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Chinese Literature
Baimaonü 白毛女 "The White Haired Girl"

The "White Haired Girl" is a revolutionary opera, written by the "Lu Xun Collective of the College for Art and Literature" 魯迅藝術文學院集體 (Lu Xun yishu wenxueyuan jiti) under He Jingzhi 賀敬之 , Ding Yi 丁毅 and Ma Ke 馬可 1946 in Yan'an, basing on a local tale. Suppressed by the cruel landowner Huang Shiren 黃世仁 that kills her father Yang Bailao 楊白勞 , the young girl Xier 喜兒 had to flee and hide herself in a cave and living from the offerings in a temple. Living for several years in the cave, her hair had turne white. The revolutionary piece adds the discovering and liberation of the girl by the Eighth Route Army.


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