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Changshengdian 長生殿 "The Hall of Everlasting Life"

The "Hall of Everlasting Life" by Hong Sheng 洪昇 (d. 1704), is the great love story of the Tang Dynasty emperor Li Longji 李隆基 (Tang Xuanzong 唐玄宗 ) and his consort Yang Yuhuan 楊玉環 , called Yang guifei 楊貴妃 "worthy favorite". This theatre play is also called Shenxiangting沈香亭 "Deep Scent Pavillion" or Wunishang 舞霓裳 "Robe of the Rainbow Dance". After become favorite of Xuanzu, Yang guifei kicks other favorites out of the palace and attracts the hatred of all courtiers, because her relatives obtain honour and high offices. The Emperor spents all his day with her, admiring her dances, instead of attending the court conferences. In the Hall of Everlasting life, they swear each other to stay in love for ever. When An Lushan 安錄山 made his rebellion, the court had to flee to Sichuan. The Emperor's generals kill Yang guifei's brother and force her to hang herself. After the rebellion was subdues, Emperor Xuanzu could not but think of her beloved favorite night and day. In search for her soul, the two loving people finally are allowed to meet each other on 15th of August every year in the Moon Palace.


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