. 姓名門 Xingming Name and family name 57. -59. 事為門 Shiwei Activities through the years 60. 誕育門 Danyu Giving birth and raising children 61. 術業門 Shuye Female professions 62.-64. 衣裳門 Yishang Robes and garments 65.-66. 冠帶門 Guandai Headgear and girdles 67. 襪履門 Walü Footwear 68.-70. 釵釧門 Chaichuan Adornments 71.-73. 梳粧門 Shuzhuang Dress, makeup, and hygiene 74. 脂粉門 Zhifen Rouge and powder 75.-76. 宮室門 Gongshi Buildings 77. 狀第門 Zhuangdi Tents, covers, and mats 78.-83. 衣食門 Yishi Clothing and food 84.-86. 器用門 Qiyong Tools and utensils 87. 綺羅門 Qiluo Silk and brocade 88.-89. 珠寶門 Zhubao Jewellery 90.-91. 蘭麝門 Lanshe Perfumes and odours 92.-93. 花木門 Huamu Flowers and trees 94.-96. 禽蟲門 Qinchong Birds and vermins 97.-100. 仙佛門 Xianfo Daoism and Buddhism

Source: Zhao Hankun 趙含坤 (ed. 2005), Zhongguo leishu 中國類書 (Shijiazhuang: Hebei renmin chubanshe), pp. 145, 483.
Li Yonghu 李永祜, ed. (1994). Lianshi xuanzhu: Zhongguo gudai funü shenghui daguan 奩史選注——中國古代婦女生活大觀 (Beijing: Zhongguo renmin daxue chubanshe).

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