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Jian'an qizi ji 建安七子集

Sep 8, 2022 © Ulrich Theobald

Jian'an qizi ji 建安七子集 is a complete collection of the works of seven eminent writers of the Jian'an reign-period (196-219) of the very late Eastern Han period 東漢 (25-220 CE), see the Seven Masters. The collection was compiled by Yu Shaochu 俞紹初, critically commented, and published in 2005 by the Zhonghua Shuju Press 中華書局.

The book of 7 juan length (one fascicle for each writer) collated different editions of the seven masters’ writings, like Yang Dezhou’s 楊德周 (fl. 1627) Huike Jian'an qizi ji 彙刻建安七子集 or Ding Fubao’s 丁福保 (1874-1952) Han Wei Liuchao mingjia ji 漢魏六朝名家集, the anthologies Wenxuan 文選 and Wenguan cilin 文館詞林, Feng Weine’s 馮惟訥 (1513-1572) Gushiji 古詩紀, Zhang Pu’s 張溥 (1602-1641) Baisanjia ji 百三家集 or Yan Kejun’s 嚴可均 Quan Houhan wen 全後漢文 (part of Quan shanggu Sandai Qin Han Sanguo Liuchao wen 全上古三代秦漢三國六朝文).

Yu Shaochu also added fragments missing in these collections. Apart from that of Kong Rong 孔融, who wrote no rhapsodies (fu 賦), the fascicles are divided into three sections, namely poems (shi 詩), rhapsodies, and prose writings, with the internal order largely following the arrangement of Ding Fubao. The fascicles are dedicated to 1) Kong Rong 孔融 (153-208), 2) Chen Lin 陳琳 (d. 217), 3) Wang Can 王粲 (d. 217), 4) Xu Gan 徐幹 (170-217), 5) Ruan Yu 阮瑀 (d. 212), 6) Ying Yang 應瑒 (d. 217), and 7) Liu Zhen 劉楨 (d. 217).