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Yizaitang guyu tulu 奕載堂古玉圖錄

Mar 26, 2024 © Ulrich Theobald

Guyu tulu 古玉圖錄, full title Yizaitang guyu tulu 奕載堂古玉圖錄, is a descriptive catalogue of ancient jade objects compiled by Qu Zhongrong 瞿中溶 (1769-1842), courtesy name Mufu 木夫, from Jiading 嘉定, Jiangsu, and finished in 1832.

The whole catalogue has a length of 6 juan and presents the descriptions of 365 jade tools from Qu's collection. For a century, it was only available in manuscript form, for instance, in the collection of Ding Bing#s 丁丙 (1832-1899) "Studio of Eight Thousand Scrolls" (Baqianjuanlou 八千卷樓) or in a copy owned by Xu Naichang 徐乃昌 (1869-1946), before it was first printed in 1930 by Chen Zhuan 陳準, who was the owner of the Qiuliu Studio 湫漻齋 in Rui'an 瑞安. Over time, most illustration were lost – apart from a few very crude images. The book has nonetheless a certain value for the history of collections and of jade objects themselves. The objects described are dated to the pre-imperial age down to the Tang period 唐 (618-907).

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